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Casio G-Shock GB-6900B And GB-X6900B Bluetooth Watches With New Features For 2013

Casio G-Shock GB-6900B And GB-X6900B Bluetooth Watches With New Features For 2013 Watch Releases

Among the traditional watch makers now delving into the world of Bluetooth-enabled smartwatches, Casio has produced rather solid products thus far. In 2011 Casio released the G-Shock GB-6900 collection (debuted by aBlogtoWatch here), which marked a new strategy for the maker of the world’s arguably most versatile watches. The concept was a hybrid approach, in combining what people loved about G-Shock with the added functionality of Bluetooth communication with your phone. Now Casio ups the ante even further with the updated and improved GB-6900B  (GB-6900B -1) and larger GB-X6900B (GB-X6900B-1) collection of watches that will markedly improve upon the functionality of G-Shock Bluetooth watches. Inside the watches is Casio’s new “Generation 2 Engine” which offers a compelling list of features that you’ll actually use.

Before we discuss aspects such as the design of the watch, it is important to discuss exactly what the GB-6990B and GB-X6900B watches can do with Bluetooth and the new Generation 2 Engine Japanese quartz movement. Casio is excited to announce that the watches can now be used to control your smartphone’s music player and you can also control your watch from your phone. As far as we know these are novel features.

Casio G-Shock GB-6900B And GB-X6900B Bluetooth Watches With New Features For 2013 Watch Releases

Casio G-Shock GB-6900B And GB-X6900B Bluetooth Watches With New Features For 2013 Watch Releases

Casio has no doubt been looking closely at how GB-6900 and other G-Shock Bluetooth watch owners have been using their watches, as well as the lifestyle of those customers in trying to determine the best way that a G-Shock and phone can live together. Casio does not strictly pen the G-Shock Bluetooth watches as “smartwatches,” and we aren’t sure why, though it is true that these timepieces are closer to traditional watches than they are to the new generation of touch-screen timepieces with highly customizable screens. Rather, Casio prefers the term “Bluetooth Smart” to describe the nature of the GB-6900B and GB-X6900B watches.

Using Bluetooth profile 4.0 (claimed to be a low-power consumption communication method) these new G-Shock watches offer the following list of Bluetooth features in addition to Casio’s legacy roster of G-Shock functions such as a chronograph, countdown timer, world time, alarm, calendar, and blacklight:

  • Ability to control smartphone music player in terms of volume, pause/play and moving to the next track.
  • Phone can adjust/control G-Shock watch functions such as world time, alarm, countdown timer, time, etc…
  • Correct time synchronization as phone updates watch time when traveling
  • Incoming call alert on the watch
  • Incoming e-mail alert on the watch
  • Incoming SMS alert on the watch
  • Incoming social media message alert (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo)
  • Notification of new calendar event or reminder
  • Phone finder (assuming it is within range)
  • Tap watch to mute incoming call
  • Alert if Bluetooth connection is lost


Casio G-Shock GB-6900B And GB-X6900B Bluetooth Watches With New Features For 2013 Watch Releases



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  • Lesthepom

    I don’t think you would take of your Rolex to put one on but if g shocks are your thing this one is cool hopefully they will sell plenty before apple and Samsung release there efforts that no doubt will do all of the above and then some but the g-shock is a bit of a Classic Samsung’s effort will probably just look like a very small phone on your wrist

  • OmniRak

    Just want to say for me this blog is one of the best out
    there on watches.I’m one of those
    people who like all watches (Casio to Patek, simple quartz to tourbillion
    mechanicals, and everything in between) and I appreciate that AblogtoWatch covers
    such a wide range of timepieces.I find
    these Casios interesting, but I find the trend in Bluetooth enabled watches
    to be more gimmicky than convenient. Many of the functions may even be a bit
    annoying at times (Receiving notifications both on your phone and watch, etc…)I think most who buy one will only use some
    of the function for a little while and then get bored/annoyed and turn them
    off.The one very useful function I do
    see with these watch is being able to set the watch’s functions from a
    smartphone.I can see that becoming
    almost standard in future quartz watches.

  • Emperius

    Excellent. But seems to me that they are trying to squeeze proifts before releasing a proper G-Shock. That is, with mandatory Solar and Atomic features. Without them, forget it. I’d go without Atomic since I can sync through BT off from my phone but not without solar, thanks.

  • masters40

    sounds like an awesome watch, they haven’t added pointless features and the ones you need which is great. I just wish they had a metal option and the main reason I would want a watch like this was to be notified of calls of txts which I usually miss in noisy situations (programming from ur phone and music function sounds like a awesome bonus too) , so I was hoping for a vibrating function, being that its strapped to ur arm so ur bound to feel it.

    Anyway i’ll probably end up buying this watch anyway because im a life long fan of g-shock, having owned 2 in my life so far, both lasting around 10years before I decided to up (im break every other watch within a few months)

  • woodjordan

    Has anyone had any compatibility issues with there phone? I was going to purchase the smart watch but have an iphone 4 (not s). I was able to connect to the watch in the store fine but was curious to see if anyone with an iphone 4 had any input on the watch

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