We consider ourselves a pretty lucky bunch over at ABTW – we get hands-on time with the watches we enjoy, and we get to share our passion with the community. Great fun!

However, once in a while we get really lucky, and a brand like Oris sends us to the Cayman Islands to earn our diving certification as part of the December 2014 aBlogtoWatch giveaway. Since that is exactly what happened, we decided to film and share our experience in this three-part series, shot in Grand Cayman with our holiday 2014 “Learn to Dive with Oris Watches” giveaway winner, Zach.

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In this first video, we strap on the required gear, learn about PADI, and discover how dive watches fit into this whole equation (meaning we play with them).

A special thanks to Oris, DiveTech, and our certified instructor Ragime – and of course, be sure to catch the next installment of this series soon. oris.ch

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