Giveaway: Marvin M107 or M103 Automatic Chronograph Watch

Giveaway: Marvin M107 or M103 Automatic Chronograph Watch

Giveaway: Marvin M107 or M103 Automatic Chronograph Watch Giveaways

I am very excited to bring you a special watch giveaway here at This month you can enter to win your choice of either of the above two mechanical chronograph watches from Swiss Marvin watches. These are the Marvin M107 (in the rectangular case), and the M103 (in the round case). I actually reviewed the M103 here - and it is really a great watch. I wanted to offer either of them because they have same Swiss Valjoux 7750 automatic movement inside, and are very close in price. It is up to the winner watch model he/she prefers. What more can I say? These are two excellent timepieces, with a movement that no watch lover should be without in their collection. The Marvin M107 retails for $1,860, and the Marvin M103 retails for $1,790. I anticipate this being a popular giveaway, so enter below with your best response.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention your favorite watch complication(s) (functions/technical features) aside from merely telling the time.

2. Be a pal. If you are feeling up to it, Facebook friend/fan all or any of the following:

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on August 1st, 2010 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Marvin Watches, the sponsor of the Marvin M107 or M103 watch giveaway here at!

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  • James H.

    I love the power reserve function that some automatics offer.

  • John

    WOw, I’d really like to wing this one even though choosing between the rectangular watch and the one with the great red hands will be tough

  • Jeff

    Beautiful watches. I’d have to take the one on the right. Thanks!

  • Chris

    I like many different complications, and hope to eventually have one of each of the following in my collection:
    1) regulator (been eyeing the malton 160…)
    2) world timer
    3) perpetual calendar
    4) single-handed watch
    That being said, I’d gladly take a chonograph if you’re just gonna give it away for free…

  • Ed

    I like how a moonphase complication looks on a lot of watches.

  • abrizz

    This is a great giveaway! The Marvin watches are just great. My favorite complication is an alarm. I just wish they made more watches with alarms that chimed instead of buzzed. Most watches that buzz have a horrible sound, sure it gets your attention but it is far from sophisticated.

  • James

    I always feel a two dial chrongraph is so much more stylish as it doesnt crowd the face and harks back to a traditional watchmaking period; Bell and Ross and Bremont do this extremely well. That said I like the elongated chronograph buttons of the Marvin and the arabic numerals. Great blog and great prizes keep em coming

  • Andrew So

    I enjoy a great fly-back chronograph but my favorite complication is easily one of the most useless: moonphase.

  • thomas

    Apart from the chronograph compilation I like the world timer and the power reserve function.The Marvin with the round case is really beautiful

  • CalebC

    With the amount of traveling I do I really appreciate a GMT/Second Time Zone. That being said the complication I most use is the date and the complication I most admire is a moonphase.

  • Arnaud

    No Malton 160 Cushion yet? Can’t wait!

  • Mantas

    I really like chrono divers. Ideal watch. You can wear it everywhere everytime.

  • Matt K

    I really love when a watch has a visible tourbillion, or a lot of sapphire crystal case so you can see all the craftsmanship.
    I also like movements that give you both the day and the date.

    I hope I win! But good luck to everyone else too 🙂

  • AVelino De Jesus II

    I’ve always wanted to have one of the following:
    1) Chronograph – basic stuff and I think I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t have one.

    2) GMT – basic stuff and I think I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t have one.

    3) Chronometer – is this considered a complication? I know process is complicated…and I think I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t have one.

  • Adam

    I’m a big fan of chronographs.

  • John Park

    Ever since I was little, I’ve really liked sweeping second hands for some reason… the smoother the better…
    Definitely been a fan of Marvin. Hope to see more of it State-side. And would love to own one. 🙂

  • Pedro Quaresma

    I personally like stopwatch functions, particularly when I’m cooking!

    Also good water resistance is a must for me.

  • Felix

    I’m partial to power reserves and alarms.

    Marvin have been doing well recently. Good work.

  • Guy

    The Valjoux 7750 is at the top my movements grail list.

  • Stephanie

    My brother is marvin watches designer’s The best

  • Martin

    I love chronographs, because I know how to use them, and Ball Watches’ thermometer on their Hydrocarbon and Diver’s watch.

    I love Marvin.

  • taylor883

    I love the power reserve as already stated above, chronographs and any of the functions displayed on the Seiko Ananta or Tag 360. The date on the new Concord Auto Chrono, The Corum Day Date The Edmond Auto Financial Crisis because we tend to forget and last but not least the unbelievable Tag Monaco V4 with belt drive.
    I just cant stop so I will Just finish by saying the how I love the display of all Turbullions and especially the Concord Quantum Gravity for it’s overall unobtanium-ability

  • Carl G

    Nice watches!

    I like the date, chronograph, GMT function and an alarm.

    I love the blog and thanks for the opportunity to win a Marvin.

  • Wesley W

    I have a number of chronographs, as I actually do use the chronograph function from time to time.

    I also find the perpetual calendar useful.

  • ermanto

    i love chronographs watches but my favorite complication is without a doubt are perpetual calendar for its usefulness and the power reserve function…
    loving the marvin btw !

  • Shinytoys

    As I said in the original review, very clean and handsome line. I’m also partial to stainless steel finishes so that helps keep the bling factor from these models, a welcome change. I use the 7750 in more than a few watches, so the machine inside is proven and bulletproof.
    Favorite complications are still seeing through the watch partially or in whole to see the magic happen, both front and back. That’s the kid in me.
    Thanks Ariel !

  • Must say that I love manual columnwheel chronographs. Résereve de marche functions, and Retrograde function in all manner ( date, day, time ) oh and an well executed turbollion is always appreciated.

  • Sebastian

    I really love when the watchmaker let’s you interact with your watch through winding and getting instant feedback of your progress.

