Breitling Superocean 44 Watches For 2011

Breitling Superocean 44 Watches For 2011

Breitling Superocean 44 Watches For 2011 Hands-On

Last year Breitling came out with an entirely new Superocean watch. It featured a modern looking design in a smaller 42mm case. While a lot of people wanted a smaller Breitling diver, even more didn't. So, just one year later, the Superocean II has been refreshed and enlarged. Now, for 2011, Breitling offers the Superocean 44. It comes in two versions: A three-hand, and a chronograph. There is also a GMT version but that comes in the 42mm wide case and will be discussed elsewhere.

Aside from being 44mm wide versus 42mm wide, the Superocean dial has been cleaned up and is now more legible. For comparison purposes you can check out the Breitling Superocean for 2010 here. The dial retains the core look of the watch that came out last year, but I think you'll agree it is more legible. There is more space between the hour markers, and more use of applied baton hour markers versus the stylized Arabic numerals.

Breitling Superocean 44 Watches For 2011 Hands-On

The case has some minor differences in terms of styling. Though the differences are nothing too major, upon side by side comparison you can see that these are indeed different pieces. The biggest change for the case is the water resistance. The old three-hand model was water-resistant to 1,500 meters while the new one goes down to 2,000 meters. The chronograph and GMT are water-resistant to 500 meters each.

Breitling Superocean 44 Watches For 2011 Hands-On

Breitling Superocean 44 Watches For 2011 Hands-On

The bezel style is slightly different as well. Still no lume but the rubberized bezel insert now has minute markers from o - 15. Like last year, both the chronograph and basic automatic versions will come in a slew of color options. I do love all the color options that Breitling makes available. They feel sporty and fun, adding a positive sense of character to the collection. Both watches will have Swiss automatic movements that are COSC Chronometer certified.

Breitling Superocean 44 Watches For 2011 Hands-On

Breitling Superocean 44 Watches For 2011 Hands-On

With the Superocean 44, the Superocean Heritage, and other Superocean models there are plenty of Superocean watches to choose from. The consumer has more choices than ever for Breitling's venerable dive watch range and they are all available on the great rubber strap (with an awesome deployment), or a steel metal bracelet. These are some great looking timepieces and, in my opinion, are an improvement over the model offered last year. Look for these watches soon.

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  • LuisG

    Is it me or do these look a lot like the Tissot Seastar 1000 watches or vice versa?

  • Ulysses

    The Seastar does come to mind. Unfortunately, it makes these watches seem aimed at the “low-end” (relatively speaking of course). Something about the fonts used for the numerals makes these watches look “wonky” and askew – they don’t look crisp and don’t line up properly. The numerals on the sub-dials themselves looks misplaced. Compared to the Superocean Heritage line these look amateurish.

    • weatherman

      I agree completely. The font for the bezel in particular looks hand-painted by an 8 year old. And why put numbers at 6 and 9 if not at 3 and 12? The whole thing looks out of balance. I’m sure that those with more money than taste will love it, but I think it’s one of the least attractive watches to come out of Breitling in quite some time, which is not a particularly high standard to begin with. They should stick to pilot watches.

  • John

    I wish the date number was white with black background. Bugs me when that does not match the dial.

    • Chris

      Because of the large white indices, the white date window doesn’t look out of place. What does drive me bonkers is the two arabics 6 and 9.

      While I don’t see myself putting one of these in my watch box, it’s not a bad looking piece. They improved a few things over the old one.

  • Rich B

    Nothing special

  • O

    The Ira Glass of watchblogging

    • mattm

      I have no idea what is meant by this statement.

  • Nice copy of a Rolex.

  • There is nothing special about the Breitling watches including this one. They are all copies of somone elses design.

  • Clifford

    Not a fan of the typeface used on the bezel and numbers. Too “digital”. Seems to clash with the classic Submariner look.

    • kris c

      Which is more than welcome. Why do we need another sub-a-like produced from the cookie cutter; that look has been so cheapened by way of over-use, you’d have to be retarded to actually buy a Rolex sub anymore.

      Anyway, this 3-hander is not much to write home about, but I like the chrono model with orange accents. It would be nice if the case and bracelet finishings matched though. I like the ‘circular’ brush finish on the case, I get it would be hard to continue that onto a bracelet, but still.

  • 60Secs

    All watches will essentially be a variation of a theme “submariner”, “Seastar” etc as they are all essentially a circle with some hands.
    It’s the small differences the set them apart such as the “off balancing” and numbers in various places etc, which is to be liked or disliked.
    I’m personally not that keen on Breitling’s asthetics; I think some of their other watches look as if the bezel has been etched into tin foil by a three year old, and the hands look fat, shapless and clumsy etc. However I quite like these models – I don’t like the older version due to minor differences – the point I’m trying to make is; it’s amazing what slight adjustments can do to a watches appeal.

  • mikey

    great looking watch. it’s too bad that all over the world, people will usually complain about everything they dislike and give little praise to the things they like (unless they spent too much money on something and want to justify their purchase even though they know they fucked up).

    it’s a great watch. shut the fuck up.

  • Kupajo

    I like the 2010 version better. The stylized Arabic numbers with the cool colors are what made it different. It really stands out with the polished case. Now it looks like any other vanilla Submariner wanna be. Don’t get me wrong I would wear the 44mm in a heartbeat. Great piece. It’s just that the 2010 was really different and unlike any other Breitling. Go to their website and scroll through their watches. You can’t miss the 2010 version. And to criticize any Breitling for having an overcrowded is ridiculous. To me their trademark is overcrowded dials.
    Just my two cents!

  • Jez Lister

    These modern Breitlings look too much lime Rolex and Omegas for me. They are still fine looking watches but I prefer the traditional Metal appearance of the Navitimers

  • I just purchasd this Super Ocean 44 last week and I love it. It has a more masculine feel in weight and style than the Submariner. I wore both watches before my purchase. This watch is an outstanding additional to my collection.

  • oridroo

    I liked the Limited edition, Superocean Heritage Chronograph. I liked it’s 30 minute chronograph. I think it’s an amazing movement by breitling watches.

  • mlopicic

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    the very beginning once the clock was winded and adjusted it was running fast.
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    Service in Belgrade. After calibration the watch was fully winded and adjusted
    and it was also running 5 minutes ahead for the period of 15 days. After the
    second calibration and service the watch is now running some 4 minutes slow for
    the period of 20 days.
    I urge everyone not to buy Breitling watches as they are not good value for
    money and if the watch is faulty like in my case you will not get the right
    customer treatment. I have to sue the local retailer in order to get a
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