Edox Grand Ccean Decentrique Date Automatic watch on eBay

Here is another new Edox watch for 2009, the Grand Ocean Decentrique Date Automatic. If you aren’t sure about the “decentrique” part of the name, just see how the face itself is “decentered.” Yes, putting the suffix “ique” on just about anything gives you the ability to charge a 10-20% premium when selling it. Its a marketing fact (no its not actually).  Sarcasm aside, the watch is pretty nice, and gives me the hopes of owning a styling asymmetrical faced watch that I might actually be able to afford someday (you hear that Audemars Piguet Millenary collection?). Actually, the Audemars Piguet watch is not decentered but rather has two elliptical dials that create the appearance of being asymmetric while the watch face is still centered.

Like the Edox Grand Ocean Jumping Hour watch that I recently discuss, the Grand Ocean Decentrique shares the same beautifully constructed case in 45mm comprised of a mix of rubber, PVD coated and un coated rose gold plated steel. It is certainly the type of watch that makes a statement. There is also the inherent sportiness to the watch. Having the rubber strap, combined with the 100 meters of water resistance surely gives you confidence when throwing it around, right?

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The dial has the watch face set low and to the right, with a crescent mood of Roman numerals enveloping the face from the left. The watch dial is encompassed by a brushed rose gold colored ring that has two screws holding it in place, further enhancing the sporty look. I am not in love with the hands (save for the seconds hand with its prominent red tip), but they do the job, and are up for interpretation. That appear to be too classically derived for such a modern and sport watch. Powering the watch is a smaller sizer ETA 2004.1 automatic movement.

My biggest complaint is to the “exhibition” date window. For a few years now watch companies have been extending the size of the date window giving you a view of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s date. Here you get to see five dates total. This is just getting annoying, plus there is one other big problem on this Grand Ocean Date watch, but let me explain why the date window is extended in the first place. The square nature of a date window often disrupts the harmony of curved surfaces. Everything else on the Edox’s dial is nice and rounded. Throwing a harsh square in the mix just messes things up. So if you can curve the date window, you don’t disrupt the harmony of curves. It sorta does work, but I don’t like what it does to the date window. I’ve always just said make the date window a circle.

Edox Grand Ocean Date WindowAnyway, the worst of it are the little numbers to the left of the date window. Two problems: first, they are highly unnecessary, and second I think they are a mistake. I don’t need a “+1” to know that the 10th comes after the 9th. I just don’t need this, and it is frankly kinda silly. This adds no functional value at all. End of story there. Then, you notice that Edox messed up with the numbers (unless I am dense and missing something). Look at the dial in the image. If today is the 8th, then why does “-1” mean the 9th?  Wouldn’t that have to say “+1?” Looks like Edox messed up here! Apparently no one is looking out for these things. My theory is that the people in design got so upset over this little creative insertion and just blocked it out of their minds altogether. “Hey, what is the date tomorrow?” “Well, I simply use this handy calculator here… 8 plus 1 (like it says on the dial) must be 9!. Hold on, let me check my work. Yes, I’m right! It says so right here.” This is just silly Edox, honestly. I don’t want to see this kindergarten date calculator on any other watch, ever again. Otherwise I love this timepiece! Price is a pretty reasonable $2,800 (minus your messed up date discount).

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