The story of the watch industry’s response to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has been a story of reaction by degrees. In multiple circumstances over the past several months, we’ve seen brands react, adjust event schedules or release dates, and then adjust those same schedules even further as circumstances continue to develop. Rolex, the industry’s largest player, is by no means exempt from this.

As with every year, Rolex and its sister brand Tudor were initially expected to unveil 2020 novelties on the first day of the traditional Baselworld trade show, slated for April 30 of this year. When Baselworld 2020 was cancelled amid tightening restrictions around public gatherings, Rolex and Tudor confided in authorized dealers and media outlets that the 2020 models would still be debuted on April 30, through a series of private press briefings and meetings with authorized dealers. As that possibility became less feasible due to the difficulties surrounding travel and social distancing, Rolex and Tudor announced another plan to unveil the 2020 novelties online on April 30 through the brands’ websites. As of today, that plan too has been changed. According to an announcement from Rolex, 2020 releases from both Rolex and Tudor have been postponed to an undisclosed later date.

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While an exact date for the 2020 unveilings was not included in Rolex’s official statement, the brand is expected to follow up with further details in the near future. aBlogtoWatch will continue to monitor this ongoing situation and deliver updates to our readers as they happen. This news update comes via WatchPro.

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