There is a lot of competition out there for your diving watch dollars. With so many options, it is hard for us to find that single diving watch that will suffice. Well, for me there is no one watch. Instead I try to stretch my budget out to acquire as many diving watches as I can to satisfy that insatiable hunger. So for that I am happy that Dievas has a nice range of aggressively prices diving watches that embody the modern chic-strong look that many diving watches are adopting.

The Oceantimer 1330 Blue has…a metallic blue face, large red toned minute hand, and a striking legibility. The maximum sized minute hand is supposed to allow for supreme visibility under water, and just looks cool. While it is hard to tell in the images, the minute hand is a rich red metallic tone with lots of luminant in the middle. The smaller hour and seconds hand are while, also with luminant.

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The Dievas doesn’t feel the need to make a “huge” watch, so the size of the Oceantimer 1330 is a very sober 42mm. The water resistance however is 400m, which is pretty nice. I like the shape and style of the bracelet that looks very comfortably with all the links, and should offer a well suited fitting.

The case of the Oceantimer is custom made for Dievas and is very nautically themed, but subtly so. It is a modern interpretation of diving instrumentation, and fits in well with the rest of your SCUBA gear. This particular watch is not a mechanical movement based watch, but for the price, the ETA 955.612 quartz caliber is just fine. The case it held together by six large hexagonal screws.

The retail price on the Dievas Oceantimer 1330 Blue is $370, a pretty easily absorbed price for a decent beater watch, or something fully usable for all diving needs. One is available on eBay now for under $300, and represents, in my opinion, a very good value. Dievas watches are hard to come by in the US, so your only option is to buy online at the moment.

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See Dievas watches on eBay here.

See Diving watches on Amazon here. [phpbay]dievas, num, “14324”, “”[/phpbay]

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