  • Ira

    When I was a kid, I always liked power reserve on a watch. I imagine a robot having to run faster whenever the power reserve meter goes down to red. Good times.
    Another one that I like is the day/date complication especially the one that switches between two languages or roman numerals as days.

  • Andreas D L

    I prefer the m109 its a retro and modern combination.As for complications i Like the moonphase indicator,the water tide display and the day or night indicator PM or AM.
    The 7750 if its regulated well it preforms amazingly!

  • Ed

    I travel a lot through the Chicago area down to Mobile, AL. So I enjoy the GMT function greatly.

    Also, another great watch giveaway.

  • Andreas D L

    oops i made a mistake i ment the m103 !!

  • Greg R

    Both those watches are beautiful, but I am a sucker for chronograph watches.

  • Lovely Marvins! Power reserve please and GMT

  • Paulo

    Yahoo for the Valjoux! Man am I a sucker for the 7750 movement. Love seeing it in a rectangular case too. Every now and then you’ll see an older 7750 where the day abbreviations are in a different language (as opposed to English) – always on the lookout for those. There’s something so balanced about the standard 7750 layout as well – always has been.

  • Dylan


  • Patrick

    As far as complications go, I guess I like a day/date one, as that’s the most useful function (for me) on a watch, after telling time, of course.

  • Nathan

    For some reason I’m rather found of GMTs. Doesn’t make sense because I have no use for it, but I like ’em.

  • Roger

    Favorite complication is retrograde seconds.

  • Marco

    Oh, what the hey! I never win these things but I’ll try it anyway. My favourite complication is the perpetual calendar, because I am sooo lazy that I don’t feel like changing the date at the end of the short months.

  • Richard Coburn

    I really love mechanical watches — to put so many features into something so small is fantastic. My favorite complications are day/date and the power reserve feature. Having an alarm in a mechanical watch is pretty cool — the Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Hybris Mechanica a Grande Sonnerie is simply crazy!

    Thanks Ariel for this opportunity to win one of those beautiful Marvin watches.

  • Nathaniel

    I travel for work, so a GMT or multiple timezones is always nice. Your standard chronograph is also eminently usable.

    I love both of these Marvins. Pick me please.

  • Nemo

    Both excellent watches, but definitely prefer the M107. Great lines and something different. It would be an awesome watch to own and wear.

  • Max Tay

    For me, I would love to have any watch with a ETA 7750 movement because I am love its chronograph function and its weight that comes with it.

  • Great looking Marvin watches! Favourite function besides telling time is of course letting me know what date it is. Basic, but easily overlooked when you get carried away by chronographs and moon phases.

  • richard wilkinson

    I love Marvin watches!!

  • richard wilkinson

    I love Marvin watches!!

    Favourite complication, world time!! need one, cant afford one!

  • Michele

    Beautiful watches. My favorite complication is the calendar. Not that it counts, but I’ve never seen my husband as happy to receive anything as he did when I gave him his 1st Marvin as our Wedding present. Would be nice to add one to the collection as we plan on passing them down at some point to both of his sons.

  • Chronographs for life!

  • Rocky

    While I love moon phase displays I find that dual time zones are the most useful.

    OK OK, I ashamed to admit it but I lust after the Girard-Perreguax with the silly slot machine game.
    There, that’s off my chest!

  • Dan

    The chrono is definitely an incredibly useful complication, although dollar-no-object I’m blown away by the Devon Works Tread 1.

  • KP

    love the 103

  • Brian

    Those Marvin chronos are fantastic!

    As far as complications go, I’d put chronograph at the top as it is quite useful. After that, I like retrograde and jumping hour complications, annual and perpetual calendars, power reserve, and the coolest (imo) complication of them all, the minute repeater.

  • Love the square Marvin Chrono.

    Chronograph is my favorite complication because I work in the motorsports industry so it is always useful to be able to roughly time laps, meetings, etc.

    I am also fascinated by the high end watches with the belts that tell the time.

  • Jeff Wilder

    Spectacular watches, and I’ve been looking for a rectangular watch. On complications, my favorite has to be the minute repeater.

  • Vincent

    one of the nicest watches to be given away I like Chronos and particularly those with three sub dials. I find dates helpfull and a full calander with a Chrono is the whole package.


    There are a bazillion watches I really like but of course the Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 1 is a artistic work with the dreamer in mind. Even the negative space in this watch is worth a look, but these watches can only be had by the “very wealthy”. I also like the new Longines line AND the Omega chrono watches. It doesn’t matter what style chrono, you can check out the Planet Ocean (if you like very large watches)or the chrono diver (which is another one of my favorites. I am (if you couldn’t tell before) an artist. I will be centering my efforts in this (watch making)medium soon and hope to have a website up for your viewing pleasure. Wish me luck and Thank You Guys!

  • Sim

    I like the tourbillon complication because it’s almost useless, ridiculously expensive, but it’s so cool.
    And I want the round one if I win!

  • Adam H

    It’s a really tough choice but I travel frequently, so GMT/world time are by far the most useful (besides date of course). Moonphase definitely seems to attract the most attention though.

  • Being a novice in the world of fine watches, I am more drawn to the style of a watch … particularly the way a fine watch balances simplicity, functionality, and proportion.

    That lovely 103 would do nicely.

  • Vince West

    I’m really digging Moonphases lately – a la Limes Pharo.

  • Jacob

    I’d say my favorite complication is one of the most common, the chronograph. I think it’s by far the most helpful for every day situations (unless you’re an avid traveler, in which case second time zone would probably be the best). Thanks for doing this giveaway Marvin and aBlogtoRead!

  • Jaeson

    I like the tank watch. Very clasic. My favorite complication is the date. Simple and useful.

  • Eric W.

    My favorite complication is a flyback chronograph.

  • David

    Both look really sharp, but I like the m103. My favorite complication is the GMT time- useless most of the time, but it just looks so cool.

  • anthony

    I’ve been a friend of Marvin on Facebook for some time. Don’t own one of their watches but I love the info and marketing approach. Classic march design with a modern flair.

