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Formex A780 Watches For 2010

Formex A780 Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

For 2010 Formex offers two versions of its new A780 watch collection. All are 45mm wide in interesting cases and come in a three-hand automatic version, as well as a quartz chronograph model. I have been a fan of Formex watches for a while – enjoying their “pure” feeling race inspired watches that have some fun tech. Specifically, Formex watches have patented shock absorbing systems that places the case on springs (so to say), this is meant to protect the movement during periods when the watch is experiencing harsh vibrations – such as during a track race, or anything else where shock and vibration is an issue. The case here is really interesting – as it is a complete mixture of square case and round case. See what I mean? The chronograph pushers (on that version) are meant to look like brake pedals – and the look is pulled off rather well. The final versions of the watches might look a bit different. For instance, the screws around the case on the PVD black cases might not be in black, but in polished steel. Attached to the cases will be port-holed leather straps with contrast stitching, and possibly available rubber straps.

Formex A780 Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

Formex A780 Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

Even with all that is going on with the case, it is still only about 13mm thick, and again, 45mm wide. In steel, it comes in PVD and polished steel. The hippest among us will go for the yellow and black dialed version. Hands remain visible and white. There are also a few other tones that play with black and silver tone with a red trim. The grated dial look interesting and industrial. Formex is really evolving their look here – taking the concept in new directions, and keep things (more than likely) relatively affordable. The three-hand version has a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement inside of it. Formex doesn’t do that many three-hand watches, but the look is pulled off well here (though they felt it so necessary to expand the case window!).

Formex A780 Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

The chronograph version might end up being the best seller. It has a Swiss ETA 215.211 quartz chronograph movement. I hear there may be another version of the A780 on the way with a Ronda quartz alarm movement that also has a big date. With its cool round-square case and 3D dial, Formex has released another solid watch that finds into a price range that doesn’t give you heart palpitations when “all you wanted was a cool looking sports watch with a racing theme (not another mortgage to pay).” Look for them soon.

See Formex watches on eBay here.

See Formex watches on Amazon here.Formex A780 Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

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  • I have a Formex GT 325, really like this watch, especially in yellow/black!

    Shame we don’t seem to be able to buy them in the UK any more! or at least I can’t find anywhere…..