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One year after its initial release, CODE41 is bringing its groundbreaking Mecascape back in a limited run of just 30 pieces. The Mecascape is truly unique in the world of horology — not a clock, not a pocket watch, and certainly not a wristwatch, the Mecascape is an interactive time object. Whether slipped in your blazer pocket or perched on your desk, the Mecascape is an engineering marvel you can’t resist picking up. With the initial release long sold out, CODE41 is providing an opportunity for enthusiasts who missed out on the initial run, with pre-orders open for only two weeks, from Nov 1 to Nov 15, 2023, and only while the limited stock remains.

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CODE41 captured the watch world’s attention with the Mecascape. Housed in a Grade 5 titanium case, the Mecascape measures in at 108mm by 71mm — larger than a credit card (86mm x 54mm), but smaller than a phone, the Mecascape is perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand. And this is certainly an object you’ll want to hold and enjoy, as there are plentiful details to capture your imagination.

In describing the genesis of the Mecascape, CODE41’s founder and CEO, Claudio D’Amore, explains, “My idea for the Mecascape goes back to 2009, more than 12 years ago. Today, after having founded CODE41, given birth to six collections, and dedicated five years of focused development to the project, the time has come, the maturity and the means, too, to give birth to the first Mecascape. I knew, with the team, from the outset that we were working on something really special. An ambitious and daring project in every sense of the word. Translating my vision into a unique and original watch object was a real collective challenge, and we are all very proud of the result. Working with time from all angles (and that’s the right word here) has rarely been so rewarding.”

In developing the Mecascape, CODE41’s goal was to develop a movement architecture that would maximize the potential of the space and display time in a way that would be otherwise unwieldy or simply impossible. Watchmaking is as much an art as it is a science, and this new framework allowed CODE41 to experiment with full creative freedom, using the space in new and unexpected ways.

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CODE41 embraced the flatness of the design, using it as an opportunity to separate the different timekeeping elements. While we’re accustomed to stacked hands and overlapping functions, the Mecascape separates each of these elements, with each timekeeping function (hours, minutes, seconds, second time zone, and power reserve) provided with its own register. It’s like a regulator taken to the extreme. Though each timekeeping element on the Mecascape is separated, reading the time remains quick and intuitive (e.g., the hours and minutes merge along the chapter ring, making a clear connection between the primary timing elements).

Time-telling is only half the story; to produce this innovative timepiece, CODE41 collaborated with Cercle des Horlogers, an independent Swiss watchmaking workshop nestled between Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds. The team had to start from scratch in designing a movement that would bring this vision to life. Made entirely in Switzerland, this bespoke movement is comprised of 235 components and 37 rubies. After hand-winding, you’ll be set for the entire week, as the timepiece will beat at 28.8kbph for a full eight days.

As has become the brand’s signature, the entire dial is skeletonized, fully immersing you in both the aesthetics and mechanics of the piece. Like the rest of the watch, the movement is clean and modern in its execution, foregoing extraneous decoration and allowing the movement architecture and dial design to remain the primary focus.

The Mecascape is available in three colorways to suit your individual taste. For a classic and timeless look, opt for gray with black registers and red accents. If you want modern and edgy, the Mecascape is available with black bridges and prominent red accents. Finally, for those looking for a more colorful and organic aesthetic, you can opt for the blue-gray colorway with bright green accents.

CODE41 includes an Italian leather travel case lined with microfiber with every Mecascape. As this is a timepiece you’ll want to carry with you every day, the case includes a small cut-out to store essential credit or business cards. When you get to where you’re going, you’re going to want to see and interact with the Mecascape. As such, the Mecascape also comes with a metal stand that allows you to safely and elegantly position the time object on your desk or dresser.

Like every timepiece created by CODE41, the Mecascape was produced through a collaborative process with CODE41’s more than half a million members. CODE41’s community is so passionate about the brand, not just because of this interactive and collaborative approach to watchmaking, but also its commitment to transparency. CODE41 doesn’t hide behind a nebulous Swiss Made label but embraces Total Transparency of Origin. In other words, every single component of the watch is itemized with its cost and country of origin and the final markup is clear to see.

With the Mecascape, CODE41 is offering a completely new take on haute horlogerie. The Mecascape is so much more than a clock or a pocket watch — it’s a work of interactive timekeeping art. If you missed out on the Mecascape during its initial release, pre-orders are open now from Nov 1-15, 2023, but only 30 pieces are available and priced at $15,000 USD. To learn more about CODE41 and the Mecascape, please visit the brand’s website.

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