  • A S

    Definitely the Power Reserve options that are available on some watches – nice to know it won’t miss a beat if you don’t wear it for a few days.

  • Win Hlaing

    Generally speaking I like Raymond Weild freelancer because of open heart face. To be the honest, I don’t feel Raymond weil is authentic. May be it is pretty new to the industry. Another thing, I am not afford to wear Raymond Weild in everyday work since I am a field engineer. I still have to handle 20k weighted machines. Bump and scratch happens to my watches all the time.

    Ok, so I want a watch with reasonalble price so that I don’t have to care scratch and normal tear and wear. I was looking for a swiss movement watch with nice workmanship on bracelet, casing and sapphire crystal. We have one in Canada. It is Wenger Canada watch. Because of this watch, Swiss Military knife Wenger’s watches can not use Wenger name in canada. They come with the named ‘Swiss Military’. They have similar logos. Swiss military knife wenger’s logos is swiss cross within the sqaure and Wenger Canada is within Octagon.

    My watch comes with steel bracelet. On the face of the watch, it said swiss steel and swiss made. I am not sure about swiss made is 100% though. It has Ronda Caliber:515 Quartz movement, powred by size 371 battery. Bracelet is two tone and nicely polsih. The bazel is sand brush finish. The face is spiral pattern design and it prevents reflection of the dial. On the back of the case, It said ‘ water resistance 100 ATM tested swiss made’ and ‘The swiss producers of the first Quartz Army watch’. Price around $250 and relatively cheap.

  • Greg Olson

    I love small seconds and moon phase functions. I think they dress up a watch nicely. I like the M103 best

  • lucas newby

    I love this watch, and have been dreaming of a auto chrono for some time. And I think it is about damn time I won something in my life

  • Steve Poorman

    For me it would be GMT and moon phase.

    I just went on the Marvin website as I was not to familiar with their collection (I am still new to the WIS world) and was very impressed. And to see that they have one of my favorite rally drivers ever (Sebastien Loeb) is really cool. I am looking forward to seeing that new collection.

  • GB

    Tritium illumination. More watches should have it.

  • Ravid

    Marvin watches are something of quality.
    I own two watches, one from 1870 and one from the 60′ both are like new.
    A watch for a life time, and beyond.

    The M103 design is beautiful, simple and clean.
    Strong and vivid color.

  • Glenn

    Wow…where to start…

    My favourite complications are:

    1)Chrono. It always comes in handy.

    2)Date. Calenders and your cellphone will do the trick as well, but just looking at your watch is easier and it gives a nice finishing touch to the watch.

    3)World Time. Maybe my favourite function of all. If you travel a lot for work or if you have friends (e.g.: the genius Marvin people) in other parts of the world and you don’t know if it’s an appropriate time to call them, this is easy and very stylish.

    4)Moon phase. Although not very useful and not many watches have this feature, it does look rather nice.

    5)The Marvin logo. There, I said it!

    I love both the M107 and M103. I don’t know how you keep coming up with new brilliant designs. Keep up the good work.


  • Mike

    For me the World Timer is the most useful complication. I travel for work a lot and travel to Europe for vacation regularly. Thx for the opportunity to win.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    Eligibility: The Giveaways (the “Giveaways”) are open only to individuals who are legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia)

  • Chronographs actually are my favorite complication! And the Marvin M103 looks like it would fit my bill exactly.

  • Keith

    I’d have to say Chronograph and GMT are my favorite complications. Not the most needed, but Chronographs are fun to play with and look cool. GMT can be useful when traveling and usually adds a very cool look to the dial.

  • Jerry

    Marvin makes some really nice looking watches. As far as complications go, if I had the money, I would definitely get a minute repeater. To stay within my budget now, I look for watches with a GMT function, power reserve, and a well-balanced dial.

  • Tommy

    Favorite complication would have to be a tourbillon, since they are the epitome of technical watchmaking skill and precision, even if they really don’t serve much of a purpose. They are fascinating to watch.

  • Tad

    Complications? I love big dates, especially when the two digits are separate discs. Reminds me of a giant solari board at a train station in a big city.

  • Dennis

    My favorite has got to be a hand cranker. Back to basics if you will.

  • josh

    My favorite feature has to be having a transparent case back on mechanical/automatic watches; I love being able to see all of the micro mechanics at work.

  • Neil

    Nice watches, I prefer the rectangular one. One of my favorite watch complication(s) is a power reserve, a little “gas gauge” for the watch.

  • Isaac

    I like very much the Marvin M103. What I like the most is the power reserve complication is admirable as a handcrafted jewel. Thank you all for this cool website.

  • Anson Chappell

    I really like having a day/date. It’s classy, although without a watch winder it’s a bit of a hassle unless you remember to wind it every day.

  • My favorite complication must be the power reserve. Not very glamorous, but pretty practical.

  • Jason

    Not sure why, but I love retrograde complications. The Longines Master Collection Retrograde is a beautiful example.

  • Adam

    What great looking watches! I’ve alwyas been a fan of both moon phases and GMT watches, not together but seperately they are great complications. Depends on the style of the watch though. Love both watches availible, but I like the classy look of the M107’s silver dial a bit more.

  • Aaron

    It’s not fancy, but I like having the day and the date. Thanks for another giveaway — this is a great one!

  • Matt

    the ability to do multiple timezones and 24hr chronographs do it for me.

  • Steve

    As someone that travels almost every week, the GMT function is the most useful complication for me. I also love moonphases, but not as useful to know about when a full moon is coming up…

  • Kenneth Cusse

    I like perpetual calendar functions, even if they only work for 100 years or so. I also like the different technologies that are employed to make a watch a divers watch or truly water resistant to insane depths able to withstand pressures the human body cannot endure. so if I drop my watch in the ocean at its deepest, my watch will survive for the million years or so until a future archaeologist can uncover it.

