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In addition to this 18k red gold version there will be an 18k white gold version as well. Each of course will be part of a limited edition. Movement visibility is a major element of the design. Not only is the front and rear of the watch given an expansive sapphire crystal, but there are two additional windows on the sides of the case to better view the tourbillon spinning around.

Bovet has further skeletonized the manually wound movement. Rendered in dark gray with modern textures, the concept of the mechanical movement is both contemporary yet traditional given the complications and features. Bovet has outfitted it with a five day power reserve, along with a diminutive power reserve indicator located in the middle of the time dial on one side of the Tourbillon OttantaTre.

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This same side of the watch is arguably the most attractive, as well as more complicated. Time is told via a retrograde minute hand and jumping hour disc. Both have applied lume and I quite like the stencil-style font of the hour disc. Below you have a gorgeous open view of the tourbillon along with the angular skeletonization of the movement bridges.

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The other side of the Pininfarina Tourbillon OttantaTre has a more simple hour and minute display framed by a completely different view of the movement. Below is the rear view of the tourbillon. Producing a movement like this is complicated because it must appear beautiful from each angle, and involves careful thought into the entire architecture and decorative scheme of the movement.

The strap is quite comfortable and is made from high-grade rubber lined with suede leather. Masculine in its design, the piece offers a unique blend of elegance as well as modern industrial design. No doubt thanks in large part to the designers at Pininfarina who worked closely with Bovet. There are very few timepiece/design house relationships that produce results as stunning as seen in the range of Bovet Pininfarina timepieces. The Tourbillon OttantaTre watch will be limited to just 83 pieces in each of the two gold materials as a celebration of Pininfarina’s 83rd birthday anniversary prices from $241,500 – $260,00.

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