Eterna Contessa Watches

Contessa by Eterna – Women’s Swiss Watch model

It’s very hard to please a woman. Especially when we come armed with knowledge, taste, and high expectations. It must be even more difficult for such a traditional manufacture to create a dynamic timepiece for modern women that includes technological performance and aesthetic appeal.

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But I must admit that Eterna has done just that with its latest Contessa models.

Since 1865, the watchmakers of Eterna have toiled to maintain their image of perfection and selectivity. The exclusivity of this brand makes it that much more desirable. Known for the precision of their slim movements, Eterna is brand that stays true to itself and its traditions, even in today’s fluctuating markets.

Eterna – Nothing But Watchmaking – was able to create a dynamic, versatile timepiece that is distinctively feminine yet a still a fine timepiece. Their use of different textures within the dial creates an immediate, emotional response that cyclically moves your eyes across its dial.

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While I’m not a fan of the collection name Contessa, which elicits images of pink tulle and doilies, I do see the direction in which Eterna wanted to head. Obviously targeting strong, independent women, Contessa also stirs images of countesses and regal women of yore. Today, though, Contessa by Eterna is for strong women, with the tight rectangular face, and for pragmatic women, with the multiple straps and dial faces.

In order to manufacture this Art Deco timepiece, Eterna was able to capitalize on their own history of movement excellence while continuing its tradition of elegance. Inspired by art, and driven by perfection, Eterna has captured a very wearable watch for women, and one that they will be proud to wear.

Often for women’s watches only the aesthetic details are taken into consideration. Which is a bit frustrating for female watch aficionados. While the Contessa model does not feature any high complications, to show off Eterna’s esteem as a manufacture, the simplicity of this timepiece is sure to attact women looking for a versatile, stylish everyday watch.

Contessa by Eterna promises to be a very exciting launch at this year’s BaselWorld show. With fashion trends going towards the more simplistic and understated, these models are the perfect fit. I cannot help but look at the larger, flashier, decadent models that are flashed on wrists worldwide and see their popularity fade. Contessa by Eterna has proven that you can have a fashionable, luxurious watch, complete with diamond accents, that does not overwhelm the wearer. And yet still captures decades of watchmaking tradition.

I am particularly satisfied to see the level of details that are applied to this model, so that the wearer is not only wearing a gorgeous piece on her wrist, but is representing a brand that has focused on understated luxury for so long. Coupled with the supple leather bands and sleek stainless steel bracelets, these models provide options to suit each woman – which is always a smart design decision.

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