  • EHamilton

    I guess my favorite watch complications would have to be the automatic movement, minute repeater and of course the power reserve.

  • BradleyB

    I really like the Marvin watches and would like to add the rectangular case to my collection. For a complication I enjoy the power reserve function.

  • I like automatic movements, particularly those where the weight (and watch internals) are visible. It is fascinating to spin it around. If ever anyone asks why your watch as much as it did, you can show them that, and they’ll immediately understand just how much complexity and precision is involved.

  • Sean

    Wow…another great contest. Keep ’em coming !!

    Now as for the watch features I like, other than telling time…
    For an Automatic
    – Chronograph with a second sweep hand
    – Second Time Zone (GMT)
    – Date (and possibly day but depends on how cluttered the face is)
    – Power Reserve indicator
    For a Quartz
    – Same as above but the addition of an alarm would be welcome
    – Alternate power source like the Citizen-Eco lineup
    For a Digital (I love watches but am a geek at heart too !!)
    – All of the above but ever since buying a Suunto I can only say that I’d take one of the Elementium (Ventus)

    Lastly, as is obvious from my previous entries in Ariel’s contests, a price of $0.00 is desirable. But if I have to actually pay, the biggest cost related issue is feeling like I’m getting value for my money. Diamonds are nice but I’d rather go for substance than bling.

  • formularick

    Definitely dual time or GMT function is my favorite, although chronograph is always the best. Like the Marvin watches!

  • Ken TX

    Great watches.
    Favorite function is chronometer as I am a competitive swimmer.

  • Michael

    This is a great contest…thanks.

    I am partial to moonphase so ,my favorite would be the Valjoux 7753.

    I also like maunual winds with very simple dials, so the Unitas 6497 would be up there as a favotite as well.

    This would be a great anniversary gift for my 6th year of sobriety on July 30th…and my daughters 18th birthday…..a great day in it’s own right.

  • I prefer very simple mechanical watches with power reserve indication, and date functions only. I have no use for chronographs personally.

  • Tin Horvat

    The power reserve, maybe because i don’t have one. Chrono is nice but I use it second to never, like the looks though.

  • MikeH

    Marvin makes a great piece. Have a M013 in front of me, and this is an amazing watch.

  • Highwaysignpost

    Alarm-nuff said. I love knowing there’s a second engine on my wrist ready to remind me I’m going to forget something. I’d love a vintage Cricket in my collection. I love different alarms sound different. I need more alarms 🙂

    Second to that, is just a date function. More often that not I look at my watch because I like looking at it but when I need information, it’s usually the date I require.

    Great new contest Ariel and I liked your podcast on Seiko axing their top man.

  • Ryan

    These Marvin watches are sleek! Beyond simple date displays, my favorite complications are 2nd time zone displays and power reserve displays

  • TomSki

    For that little bit of nautical individuality I do love a good regatta countdown function (hello sailor…)

    Bet Marvin would do a good one!

  • Chip

    Love me some moon phase.

  • Jim McCoy

    Someday, Someway I will own a Marvin watch to wear proudly in Tennessee! Might as well be now! Thanks for the chance, Jim

  • Jim McCoy

    I actually like the chronograph function, the style in which Marvin offers this function is very nice on the eye!

  • John Q

    I don’t which one I’ll pick but both are gorgeous.
    I am a sucker for Valjoux Chronograph watches. I
    hope to win one of this to add it in my collection. I’ve never won something in my life..really. I just end up buying them 🙁

  • Thank you all for the great comments! Wow, what a kick-ass start to the year’s top Marvin contest! We’re out here and listening to this guys. Keep em coming 🙂


  • Amos Kwon

    Massive amounts of drool ensuing. Gorgeous chronos. Thanks!

  • In terms of favourite watch functions, I like the GMT the best. I can keep track of two timezones which is nice in my line of work.

    Now out of the two watches shown for Giveaway I prefer the M103.

    Best Regards


  • well chrono is always nice but the number one feature for me is the date at 3 o’clock… and no cyclops

  • Terry Waterfield

    Favorite complication is chronagraph, which I use ofter, connected as I am to motorsport – Also, living in the Atlantic time zone, where almost everyone you deal with is in another time zone, GMT is a good feature.
    Narvin watches was already on my wish list (M103) so maybe the first Marvin in my collection will come quicker than expected – Whatever, win or lose, at least one Marvin watch will make it to my wrist.

  • Ben Bernard

    I like chrono and perpetual date complications. Celestial phase is cool if its done well. I know tourbillons are supposed to be the summit of complications but I don’t really like them at all. Keep it simple!


  • Jay Walia

    Ofcourse the standard day & date functions plus Power Reserve Indicator(retrograde),Moonphase,Tourbillon or just an open heart dial will do. Marvin makes some pretty sexy pieces I must say,been stalkin em on Facebook = )

  • Jason

    I think Power reserve is the most useful for hand wound watches.

  • Simon

    Gotta say my favorite complication is moonphase, though there don’t seem to be nearly enough of them. For moonphase I find the Springdrive especially compelling.

    But at the moment a chronograph is looking pretty nice. Both Marvin’s are very pretty.

  • My favorite complication is the simplest one – date.

  • Favorite complication would have to be the power reserve. Does that count?

  • Aysedasi

    Really like Chronograph, Day-Date and GMT. Big fan of Marvin watches and these two in particular. Especially the M107, rectangler style is sweet

  • Andreas S. Gregoriades

    A split-second chronograph always does it for me. great job on this offer. I am a fan of vintage watches and a collector or [among others] Marvin!

  • Alex

    I’m in.


  • scott

    since today is July 1st, and June is a short month, the first thing that comes to mind is a perpetual calendar… do you know how much time i could save if i didnt have to adjust the date?

    (as far as i know, there isn’t a complication to calculate that saved time…yet)

    Also moonphase.

