First of all, thank you to all the new SUPERLATIVE podcast listeners. We love the feedback and have a lot of shows and guests planned for the future. Since I last wrote about the latest SUPERLATIVE shows, we have published about six new episodes — so there is, potentially, a lot to catch up on. I’ve also been a guest on some podcasts, myself, and look forward to more conversations with the community.

Over the last few episodes, the biggest name we’ve had on SUPERLATIVE is Mr. George Bamford, who founded Bamford Watch Department and began his watch career modifying Rolex watches. Next, I chat with Peter Speake, who moved from designer to watchmaker. He is among the more accomplished living watchmakers today, having both created his own movements and brand. Today, he is “The Naked Watchmaker.”

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I also spoke with the co-founder of The Collective, which is a new breed of watch-buying club that works with brands to order exclusive runs of watches. To update us about the status quo in Switzerland, I speak with consultant and experienced luxury brand manager Mr. Olivier Muller of Luxeconsult. Learn about what makes the South American watch market tick, as well as hear stories from the good ol’ wild days of selling luxury watches at sea.

All that and more in the latest episodes of the SUPERLATIVE podcast by aBlogtoWatch. Listen to it here on the BLEAV Network website or where you prefer to get your podcasts.

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