The rugged Casio G-Shock series is no stranger to bold aesthetic moves and wild design partnerships, with an ever-growing catalog of models that cater to nearly every taste. As part of its 2020 novelties, this durable Japanese legend has partnered with another iconic Japanese nameplate – “Dragon Ball Z”, perhaps the most famous and influential anime of all time. Practically inventing the style of action that would come to define the medium for decades, “Dragon Ball Z” has won legions of fans across the globe (even if my own tastes always ran more toward “Mobile Suit Gundam”, “Lupin the Third”, and “Cowboy Bebop”). The result of this partnership, the limited edition Casio G-Shock Dragon Ball GA110, is every bit as action-packed and over the top as its inspiration, with a fresh streetwear-inflected flair.

The fluorescent orange resin case of the Dragon Ball GA110 follows the beefy 51.2mm form of the standard G-Shock GA110, but the finish radically changes the overall look. The orange of the main case body and bezel is shot through with a chaotic black pattern of sparks, giving the effect that the whole case is crackling with energy, while the bezel text is rendered with a high impact gold inlay. Of course, as a G-Shock, the Dragon Ball GA110 is tough enough to withstand a punch from “Dragon Ball Z”’s Goku himself on top of a solid 200-meter water resistance. The “Dragon Ball Z” logo is also prominently etched on the stainless steel caseback.

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The orange, black, and gold color scheme continues to the dial of the Casio G-Shock Dragon Ball GA110, along with a few “Dragon Ball Z” touches to the ana-digi layout. The three-pointed gold element separating the analog and digital elements is the immediate visual centerpiece, with its prominent Z emblem, but unique visual touches abound here. The chunky gold indices are inset with bright orange at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock for some added visual punch, while the 9 o’clock subdial is topped with one of the series’ titular Dragon Balls. While far from the loudest, perhaps the most interesting visual changes are the hands, which receive a gradient treatment from gold to a rust red at the gear-shaped counterweights. Casio completes this color scheme with a special set of push-button LED lights, replacing the standard clean white with a distinct orange tone. Naturally, with the dual digital dials augmenting the central analog dial, there’s a wealth of information available at the push of a button.

Inside the Casio G-Shock Dragon Ball GA110 is Casio’s in-house 5146 quartz movement and digital module. The 5146 makes its way into a wide variety of Casio’s models, and offers an impressive array of functions. Perhaps the most surprising of these is the inclusion of a speed indicator along with the 1/1000 second chronograph, but the full list also includes an automatic perpetual calendar, 24-hour countdown timer, four daily alarms, a world timer, hourly radio-controlled time adjustment, and adjustable home city setting. Battery life is estimated at two years, with an accuracy of +15/-15 seconds per month.

The integrated resin strap of the G-Shock Dragon Ball GA110 continues the audacious orange and black color scheme of the case, with an illustrated twist. The full length of the strap is printed with images of “Dragon Ball Z”’s main character Goku, illustrating various iconic moments from throughout the series. While it’s far from everyone’s cup of tea, there’s a certain graphic, street style flair to it that gives this limited edition some unique charisma.

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There’s no denying the Casio G-Shock Dragon Ball GA110 is loud and over the top in its design, but like the anime that inspired it, this bombastic energy is part of its charm. While the Dragon Ball GA110 is a limited edition model, Casio has given no word about planned production numbers. The limited-edition Casio G-Shock Dragon Ball GA110 will be available through select authorized retailers starting on August 22, 2020, and is available for preorder now online at an MSRP of $250. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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