One of the best things about Doxa watches is that they don’t change. There is a whole collection of “SUB something” watches that have designs from what feels like the 1960s or 1970s – that remain largely unchanged today. Ever since Clive Cussler learned about the brand at a dive store he worked in and immortalized it in his writing, Doxa timepieces have been a bit more than just diving instruments.

There have been attempts to modernize the look of the brand as well as of the core dive watch collection. I think it is almost amusing when people discuss Doxa’s non-dive pieces (which aren’t half bad). Though for most people who are familiar with Doxa, they will always be the orange-dialed (or black) dive watch brand. A new collection called the Doxa Shark Ceramica XL is offered as a limited edition and attempts to offer a fresh look to the classic marquee. They are actually revisions on what I believe was an Asia-only collection from a few years ago called the Doxa Shark Ceramica. Those models (seen below) were rather underwhelming by most people’s standards. The real excitement was Doxa’s use of a ceramic bezel.

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These new Shark Ceramica XL limited edition models expand on that more modern design and push ahead. Size is generous at 48mm wise in steel with again, a ceramic bezel. Actually, the design of the bezel looks the same as the Asia-only Ceramica. Still, I can’t help but long for that classic double bezel look of the SUB series. Why “Shark” and not “Sharkhunter” like many other Doxa watches? The hunted now becomes the hunter? Well sort of. There is an amusing message right on Doxa’s website that looks almost like a disclaimer. Basically, this message is there to remind you that Doxa does not condone the hunting or killing of sharks of any kind (unless it is for photography, then that is OK).  I mean duh, but I wonder what sad occurrence caused them to feel such a warning was merited. Oh those conservative watch makers!

Well those feeling that the sharks were getting the rough end of this stick should now be happy that the watches are more about being sharks, and less about harpooning them. There is even a nice little image of a shark on the dial. The Shark Ceramica XL limited edition has a bold looking dial, but is it enough? I think we can all agree it is more exciting than the original Ceramica, but is it nice enough to complete with Doxa’s more classic look? I think that a bit more length on the hands would help. The hour markers are applied, and there should be lots of lume on the dial. Note that the Shark Ceramica XL comes with either a blue or orange trimmed dial.

The case itself is water resistant to 300 meters, while it has a sapphire crystal. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement. I do quite like the centrally mounted date window with reverse mounted magnifier. Each of the Doxa Shark Ceramica XL limited edition models will be limited to just 1,200 pieces with a price that I think is about $3,000 or so.

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