We kick off October by checking out the biggest winners and losers of the recently concluded Only Watch 2013 charity auction. We also review the new MB&F Legacy Machine 2, take a closer look at the new Big Bang watches and their UNICO movements, a unique Bathys atomic wristwatch and a limited edition Panerai watch created specially for Paneristis. Finally, we learn more about the Horween leather company and hear what John Mayer (yes, the singer) has to say about watch collecting.

1. Only Watch 2013 Auction Winners & Losers

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The Only Watch 2013 charity auction recently concluded and the big winner was, unsurprisingly, Patek Philippe. Its one-of-a-kind titanium reference 5004T fetched an amazing 2.95 million Euros, well over its estimate. However, Patek Philippe was not just the brand that went above its estimate, and there were some brands that went under. Find out who they are in our article. Source: aBlogtoWatch

2. MB&F Legacy Machine No. 2 Watch Review: aBlogtoWatch Playmate Of The Year


Every watch from MB&F is special, but the new Legacy Machine No. 2 is perhaps a bit more special than the others. Announced earlier in September, here is the full review from aBlogtoWatch. Read to find out why we called it the “Playmate of the Year”. Source: aBlogtoWatch

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3. Hublot Big Bang UNICO 45mm Watch Hands-On: Story Of The Bigger Bang

Big Bang

For a long time, I have thought of the Big Bang as being too similar to Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak. However, I have gradually come to appreciate the subtle differences between the two of them. Recently, Hublot refreshed their Big Bang models with a larger 45mm case and their new UNICO movement, and I really like them. Ariel had the chance to spend some time with the new Big Bang and here’s what he thinks about them. Source: aBlogtoWatch

4. Giuliano Mazzuoli Trasmissione Meccanica Watch Review


Watches with an automotive theme are not uncommon, there’s the Rolex Daytona, Tag Heuer Carrera amongst many others. However, the Trasmissione Meccanica is unique because it draws its inspiration from what is arguably one of the least interesting part of the car – the transmission. Needless to say, the end result is unique and should appeal to watch lovers who love cars but want something that is off the beaten track. Source: aBlogtoWatch

5. Bathys Cesium 133 Atomic Clock Wrist Watch Accurate To A Second Each 1000 Years

Bathys Atomic

Wristwatches that are as accurate as atomic clocks are not new, but these usually rely on radio or GPS signals to ensure accurate timekeeping. However, the Bathys Cesium 133 is unique in that it is an actual atomic clock on the wrist. The watch is still a prototype right now but Bathys says it will refine the watch and put it into production in 2014. Source: aBlogtoWatch

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