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Formex Watches Return, Now More Affordable & Only Sold Online

Formex Watches Return, Now More Affordable & Only Sold Online Watch Industry News Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser

Formex Swiss Watches, based in Biel/Bienne Switzerland, is a maker of action-sport-influenced steel and titanium watches. In 1998, inspired by the engineering and mechanics of high-performance racing cars and bikes, the founding father Hans-Peter Grädel invented and patented a suspension system that, to this day, gives each Formex watch a distinctive look. It was built to withstand shocks and conform more comfortably to the wrist. Lately, it’s been quiet around the small brand, but behind the curtains, Formex went through some big changes. Under the leadership of the company’s new CEO, Raphael Granito, Formex has just launched a new online store and completely moved away from the brick and mortar retail business.

Formex watches are now sold online exclusively at the company’s own website. This has allowed them to cut consumer prices by almost 50 percent, without having to compromise on product quality and technical features. Besides better pricing, Formex introduced a range of services that wiped out the common drawbacks you might have already experienced while shopping online. Their all-inclusive policy guarantees free worldwide shipping, includes all taxes and duties, a 30-day free return as well as a 2-year warranty. All orders are assembled, finished, and sent out from their head office in Biel, allowing delivery within Switzerland the next day and no more than three business days across the globe.

Formex Watches Return, Now More Affordable & Only Sold Online Watch Industry News

Formex’s patented suspension system in action

The new online shop features Formex’s three primary 46.5mm collections: the AS 1100, DS 2100 and the latest model TS 3100, all with a strap width of 22mm. For each model, there are multiple options with bracelets, colors and movements. The common theme that runs through the lines is the watch case that is suspended in a vertically sliding patented suspension system which connects the case back of the watch to the lower part of the suspension and the bracelet and lugs to the upper part of the suspension system.

Formex Watches Return, Now More Affordable & Only Sold Online Watch Industry News

A selection of the AS 1100 Line

The AS 1100 Line is Formex’s most versatile model with a range of color and movement options. The racing design and the use of high-quality materials amount to the precision and sportiness Formex is known for. The models with Chronograph are available with either the RONDA startech 5040.D (12½”’) Quartz movement, starting at $425, or the ETA Valjoux 7750 (13 1/4’’) automatic movement, starting at $1,335, both with weekday and date display. The clean three-hands models start at $639 and come with the ETA 2824-2 (11 ½”’) automatic movement with date. Special limited editions come with a black PVD stainless steel case and a carbon-fiber tachymeter dial.

Formex Watches Return, Now More Affordable & Only Sold Online Watch Industry News

A selection of the DS 2100 Line

The diver style DS 2100 has a prominent rotating bezel with large numbers and a minimalistic dial design for clear readability. Materials used are titan G2 and stainless steel 316L. The DS 2100 is waterproof up to 20 ATM. The Quartz models, available with black, white and black/red dial and second time zone come with the RONDA powertech 515.24D (11 ½”’) and start at $419. The automatic models, available with black, blue and red dial come with date and the ETA 2824-2 (11 ½”’) or the Sellita SW200 movement and start at $719.

Formex Watches Return, Now More Affordable & Only Sold Online Watch Industry News

The TS 3100 Line

The TS 3100 in high-tech racing look is the latest addition to the Formex collection. The position of the crown and the Chrono pushers were moved to the left in order to accommodate the prominent crown protection shield. The movement is the ETA 7750 13 1/4’’ Valjoux. The red bezel is made of aluminium. The 1000-piece limited edition features a carbon-fiber bezel and a black carbon-look leather strap with red seam. Prices start at $1,445, and $1,580 for the limited edition.

Formex Watches Return, Now More Affordable & Only Sold Online Watch Industry News

Some of Formex’s bracelet and strap options

Formex accessories fit on all their collections. Using their Wrist Measuring Tool makes sure that your bracelet is delivered in the right size. You might want to go for the silicone strap with fold-over clasp for the sporty, or the nearly indestructible titanium bracelet with folding buckle for the heavy-duty operations, while the classy Italian leather strap “dresses” your watch for more formal occasions. Just as their watches, Formex’s bracelets are reasonably priced and straightforward to replace.

