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In an era of environmental change and diversifying values, Citizen aims to offer an even more enjoyable experience of time to more people around the world. As part of these efforts, Citizen has developed the new Caliber E365 Eco-Drive movement with an enhanced power reserve of 365 days on a full charge. Three new Citizen Eco-Drive 365 watches offer a fresh interpretation of a design from the Citizen Design Archive. All three models, including a limited-edition model, will be released in Fall/Winter 2023 as part of Citizen’s Global Collection.

Capturing the power of the sun has been an important, highly efficient component of achieving greater sustainability across a remarkable variety of industries. In the early 1970s, when the world was experiencing another energy crisis, Citizen looked to sunlight as an innovative, non-polluting energy source. This was the genesis of Eco-Drive, grounded in Citizen’s determination to provide the world with environmentally friendly watches that never need a battery change. The world’s first light-powered analog watch was launched in 1976 and ever since this groundbreaking achievement, Citizen has continued to pioneer light-powered watch technologies, advancing them to the point that even small amounts of light can be converted into electricity to power Eco-Drive watches.

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These efforts, combined with tirelessly enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal, have brought Citizen Eco-Drive watches to people in 140 countries and regions around the world. The company’s values and approach to diversification and innovation have continued to develop in a changing world hindered by a range of environmental issues, including climate change and natural disasters. Citizen is doing its part by not only developing the Cal. E365 but by adding these new Eco-Drive 365 models to its global lineup, making clean energy-powered watches available to everyone who wants to build a brighter future.

The new Citizen Caliber E365 maintains the standard 27mm diameter, allowing it to power a wide range of timepieces varying in their diameter, thickness, and fashionable style. Thanks to its low-consumption long-running electronics, as well as a more refined pulse to move the hands, the E365 has been re-engineered with the smallest details in mind. The Cal. E365 has an accuracy rating of +/- 15 seconds per month, averaging less than a half-second per day in deviation.

Three stunning watches debut the Cal. E365 in the Citizen Eco-Drive 365 watch collection. Inspired by a quartz model with an eye-catching original design from 1973, Citizen has carefully studied this half-century-old icon to lend it its fresh, new interpretation. The lines of the new case utilize Citizen’s stainless steel processing and polishing know-how, while the dial, used to generate power for the watch, has also been updated with the latest manufacturing techniques. The case of the Citizen Eco-Drive 365 watch measures 42.5mm-wide and 11.1mm-thick.

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The two regular-production models of the Citizen Eco-Drive 365, reference BN1015-52E and BN1014-55E, sport a stainless steel case and bracelet, fully black ion-plated on the former, and partially black ion-plated on the latter version. Sharp angles and curved lines make for a retro-futuristic design, one that transcends time from the 1970s to today, and on to 2070 — fitting for a watch that does not need regular battery replacement. The dials on the limited-edition and regular-production Citizen Eco-Drive 365 watches have a starry sky-inspired pattern, protected by a sapphire crystal and a 10-bar (100m) water resistance rating on all models.

The limited-edition model maintains the powerful ridges of the case and blends them with a unique dial fitted with 100% lab-grown rubies. These have the same hardness and sparkle as rubies mined from the earth, but lab-grown rubies are ethical products created in adherence to the highest level of environmental, safety, and labor standards. Each gemstone has superior purity and transparency and a vivid red color with a slightly purplish hue shared by the finest natural rubies. The limited-edition piece is paired an LWG-certified calf-leather strap. LWG, or the Leather Working Group, is a global organization comprised of leather brands, tanners, and chemical companies. The LWG assesses the environmental impact and safety of leather production processes and certifies tanners that meet its rigorous auditing standards. Citizen supports the activities of the Leather Working Group as an LWG member company.

The Citizen Eco-Drive 365 watch in all-black (reference BN1015-52E) is priced at $530; the Citizen Eco-Drive 365 watch with a partial ion-black plating (reference BN1014-55E) is priced at $480; and the limited-edition Citizen Eco-Drive 365 watch (reference BN1010-05E) is priced at $875. The watches are scheduled to be launched in Fall-Winter, 2023. You can learn more on the brand’s website.

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