1. Roger Smith – Series 2 Custom Dial

Roger Smith Series 2

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to receive your very own customized, handmade watch? I have always imagined it to be a momentous occasion, being able to receive a watch from the very person who worked on it. In this post, the author writes about his experience in receiving his very own customized Roger Smith Series 2. Roger Smith is an independent British watchmaker and the protege of the late George Daniels. Today, Roger Smith continues in his mentor’s tradition of building watches by hand on the Isle of Man.

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Source: Timezone

2. How Snoopy Ended Up on an Omega Speedmaster Dial

Last year, Omega unveiled a new limited-edition Speedmaster watch called the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award Limited Edition. Based on the regular Speedmaster Pro, it has a white dial and Snoopy in the running seconds sub dial. It also has another Snoopy, made out of sterling Silver, on the caseback. But how did the Speedmaster’s relationship with Snoopy begin? Wonder no more, because this article will explain Snoopy’s history with the iconic Speedmaster watch.

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Source: Watchtime

3. The Rarest Rolex Reference Of Them All: The Oyster Zerograph Monopusher Flyback Chronograph Reference 3346

Rolex Zenograph Reference 3346

In case you don’t follow the vintage auction market, there were recently a couple of important auctions in Geneva and Hong Kong that saw many records broken, and of course many interesting watches exchanging hands. One of the most notable watches to be sold was the Rolex Oyster Zerograph Monopusher Flyback Chronograph Reference 3346. This watch is important for a few reasons. Most of all, it is said to be the rarest Rolex reference ever, with this particular watch being the only model known to have ever been made. It’s also the very first Rolex chronograph to have an Oyster case. Have a close look at this super-duper-rare vintage Rolex here.

Source: Quill and Pad

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