Formex Watches Return, Now More Affordable & Only Sold Online Watch Industry News

Formex ambassadors at work

While Formex continues to team up with motorsports professionals who share their passion for speed, precision, mechanics, and adrenaline, the exclusive online business might be a step into new territory for them. However, it is a whole new level for the benefit of the customer with an unprecedented value for money for Swiss-made quality watches. With no third-party retailer involved, the Formex experience will be, true to their new slogan, entirely between you and them. More information on their collection, technology, and pricing can be found online at

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  • SuperStrapper

    Have not heard hide nor hair of Fromex in years, interesting that they’ve been biding thier time like this. I remember some of the quirky earlier iterations, where I think the entire actual watch case could be popped right out of the bracelet and holster in the initial iterations of the suspension system. I found it interesting but also worried that eventually over time as the parts ‘wore in’ if there was any chance that the watch could just dislodge accidentally and tiddlywink away down the street into a sewer.

    These new designs are aggressive, but do seem to follow a specific design mantra, and I’m sure they speak to an applicable audience. The 3100 line is somewhat interesting, but both aluminum and CF scratch easily, and those aluminum bezels are big and spare: they will scratch easily and noticeably. In today’s world I wouldn’t think that ceramic inserts should drive up costs.

    Regardless, with these contemporary styles and sizes, the armchair elite here will only deride them. Can’t complain to hard on pricing though. Problem with online-only is you can’t get touchy-feely wih them before buying, and you can’t negotiate.

    • I hear ya, but then again they offer 30-day free return and you could consider the price already pre-negotiated/discounted.

      As I understand, they have new ownership and the new CEO is young and energetic and wants to play ball with the new rules of the Internet world. I think this is a fresh approach and one that a lot of voices around here keep asking for. So time to put up or shut up for those calling for lower, direct sales prices.

      • ^^^What he said.

      • Shinytoys

        yes indeed….

      • Raphael Granito

        Hey Mark, thanks for the young and energetic part 🙂

    • Bert Kanne

      Formex loaned me a model DS2100 for about six weeks for review. Though the suspension feature might be of limited value, I thought the watch was extremely well made, designed and finished. It had the most comfortable, engineered titanium bracelet I’ve worn. The watch is not a cookie cutter homage dive watch, which I found to my liking. My only complaints with the watch is there is no lume on the bezel, which should be ceramic, and the hour and minute hands should be a different color for better readability.

      • SuperStrapper

        The bracelets do look to be nice, and that is a trait I remember them always having.

      • Raphael Granito

        Hey Bert, thanks. We’ll take your lume advice and are constantly working on improving our models.

    • Raphael Granito

      Valid concern about the screws coming lose with time. However, we use pre-applied epoxy thread locking, which makes it impossible for the suspension to unscrew on its own, and can be unscrewed and screwed back in about 5 times before it wears off. We haven’t had any problems with screws coming loose.

      We are keen on bringing in other materials in our new models this year, so stay tuned for that. You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about our new releases and deals.

      We understand that most people have a problem if they can’t try a watch on before buying it, but as Mark puts it, you can always send it back, no questions asked and you get a full refund before the credit card bill ever hits you.
      If you want to negotiate, you can always shoot me an e-mail. But as you can imagine, our margins are not as large, since we don’t multiply our prices by 6-10 times as it is done in the industry. But basically, you can start with the knowledge that you’re already paying half of the what you would in any store.

  • Astronuts

    Having a suspension system would only help automatic movements, no? …and probably on a minuscule level. I see the potential for all kinds of schmutz to collect in thar holes.

    • Actually it’s as much for comfort as it is for shock absorption. Think in terms of an expanding bracelet to get the idea.

      My first good watch was a formex DS2000 GMT and it was unique and very well built.

      Although I prefer their older designs over the new ones.

      • Raphael Granito

        That is correct, it actually feels very comfortable to wear as well as adding protection to the movement.

        Stay posted for future limited editions that pay homage to the older models

  • Bill W

    120 on the tachymetric scale at 12 o’clock would suggest that the chrono hand starts at 6 o’clock.

    • That is correct.