  • Zvonimir

    Very very nice watches. I have to say that im weak for tourbillion and minute repeater

  • Mat

    Because one Marvin is never enough. I’d love a GMT, internal or external bezel, or a really funky moonphase!

  • Matt Edwards

    Dont own a Valjoux…yet. Would love to have a Marvin w/ one in it!

  • JeffB

    Another great giveaway – thanks for the chance to win.
    My favorite complications are pretty meat-and-potatoes: a day-date window, and a power reserve indicator.

  • NoahG

    The power reserve indicator is definitely at the top of the list, but I’ve always wanted a watch with a Tide indicator as well.

  • Felix

    Excellent giveaway. Thank you.

    The best complication in a watch is a analog alarm. There is nothing worse then woken by a cell phone. Woken by your watch is something priceless.

  • Roberto L. Lopez-Molina

    awesome giveaway
    The best complication for me is GMT.

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  • Wu

    I think I really like the battery power reserve meter. That way I can keep track of which watch I need to charge/wear and which ones I can let it rest for couple days without stopping.

  • Kevin

    I like how it is automatic (replacing watch batteries takes time and money) as well as how it contains a power reserve indicator. GMT is very useful as well. I sure wouldn’t mind getting a free M103. Although M107 looks classy and all, but M103 fits me better.

  • Noah G

    Watches are my secret obsession. Don’t tell anyone, Internet!

    A date function that must be set each month. There’s something refreshing about setting the date on the first of the month.

  • CAA

    I like that M103 (especially the red 8). My favorite complications are day/date, power reserve, chronograph, and alarm. I also like the idea of a compass.

  • Dave

    Always loved the moon phase — not sure why though.

  • Ferdinand Angeles

    I rarely buy watches. I buy only those that will suit my lifestyle which I will use whatever I will do and wherever I will go -in other words a watch that I will consider part of my body. Under this criterion, my favorite watch functions are:

    1. Automatic movement – its capability to power itself by harnessing my “lifestyle”. I also consider automatic watches as “green” watches since they don’t use disposable batteries.
    2. Water resistance — for worry-free activities even under water.

  • James

    I love the look of the Valjoux 7750 automatic watch and also it will save me money on battery’s and to having to wind it up all the time 🙂

  • Schmidty

    Day/date, and sweep hand.

  • Ray

    I love the look of the M103. The Swiss automatic movement – ETA Valjoux 7750 and Scratch resistant sapphire glass are also a really nice feature!

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  • Art Inghram

    Definitely the date. Moon phases sure are cool though…

  • jay

    My favorite function is automatic movement AND (ok 2), date. That marvin is a very pretty watch!

  • Carol Hinton

    My favorite complication would be a minuet repeater with Westminster chimes in a tiny case version to fit my small 6″ wrist. Now seriously, I love any and all mechanical watch… automatic or not, waterproof to 1000M or to 30M, date or none, perpetual calender or not, key wind or not, jumper or not, digital or not, etc It doesn’t take much to make me drool over a watch…just as long as it is of the “no battery required” genre and small enough for me to wear and not too expensive so i can afford to keep it. My favorite watch is an original Cinderella watch just like the one I had in the early 50’s.(My husband tends to make me sell any watch worth over $1K …see item 23 of the June 10th Antiquorum sale)

  • The best feature that I like in a watch is chronograph, perpetual calendar and solar powered.

  • Mike Earley

    Here are the features I always look for in a watch (makes it hard to find a watch):
    – fashionable
    – digital–i don’t like analog
    – no battery–either uses motion or solar or other means to recharge
    – automatic time sync–in this day and age I shouldn’t have to set the time–easy enough to sync

    Having said all that, I am always fascinated and tempted by TokyoFlash watches 🙂

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  • Andres

    You gotta love marvin watches!!
    beautiful pieces
    always prefer chronographs for their versatility

  • Gaurav

    I would definitely want day/date on any watch I have, since I’m ever doubtful of what day it is.

    A moonphase indicator is a nice thing to have but not of much use to me beyond the looks. Much more useful would be a power reserve indicator.

    Though one little item I ALWAYS wish for on a watch is a perpetual calendar. That has always been on my wishlist, though I’ve never had a perpetual calendar watch before. 🙁

  • Matt Maunu

    perpetual calendar, in particular, retrograde.

  • skip1515

    My favorite complication is the perpetual calendar, and I’d be proud to wear a Marvin.

  • Chris

    Great looking watches – it will be difficult to decide! As for functions – power reserve.

  • I enjoy mechanical watches, I enjoy their craft and the maker’s presumed spirit of quality and innovation. That is in harmony with my own efforts toward quality and innovation in my business. The heritage , tradition and generational story each watch brings with it is another dimension, that I enjoy . I prefer particularly watches with automatic movements. I like watches to be water proof. Day/date chronographs work best for me. I’d like to acquire a decent minute repeater… day !

  • The power reserve is the biggest interest for me, I don’t own a case that can move the watch over night to maintain its power – so this watch has a pretty nice sized reserve – a huge plus for me.

  • Lloyd

    I have friends and family around the world, so my favorite feature is multiple time zones.

  • Colden

    I like watches that are water resistant.

  • Luckenson Jean

    Aside of some great chronograph features I like the power reserve function

  • Andre P

    Hmm..another Giveaway..
    i always read and participated in the giveaway..never won never never and never..
    hope this one lucky enough.. 😀

    beside to show the time, would like alarm, world time so i don’t have to wear 2 watch like Maradona did.. 😀 and if possible.. Compass.. 🙂

  • Jay

    These are nice watches. Power Reserve function comes in handy. Displaying multiple time zones is also good.

  • Dan

    Some of my favorite features are a power reserve indicator and a Perpetual Calendar function. Chronographs are great too!

  • What’s my favorite complication… that’s like handing me a wine list and telling me I don’t need to pay, I want them all.

    Ok, in all seriousness I do love world timer functions. Don’t ask me why, I just do. Power reserve indicators are practical, but I’d take a chronograph or the world timer over that.

