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Bremont Jaguar D-Type Chronograph Watch

Bremont Jaguar D-Type Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

English watchmaker Bremont has released the Bremont Jaguar D-Type Chronograph watch. This is the fifth installment in the Jaguar collection on general release (the sixth overall), joining two chronographs (the MKII in either white or black) and two time and date options (the MKI and MKIII). Like the two chronographs before it, the D-Type employs a nicely decorated BE-50AE, which uses an ETA 7750 as its base. The MKII chronographs and this new, blue-dialed D-Type offer a highly functional and attainable option in a collection that debuted with its most expensive (and exclusive) model back in 2014.

Bremont Jaguar D-Type Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

A Very British Affair

The whole Jaguar partnership makes quite a bit of sense for Bremont, given both brands’ tireless Britishness. Although Bremont is, first and foremost, an aviation-centric brand, the military connections, and general patriotism are never far from the core message. Jaguar is an iconic brand and the perfect cross-industry partner to elevate Bremont’s status in the minds of a new, potentially untapped client base — classic car fanatics.

Bremont Jaguar D-Type Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

The very first Bremont Jaguar released was produced as an extremely limited accompaniment to the release of six restored Jaguar E-Types. You only got the watch if you got the car. Although we recently saw TAG Heuer pull the same stunt, it’s still quite an unusual move, and was no doubt rankling for hundreds of customers with the ready cash to buy the watch, but not the car. That watch, the Bremont Jaguar E-Type Lightweight, was powered by the seldom-used BWC/01, which is a proprietarily modified La Joux-Perret 6901, also fitted to Bremont’s ultra-expensive Wright Flyer models. It was a beautiful watch, but it was never planned for general release. The following Bremont MKI used the same case and dial design but added a 6 o’clock date, thanks to the slightly upgraded BWC/01-10.

Bremont Jaguar D-Type Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

But still, this collection remained out of reach, given that the retail price of the MKI eclipsed $10,000. The MKII brought this handsome range in reach of many more Bremont fans, and now, thanks to the release of the Bremont Jaguar D-Type Chronograph watch, there is a blue option, too.

Bremont Jaguar D-Type Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

The color scheme makes this watch feel at home right away. It wasn’t immediately that I realized how its patent similarity to the classic TAG Heuer Monaco color scheme may have something to do with the instant comfort I felt with this watch. It very much felt as if I’d seen it before. While I still prefer the black-dialed MKII, personally, I appreciate the range expansion of what is probably my favorite Bremont line. Truthfully, I just can’t get enough of the neat tire-tread edging on the crown.

Bremont Jaguar D-Type Chronograph Watch Watch Releases


As mentioned, the Bremont Jaguar D-Type Chronograph is powered by what is, when stripped down to its bare bones, an ETA 7750. The operating speed is 28,800vph, the power reserve is 42 hours, and the two sub-dial registers show the going seconds (at 9 o’clock) and the chronograph minutes (at 3 o’clock). The chapter ring around the outside of the dial has a tachymeter, which is actually just the second time a Jaguar watch from Bremont has featured a scale of any kind (and it couldn’t really be a more appropriate one, from a stylistic rather than practical sense, at least). This new addition to the Bremont family will be limited to 300 pieces and have a retail price of $7,295. Learn more at

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  • I actually like this one! What’s wrong with me doctor?

  • ray h.

    Yes give in to the dark side and let the hatred flow! lol

  • Hannibal

    I will say what I always do when it comes to this ridiculous brand: cool design, solid build, pedestrian movement and INSANE price! I really cannot even comprehend WHO THE HECK target demographic for these outrageously-priced timepieces actually is? No heritage, no watchmaking craftsmanship, just another well-done generic watch on the block…but with premium pricing as well! Nah, I won’t even bother to try…for me, one HUGE pass…!

  • Independent_George

    As a Bremont owner (and someone who wants to sell one of his), it’s from 20% to 30% off pre-tax depending on the model. Timeless sold their entire stock at 35% off (they stopped being a dealer), and at the end of last year, I saw similar sales when a few ADs (Topper) wanted to clear up display space.

    Those “noteworthy” margins kill the resale value on the used market, which hurts enthusiast/collector interest. It’s a shame because they are accurate and well-made watches.

    • SuperStrapper

      I’ve handled a few, I have no concern over the quality. It would do them well to own up to the station they actually have.

      • ray h.

        God wouldn’t be nice if they did ! Maybe a few more would follow the lead ?

  • Berndt Norten

    Roger Waters sang about driving a Jag-u-are
    When Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys sings of Bremont
    I’ll give up all hope

    Jaguar is an in-house English luxury brand to make John Bull proud. Some of the twentieth century’s iconic cars are Jaguars

    Bremont is…I’m not exactly sure. Imagine if Jag imported its engines from Switzerland and put ‘Swiss Made’ on the bonnet (hood)! And then claims a certain ‘Englishness.’

    I’m baffled by Bremont’s business model and success

    • Sheez Gagoo

      This thing with Alex really happened?

      • Berndt Norten

        No. I must have been unclear about that. If/when it happens, all hope is lost. That’s what I mean.

  • PR

    I really liked Bremont even with some of the higher pricing , specifically the Terranova, Boeing models and S301. But they seem to have lost me along the way.

    Refreshed versions of same old watches, not enough progress to justify the prices when competition has picked up really well in the range.

    The new collections don’t seem to be pushing the needle in their favor too much. They really need a star, a brand new ground up design with good pricing and desirability without gimmicks to resurrect the brand, sadly a thick 7k chrono with a partnered branding and Valjoux movement( however pretty it may be) is not it

  • cluedog12

    These Bremonts are growing on me because I love symmetry!

    The pricing, well whatever. You hit the me in the head with high prices enough times and eventually I lose my senses and just accept them with a knowing, drooling smile. Design is tasteful, except for the steering wheel rotor. Like the Jaguar vents and shifter knobs that rise up from the dead every time you power on the car, the steering wheel and propellor rotors will cease to amuse and impress, one day in the very near future.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Oh my god the dial looks like a dashboard! And the rotor like a steering wheel! And the crown like a tire! And it’s a Bremont, the most prestigious watch in the history of British ETA-Encasers!

  • A classic design which I like, with an ambitious price which I don’t. For that money I would get Chopard’s Mille Miglia and have some left over, or step up to the not that much more expensive Breitling Premier B01 Cronograph.

  • Eric Gordon

    I understand what they are trying to do, but Bremont pieces are just too expensive relative to other options in that price range. What I don’t understand is the logic of a 30 min chronograph timer. Other than timing an egg, it’s pretty much useless. The internal Tachymeter scale is nice, but if they had to settle for a 30 min timing complication because they really wanted to use that movement, then why the price premium?

  • spice

    Pleasant offering but for that money surely they could have color-coordinated the date wheel, perhaps even (their) blue on white..