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Casio Unveils Carbon Fiber Bezel G-Shock MT-G MTGB1000XBD-1

Casio Unveils Carbon Fiber Bezel G-Shock MT-G MTGB1000XBD-1 Watch Releases

The Casio G-Shock range is one of the broadest and most diverse of any brand, delivering bulletproof durability and multi-functionality to a variety of market segments. The premium MT-G line, however, is where the brand truly gets to flex its creative muscle in combining advanced materials and finishes with the signature blend of rock-solid capability and toughness. The newest MT-G iteration, the MTGB1000XBD-1, is a perfect example of this, adding an updated black resin case with G-Shock’s first-ever layered carbon fiber bezel.

Casio Unveils Carbon Fiber Bezel G-Shock MT-G MTGB1000XBD-1 Watch Releases

While the case of the MTGB1000XBD-1 is a hockey puck on the wrist at 51.77 millimeters in diameter (although a lack of lugs may mitigate this for wearability somewhat), the watch remains lightweight and wearable without sacrificing a 200-meter water resistance rating, thanks to a mix of lightweight materials, including polished resin for the main case body and multi-layered carbon fiber comprising the bezel. Beyond being a first for G-Shock, this bezel is an impressive piece on its own, featuring sharp etchings and a layering process that alternates black and red sheets of carbon fiber material for an eye-catching striated look that adds a jolt of color to the case. Small details, such as the polished hex screws holding the bezel to the main case, the red anodizing along the side of the 8 o’clock pusher, the anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and the sharply finished knurling of the crown, drive home the more upmarket feel of the MT-G compared to its more modestly finished brethren.

Casio Unveils Carbon Fiber Bezel G-Shock MT-G MTGB1000XBD-1 Watch Releases

Likewise, the dial of the MTGB1000XBD-1 features an array of different high-quality finishes to drive home the prestige of the MT-G line. The subtle crosshatch guilloché pattern of the main dial surface alludes to the Casio Tough Solar charging technology within without shouting it, while the red accents of the case are repeated in anodized pieces at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, along with red print throughout. There’s strong use of grooved patterns for extra play in changing light, as well, including snailing patterns on the subdials at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock. This grooved finish continues through the broad sword hands, as well as the applied wedge indices, which are also steeply inclined to help accentuate the visual depth of the watch. The only segment without a finish, in fact, is the date window at 4:30.

Casio Unveils Carbon Fiber Bezel G-Shock MT-G MTGB1000XBD-1 Watch Releases

In keeping with most modern G-Shock models, the MTGB1000XBD-1 offers a massive array of complications and features. These include a 24-hour chronograph function, a 24-hour countdown timer, a second time zone in the 6 o’clock subdial, a power-reserve indicator, a fully automatic day/date display, a daily alarm function, a true world timer, a push-button LED illumination system, Bluetooth pairing to mobile devices through the G-Shock Connected app, and self-adjusting radio sync atomic timekeeping from six timekeeping stations across the globe.

Casio Unveils Carbon Fiber Bezel G-Shock MT-G MTGB1000XBD-1 Watch Releases

The integrated bracelet of the MTGB1000XBD-1 is made of a blend of materials, including polished resin composite and PVD-coated stainless steel. Like the case and dial, this combination of elements leads the H link bracelet to a variety of complex finishes including brushed main surfaces and polished bevels. Casio completes this bracelet with a signed folding clasp.

Casio Unveils Carbon Fiber Bezel G-Shock MT-G MTGB1000XBD-1 Watch Releases

The G-Shock MT-G MTGB1000XBD-1 is an excellent iteration in Casio’s ongoing expansion of the G-Shock brand, slotting in as one of its most premium and materially advanced entries to date. The new model is available now through Casio authorized dealers and the brand’s website at a retail price of $1,100.

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  • The Carbon fiber bezel doesn’t really help shed off extra grams because the watch still weighs 171g

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Sounds better if you say 6 ounces.

      • ?Oh Sorry Mr. Raymond.I forgot USA uses the Imperial system but Great Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth countries incl Malaysia use the Metric system.It’s like asking me to drive on the right side of the road when I’m only familiar with driving on the left side ?

  • Sir Willie Stroker III

    Ghastly. I like the all gold G Shock. Fit for a gentleman.

  • What fresh hell is this?

    It’s not even square!

    • Gokart Mozart

      I am sorry but this looks even worse.

      At least the black one makes it hard to see the details which in this case is good.

      The camo one sticks out like a sore thumb. The camoflage is just a set of printed dots on the metal.

  • Bob M

    Never owned a bad G Shock. Currently own a gwg 100 and a 7900. Both work great! Recently gave my 5600 to girlfriends grandson. Still works great!

  • Gokart Mozart

    Why can’t Casio do appropriate sized hands?

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