  • I love the chronograph functions but also appreciate a dual-time zone feature.

  • Doug

    I’m a utilitarian so I’d say perpetual calendar is the complication I value most in a watch.

  • Dan

    Love the perpetual, moon-phase and tourbillion complications! But nothing too crazy – beauty in simplicity.

  • Ronald Millman

    My favorite Watch complication, function, technical feature aside from merely telling the time is the day and date window.
    Of course for many years I would keep track of the day simply mentally. This worked fine for many years.
    However, I was a late bloomer and started college at the tender age of 27. I persistently carried 11 units each semester
    and had classes five days a week, some on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and some Tuesday and Thursday at
    Los Angeles Valley College. One day, I was driving on my way to class and listening to the weather report.
    The weatherman made reference to the weather on Thursday and it made me think that it was Wednesday
    instead of it’s actually being Thursday. So I went to my Wednesday class.
    It was the second or third week of the semester, and I sat in a seat that I had sat in before.
    As I was sitting there listening to the lecture, I had the funny feeling that no one in this class was at all familiar.
    At first I brushed it off mentally, as of course it was the beginning of the semester and no one was really familiar.
    Then I realized that this lecture was the same one as yesterday.
    I sat there feeling like an idiot for the rest of the lecture.
    That minor trauma made me want a watch with the day and date feature, so I would never again
    show up at the wrong class.
    Ron Millman, CPA, Glendale, CA

  • sean

    I my chronograph function on occasion, but I feel a GMT would be more useful for my pursuits.

  • I’m a huge fan of perpetual calendar but I also love it when I have a quick way to shift time zones (since I’m on travel so much).

  • My favourite complication is one I have only ever seen on film, yet still would love: James Coburn’s watch in “Our Man Flint”.
    His watch had a beautiful “alarm” function – a t-bar slid out from the crown and gently oscillated on his wrist until he woke. True cool with killer style. High pitched chimes are for people who wear watches they buy in petrol stations.

  • Joel

    I like the look of gmt functions, especially on the Rolex Explorer II. Also the alarm on JLC’s sounds great, mechanical and not of this era.

    Great giveaway this month!

  • Frank the Tank

    The look of a nice watch is the best ‘feature’ of a watch,

  • Hello

    I like the power reserve , but my favorite is the jumping hour


  • yosef m.

    favorite by far is a power reserve; its just so convenient to know how much power is still left in the watch im not sure why it has become a norm in watch design

  • Brad

    The moonphase indication is my favorite complication. It is both elegant to view on the watch face and functional.

  • jeffrey

    These watches are awesome.

  • jeffrey

    I love watches that just charge themselves. No need for a battery.

  • Aaron Bennett

    I have just started getting into watches. What separates a good watch from a bad one in my opinion is its design. I used to look at my cell phone for time but now have the urge to buy a wristwatch because of its aesthetic qualities.

  • Mike Bierner

    It isn’t so much the complications that I enjoy but watching how they operate in such a small space. I enjoy a chronograph, no matter who makes it, because it’s a mechanical work of art. Add a skeletonized front or back, and now you’re visually invited into that action. Same with moonphases or flyback functions, its the mechanics that are beautiful to me, how each is achieved rather than what is accomplished. I like the Marvin watch on the right, the M103. The red 8 is a nice touch along with the slight yellow indicator up top. It catches your eye with the splashes of color. I’d be proud of the watch and wear it often.

  • MafiotuL

    I like the chronograph, the date and the second GMT time.

  • Dusan Isakov

    The round case looks exquisite.. 🙂

  • I Love the watches. Nice collection

  • Nice design!

  • Martin Kastenbaum

    The round face is pretty amazing looking.

    Complications? Automatic movement and perpetual moon pahse.

  • Both watches are beautifull. I think I would have to choose the rectangular one(M107). There’s a certain sexy and elegant look to it. Good luck everyone.

  • pravin

    great ! i think moonphase and GMT are the complications most watchtes faced…

  • Ryan Schneider

    Very nice watch. I really like the automatic Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement. I hope to be wearing this watch soon.

  • John M

    These watches are gorgeous! The complications I value the most are perpetual calendar and the chronograph.

  • JP Vazquez

    World time/GMT and perpetual calendar

  • Brad Goldsmith

    Yes, please!

    I love the esthetics!!!

    Please, please, please!

  • steve

    3.i think mondaine had a watch, that the second hand halted, while the minute hand jumped to the next minute. Just like their railway clocks.

  • Margaret

    Know what I like about these watches? They sound like NYC bus routes. That said, I’m always looking for a reserve de marche function. After all, sooner or later, everything runs down.

  • Nathan

    I definitely like the chronograph feature of watches best!!

  • Fares Alnsair

    Great watches, great giveaway,
    I like dual time watches with timer and day and date.

  • Chris Wu

    My favorite watch feature is power reservation such as solar power or kinetic movement.

  • Gaines Johnston

    Moon phase on a slim dress watch is classy. Day/Date is almost a necessity.

  • Matt

    The complications I value the most are dual time, perpetual calendar and the chronograph.

  • Bob F

    Stopwatch is a must have for me. I always seem to be timing something.

  • Lance Mumpower

    I like a few complications.
    1) dual time zones
    2) world timer
    3) stop watch
    4) single-handed watch
    5) Big numbers on dial of watch.

    I hope I win the Marvin 103 one… it would look Great on my wrist !!

  • BatraD

    Day / Date

    yes it tells the time and is accurate


    My favorite watch feature is the month and day on the front. Always busy, forget alot what day of the week it is.

  • Joel Abram

    I have recently fallen in love with the power reserve function. I also think that a good clean two register chronograph funtion is helpful and looks great.

  • Joshua

    24-hour watches are cool. I’m definitely a chronograph guy.

