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First introduced in 1961, the Edox Delfin is a historically important watch collection with an iconic design. A true timekeeping pioneer, it was the first watch to use the ‘Double O-ring” system which, with a reinforced caseback, gave the original Delfin reference its 200m water resistance rating. Today, this remarkable collection is still known as “The Water Champion” and remains the watch of choice not only for explorers, but also for those looking to find a robust, yet stylish watch to wear in comfort seven days a week.

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Like time itself, Swiss boutique watchmaker Edox never stands still. Founder Christian Ruefli-Flury was driven by his heart when, in 1884, he made a pocket watch for his beloved wife Pauline’s 25th birthday. Delighted, she convinced him to set up his own company, and Edox was born. Ruefli-Flury would no doubt be amazed and honored by how his legacy has flourished over the past 135 years. Edox has forged a reputation as “The Water Champion” of the watch world, creating world-leading diver’s watches. One of the few remaining family-owned Swiss watchmakers, Edox proudly acknowledges its heritage while embracing innovation and imagination in its collections. Today, Edox is known for its highly water-resistant timepieces, complex hand-polished watch cases, and traditional hand assembling.

The pioneering Edox Delfin of 1961 (left) and the 3rd generation Edox Delfin with the dodecagonal bezel from 1973 (right).

In 1961, Edox engineers developed and patented a water-resistant crown system based on a double waterproof seal system and chose the Delfin collection to bring it to the world’s attention. Since then, the Edox Delfin has been a smash hit with watch lovers the world over, and in response to the fantastic demand, the Les Genevez-based watchmaker has been expanding the collection with exciting new models sporting sophisticated and cool color schemes. Among the latest references to join the family is the Edox Delfin Mecano Automatic (85303-37NCA-BEIO) that is fitted out with a 43mm-wide case in black PVD-coated stainless steel with a stunning openworked dial in beige embellished with black and orange accents. Stealthy and restrained at first glance, a closer look reveals a wide range of beautiful surface treatments on the black case and bezel.

A cross section view that reveals the gaskets as part of the robust and dependable construction of the Edox Delfin Mecano.

The case profile and its integrated lugs appear matte with a most discreet brushed treatment showing through the jet-black color. Likewise, the top insert of the bezel and the crown also appear matte, while the scalloped edge of the dodecagonal bezel is brought to a high polish. Also polished are the four pins that connect the straps to the case, and the heads of the proprietary Edox screws in the bezel. The play between reflective and matte, restrained and flashy, defines the unmistakable character of the Edox Delfin Mecano.

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The dark exterior, where even the strap, buckle, and pin are treated in black, directs all the attention at the dial — an intricate masterpiece that deserves all the attention it gets. Safeguarded by a perfectly flat sapphire crystal, an openworked design gives a modern take on the hourglass logo of the brand and allows the wearer to appreciate just how impossibly thin the dial itself is. The angular bridges that make up the six forks that connect the center-mounted hands and the periphery of the dial gracefully float above a skeletonized movement.

The openworked architecture of the dial leaves plenty of room for the underlying movement to shine through: It is a fascinating metropolis of wheels, bridges, screws, and jewels. The Edox Caliber 853 is based on the Sellita SW200, a dependable movement that measures just 3.8mm-thick, making it one of the thinner self-winding movements available today. As a result, the Edox Delfin Mecano comes in at just 12.5mm-thick, a strong result given the depth of the dial and the immense 200m water-resistance rating of the case.

The blend of black bezel and lugs, matched with a black strap and skeletonized accents on the watch face, presents an adventurous, yet elegant timepiece on the wrist. And while the colors may reflect a new aesthetic, the Delfin Mecano still sports all the technical, engineering, and design wizardry that has made it an international bestseller and earned it the “The Water Champion” title among sports watches.

The Delfin Mecano’s 12-sided bezel echoes the shape of classic Delfin models from the 1970s and is a reminder that, while Edox continues to push the boundaries of watchmaking, it never loses sight of its rich past and heritage. Rugged, stylish, and practical, the Edox Delfin Mecano is intended to be the perfect wrist accessory for the boardroom, the beach, the bustle of the big city, and the solitude of the mountains — or in its natural element as the water champion of timepieces.

The Edox Delfin Mecano reference 85303-37NCA-BEIO is priced at €1,690 including taxes. To learn more, visit the brand’s website. 

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