Tomorrow on May 2, 2015, world boxing champions Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will fight in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand – and you know the luxury industry will be there too. Hublot‘s tenacity in working with a range of sports that the more conservative Swiss watch industry has traditionally shunned continues to pay off, and today, Hublot gifted a unique watch to Floyd Mayweather and also announced that the champ will be wearing the Hublot logo on his trunks during the fight – apparently, the first time Mayweather has ever worn a company image or name in such a way.


None of this is terribly surprising, as Mr. Mayweather is a known lover of luxury watches – especially those of the blingy persuasion. Like some other celebrities who have made it big after coming from humble beginnings, Mayweather enjoys showing off his collection of luxuries and speaking about his timepieces that together form a massive assortment of watches worth well into the many millions of dollars. Articles on the Dupont Registry and the sports website SB Nation each detail some of Floyd Mayweather’s typically richly diamond-studded watches.

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Unlike some other athletes whose personalities form more “PR friendly” images for brand ambassadorships, folks like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are complicated people whose histories are not uncommon in the world of professional boxing. Nevertheless, both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are masters of the sweet science, and it will be interesting to see their fight, even into what is now the twilight of each boxer’s career, now 38 years old and 36 years old, respectively.

This isn’t Hublot’s first rodeo with boxing – a sport that doesn’t get too much attention from the conservative European luxury crowd who tend to favor more high-brow competitions such as yacht racing, golf, and equestrian events. Hublot started its journey with boxing back in 2012, partnering with the World Boxing Council WBC, auctioning unique timepieces produced in honor of legendary and now retired boxing greats.


Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe with Floyd Mayweather


The result of that relationship was the never-available-for-retail-sale Hublot King Power WBC watch. One of those timepieces has been produced again and decorated with diamonds and emeralds for Mr. Mayweather. Earlier today, and before the bout with Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather took receipt of his one-of-a-kind Hublot King Power WBC Full Pave with Emeralds watch, quoting confirmation that he is a lover of high-end watches including Hublot, and that he looks forward to adding it to his already impressive collection.

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Las Vegas loves a major fight more than perhaps any other type of sporting event, and tomorrow at the MGM Grand will be busy, to say the least. Hublot’s marketing strategy dictates their need to be there on the ground level and right in the ring. I look forward to seeing the outcome of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, but perhaps, I am as much interested in seeing his watch collection for myself.

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