  • robert glassenberg

    I favoe Marvin watches for their style and finesse. My favorite complication is Moon Phase, although the stop watch complication has the most function for me since I love to cook and use the stop watch complication as a useful tool to time critical parts of the cooking process, expecially barbecue. MmmmmmMarvin Watches!

  • robert glassenberg

    I favor Marvin watches for their style and finesse. My favorite complication is Moon Phase, although the stop watch complication has the most function for me. I love to cook and use the stop watch complication as a useful tool to time critical parts of the cooking process, expecially barbecue. MmmmmmMarvin Watches! Great comments on the look of the watch, and my food.

  • Diego

    I love the multiple time zone feature and the power reserve future, also when done right having the date is a great feature.

  • Kris C

    Aaaah! tough question – I just love complications!

    My favourites would have to be power reserve indicators, and split-second chronographs. Power reserve is self-explanitory, but I don’t like the split-second chrono for anything particularly useful – it’s just really cool. I have one piece with this ability, and I use it all the time for such meaningless tasks as timing multiple responses to questions or concerns I bring up during conference calls. If only they knew I was making it a competition…

    This is an amazing giveaway – your readers are lucky to have you.

  • i’m such a show off. i love a watch that has a very unique design and it should be easy tell the time and these marvin watches are sure attention grabbers!
    i also love a watch that you don’t need to replace the batteries — it doesn’t have batteries to replace.

  • Austin Buerosse

    Beautiful watches. I’m gonna have a hard time picking if I win.

  • Ivan

    Perpetual calender, that´s a complication i wish to have (actually afford) on a mechanical watch

  • Rogelio Rivera

    Really nice watches. I’d love to have one. Anyway, I love the chronograph function and of course the day reader. Multiple dials are a turn on because it makes the piece look functional and sporty.

  • Andrew C

    I like the Lemania-style ETA movement with central minute chrono hand. Wish that more manufacturers would use the original Lemania movement though.

    Not part of the movement – but I also really like countdown bezels like the one on the Victorinox Alpnach… waay more useful on a chronograph than standard diver style bezel.

    Hope I win a watch!

  • izybit

    Remote control for TV 😉

  • Lovely tank!

  • Matthew Coughlin

    I love having the date displayed on the watch. And moon phase is nice for two times a year I care.

  • Chris

    My favorite complication is no complication. Further, I am OK with giving you my email address for marketing purposes if I so choose, but giving you access to my life, including my friends and their information is not. going. to. happen.

    Social networking is about trust, and any company that asks for your most private of information does not deserve that trust.

  • Can’t wait to strap one of those babies on my wrist!

  • Sorry – Forgot to mention my favorites. I like Chronographs and fly-backs!

  • Alberto

    Our favorite complication is the master chronograph. Day, date and month with start, stop and power reserve. On those the Swiss made Valjoux movement has to be at the top of our list. At this time we do not own one, but would love to have a fully automatic with these complications.


  • Neil

    Although I think a flyback chronograph is awesome, the complication I use most regularly is just a regular chronograph, especially when I’m cooking.

  • my favorite is the BIG Date complication. I love the huge numbers and how certain brands fit them into the dial.

  • Marcus

    Actually I am a fan of the jump-hours complication. It always seemed to be a special item that could give even the simplest watch a bit more class. And I like the one one left better for styling.

  • ali z

    Love the Chronograph on the M103. Watch looking really sharp!

  • David

    There is nothing more alluring than a simple circular black faced watch accentuated by the complicity of three smaller functions. The M103 is the ONE!

  • Van Le

    Perpetual calender hands down. I just wish I could afford one.

    However, power reserve function not only looks good, it saves me the hassle of guessing.

  • Adam

    My favorite complications would be the jump-hour, large date and power reserve.

  • Kim

    my fovorite is the basic analog stopwatch function. Yes, analog.

  • Andy

    Perpetual calendar and date functions. A natural extension of “merely telling the time”!

  • Nice watch! What I really like is when the watch is Atomic and set automatically, never need to change date or time.

  • Noah Daniels

    My favorite complication is moonphase. But I also like the 60 second timer function on hour hand watches.

    Both watches look really nice, hope I win, I need a good watch and would take care of whichever one I choose 🙂

  • Bruce

    Reserve de marche. Dual time can get interesting when done creatively. Sometimes it hardly qualifies as a complication.

  • Best feature for me(actually for my husband) would be that it is water resistant. He is forever sticking his arm in the pool water and saying goodbye to his latest watch!

    kherbrand at comcast dot net

  • Neil L

    I’m a big fan of power reserves – I’m in love with automatics, and it if has a power reserve indication… even better.

  • I like a stop watch. I run around the central park reservoir a lot and seconds really matter when timing myself. Love the power reserve as well. Especially on Chopards.

  • Steve Jaccobs

    I too like power reserve indicators and GMT complications. Of the two, I really like the 103 model.

  • Mark Ridenour

    I’ve always loved the way a moonphase looks on a silvertone or white dial.I also like the fact that these Marvin watches have the day and date Valjoux 7750 instead of just the date.

  • My favorite complication is no doubt the perpetual calendar. It’s mind boggling that it’s even possible to do something like that in a mechanical watch and also it’s very practical.

  • Sander Dekker

    The rectangular case is a beauty, nice strap as well.

    Personally I find the most useful complication a Power Reserve – although mostly when not wearing a watch full-time. Handy when putting it on the bedside table (how much power left in the morning?) and also when placing it in a watchwinder, to check if you’re not overwinding it.

  • Rok T:

    My favourite complication is single-handed watch.

  • Anatoly

    Gotta love the chronograph. The round Marvin is a beauty. (not a big fan of square watches)
    My favourite watch today is IWC Big Pilot with the 7 day power reserve! Nice clean dial, nothing extra, only what is needed.
    Chronograph, power reserve, dual time and moon phase are my favourite complications.

  • Rick Westrate

    I LOVE the M103! It’s a very stylish looking watch. The colors add some additional unique interest. The visible tourbillion is great! The chrono is very easy to read even at arms length. I hope to win and good luck to everyone else!