      • Bill W

        Strange. So the chrono seconds hand just has a really long tail? Is that what’s up at 12 o’clock?

        OK, I think I get what’s going on. Still a little strange.

        • Raphael Granito

          Hey Bill, that’s right except for the tail part. It’s not actually a tail but a double hand. One side for the chrono second and for the tachymetric scale.

  • Ben

    It’s got to the point that I don’t even read sponsored post now

  • That’s pretty great that Formex watches will now be available direct online.

    Now, what exactly are Formex watches?

    • Marius

      It’s microwaved garbage, put on high for a full hour.

      • Raphael Granito

        I’m positive that we don’t use any microwaving or garbage in our manufacturing process, but thanks for the educated guess

    • Raphael Granito

      Why don’t you check out our homepage to find out? You might like one or two of them…

  • awildermode

    Implementing the suspension system is purely for shock value.

    • Antjay

      I see what you did there .

    • Raphael Granito

      my kind of joke

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Formex…………sounds like an ointment for a rash.

    • IG

      Or a market to rip off morons.

    • Sounds like its intended for citizens of the country south of the U.S.

      Seriously, it reminds me of “Formula” (ala F1) and “Nomex” which is the fire retardant material used to make race drivers overalls.

    • Raphael Granito

      It’s an ointment for your wallet. Saves you about half on what you would spend on comparable quality for “well known” brands…

  • DanW94

    Some okay models in there. A few of the chronos make me think of the Tag Formula 1 series but more affordable. The diver with the blue dial is pretty cool….

  • ??????

    Looks like a Kickstarter brand for me. The name comes from “former”? Strange choice for “racing” watches.

    • Raphael Granito


  • Grumpy Cat
    • HAHA.. like wearing condom on wrist .. !

      • ??????

        You must be talking about Hublot 🙂

    • Bill W

      Those have patented penis shock dampening technology.

    • Raphael Granito

      Our watches definitely won’t protect you as well as a rubber, but they might help you to need one…

  • Svetoslav Popov

    Not my type of watches.

  • Word Merchant

    I had no idea they’d ever gone away… or indeed existed at all.

    • Raphael Granito

      Well, that’s what sponsored posts are for 😉

  • Ulysses31

    The DS2100 in blue is quite nice. Distinctive without being ugly.

  • Shinytoys

    I’m really impressed with this product, in fact, I was before but felt it was too expensive through the dealers. Frankly it’s a steal going factory direct. Time proven swiss movements at $700.00, and a limited addition ETA 7750 for roughly $1450.00, that leaves very little wiggle room to bitch and complain. I would suggest you see it in person, or take advantage of the return policy to try one on your wrist. You won’t be sorry, and I’ve seen plenty of these pieces at the track.

    • Raphael Granito

      Thanks for your comment! Don’t forget that everything is included in our prices, so you won’t get hit with shipping, import taxes or duties.

      • Shinytoys

        thanks !!

  • Andrew Hughes

    I was thinking that this sounds “cool” until I read 46.5mm!!! Yikes. Those are Invicta-like proportions fit only for weightlifters and footballers. Us skinny-wristed chaps can’t pull that off. Nice web site by the way… at least that works for me.

    • Raphael Granito

      Hey Andrew, thanks for commenting. Stay posted for models that will fit your wrist in the future. We are only at the beginning of Formex 2.0. It has been around since 1998, but I’ve been at the helm for barely two years and plan to keep making the Brand more versatile.

      • Andrew Hughes

        Thanks for the personal reply. I look forward to seeing what you guys cook up in the future.

  • Charlie Renwick I’m a big fan of Formex, really good quality on your wrist and let’s be honest. ridiculously good price point! Someone pointed out proportional for weightlifters and footballers I have a little wrist & even sometimes wear it with a suit.

    • Raphael Granito

      Thanks for the shot Charlie

  • Sheez Gagoo

    The watch on the first picture looks like it has been developped in 1991 inspired by a hundred other watches. The watch to the right is obviously build by Minecraft.

  • Emjhay

    @raphaelgranito:disqus im planning to get one of your watch and was wondering if you can offer a coupon code to entice my purchase.