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1. SevenFriday, Watch Anish, & the Rise of a Microbrand

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If you have spent any amount of time trawling watch forums or blogs, there is a good chance you would have come across the brand SevenFriday. Personally, I’m pretty impressed by their designs and what they have achieved with a simple run-of-the-mill Miyota movement, but I find their prices a bit on the high side. Nevertheless, this is an interesting post that charts the rise of the brand.

Source: WatchuSeek

2. Ocean Tourbillon Jumping Hour by Harry Winston

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Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon

One of Harry Winston’s more interesting pieces from this year is the Ocean Tourbillon Jumping Hour, which as the name itself suggests, combines a tourbillon with a jumping hours complication. Personally, what I think is the most remarkable thing about this piece is the way the tourbillon seems to be suspended within the watch.

Source: Watchonista


Bulova Day Date

At what point does a watch stop being a homage and starts being an outright copy? Which then begs the question, when does a copy become a fake? The topic of homages and copies have been well discussed, but did you know that even well-established brands have created copies?

Source: Monochrome

4. The Centennials Asia: Seiko


The Centennials Asia is a special series that looks at companies that have existed for over a hundred years to find out their strategies and secrets to their longevity. In this episode, they decided to do a feature on Seiko, a true manufacture even if they are Japanese.

Source: Channel NewsAsia

5. Nomos Zürich Weltzeit – Review

Nomos Zurich

At a recent event, Philippe Dufour was asked what watch would he buy if he had up to US$15,000 to spend. His answer was Nomos. I’m a big fan of the brand, especially their Zürich Weitzeit watch, which is an unconventional worldtimer, which, unlike most worldtimers, is truly simple to use and read.

Source: Monochrome

6. Talking Watches With J.J. Redick

Talking Watches

It is always fun to talk to someone who is into watches and find out how he or she first got into it and what their collection is like and what do they look out for when purchasing a timepiece. This time, Hodinkee speaks to J.J. Redick from the L.A. Clippers. If you think professional athletes are all about flashy timepieces, Redick will prove you wrong.

Source: Hodinkee

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