  • Jo

    GMT function…GMT function…great invention….
    don’t own a rectangular case watch..yet…so wish me luck!

  • ismael Martinez

    Hello to all: I dont like feastures I never use. Therefore, I have always like the GMT feature. I travel 7 to 10 weeks a year, hving that feature is always helpful set to home time.

    I also like glass casebacks, its always interesting. Cheers, Ismael

  • Bernardo

    I really like dead minutes they have in one of FP Journe watches! I also like equation of time hands!

  • Mitch

    I am really excited about Marvin Watches and think that the M103 is especially nice. My favorite complication would be a moon phase, I like how it looks on a dial.

  • Mitch M

    Beautiful watches. Because I travel weekly, my favorite complication is GMT.

  • Cristian Tanase

    I like the following complications:
    1. Chronograph
    2. Date Display
    3. Day of the week
    4. Moon Phases

  • Stuart Barker

    These watches look fantastic, but given the choice i would take the Chrono. My favourite function is probably a 24 hour hand and GMT function, both handy when travelling overseas.

  • I really like automatic watches with power reserve function since i tend to rotate watches on a daily basis and can’t wear em everyday, so leaving them off in the box could give me estimate if it’ll still tick by the time I wear it again. A watch with a chronograph function with power reserve will be damn neat.

    I like the design of the M103, not too loud, and not to plain and boring, just right for the owner to look at it once in a while and forgetting to read the time due to its interesting looks. Love that caseback too showing that pretty and dependable Swiss made Valjoux.

  • Patrick Holden

    Wow. I really love the look of the 103. If i don’t happen to win it, it certainly will be on my short list. ::fingers crossed::

  • Jegatheez

    I like chronograph watch, especially for their date/time and the design of circles…

  • Anne Selinsky

    What a spectacular engagement gift this would be for my guy !!! The watches are simply magnificent !

  • Anne Selinsky

    OMG , forgot to tell you that the Perpetual calender is the best function , maybe just maybe he will make it to the church on time !!!!

  • Kassim G. Nayani

    I have always been fascinated with watches; the more complicated the better. I have grown up seeing Swiss watches and own a few. The Swiss watches are designed aethetically. I like the chronograph and moonphase features and the traditional day / date funstions. M103 model is my choice – with well proportioned and uncluttered dial.

  • Hi,

    I’ve added you as a friend on Facebook! I love the strap and their designs, which really emphasises the beauty of the face and build of the watch 🙂

  • I love the alarm function or power reserve.
    I think the most useful is definitely the date.
    And I have a soft spot for flyback chronographs, but that’s because of Types 20 and their place in french miltaria/watch history – and how badass they look of course 🙂

  • Kudus

    My favourite would be a perpetual calendar. There’s something about how so much engineering needs to go into something as simple as taking into account different months having different days.

  • Martin Stapleton

    Wow, another chance to win a great watch. This one MUST have my name on it. Marvin – Martin, we are only one letter different. It’s an omen (hopefully not Damien!).

  • Christopher Adams

    The basic movement to record time is a monumental achievement in itself. Beyond that…I love waterproof cases, bright luminova..power reserve…GMT…divers extensions…helium release valves…sun/moon phases look amazing on a sleek leather time piece. Still trying to understand the practicality of the Tourbillon but that also is a masterful work of art.
    Thanks again for the opportunity to participate.

  • Larry Holmack

    Both are beatiful timepieces!!! Extremely nice of you to offer them in a giveaway!!! My favorite complications on a watch are :

    Moon Phase
    Master Calanders
    GMT and/or Dual Time

    Thanks again for the opportunity!!!

  • paulius stankevicius

    i find a day/date function quite handy. especially when ‘sunday’ is marked differently to the rest of the days. Chronograph is pretty useful too. by the way the M103 looks pretty neat

  • erich paraso

    M103 is such a nicely styled valjoux 7750. It’s really made its own integrating the Day Date, Tach scale and red 8. Easy to read chrono dials make it easy for me to time. Keep up the great work Marvin. I’m looking forward to the Malton

  • Don

    My favorite complications are gmt hands , and or day and date complications. I like chronos for the look, but rarely ever use them , where as the gmt hand comes in handy, as well as the day and date complications. I like complications that are functional to me, not just there for the sake of being there.

  • Richard Collazo

    I am actually a newbie to the whole watch thing. I usually just go for form and function. I look for great lume and simple functions, waterproofness and reliability is key. I tend to wear my watch all day, including gym, and sleeping. I guess that is why I have always liked Citizen and Seiko. I have always wanted a moonphase kinetic, power reserve or eco-drive. Love, love, love the Seiko SNR017 you reviewed, but will probably never afford it.

    I am in the US Air Force so I have limited funds. Most of my watches are imitations that I bought in Turkey. I just ordered the Magrette Diver that was recently reviewed, (can’t wait to get home from Iraq in September to wear it). Anyway, I am learning about complications and movements and plan on maybe getting into the watch industry when I retire. So right now, I don’t have a favorite movement. Love the M107 BTW.

    P.S. Your blog rocks. I have reached the end of the internet and Google, searching for reviews of many products. Came across this website last week and have already recommended it to four friends. Keep up the great work! And thanks for your time…LOL I made a pun.


  • I’m really liking this brand. Thanks for all of the giveaways!

  • Sorry, as for my favorite complications, I love GMT because I travel a lot, and a power reserve would be nice. Also, basic chronographs are cool.

  • Radek

    However I don’t much care for day/date on the watch face, I really like moon phase complication (which is somehow connected with date). It usually adds to the overall neatness of the watch.

  • Thomas Benson

    I really like pocket watches. With so many clocks in our world I like the casual attitude of checking the time on a pocket watch.

  • Josh Katz

    I really like luminescence on the markers, dial, hands, etc.

  • Richard

    Both Watches are great I personally like the M107 for its classic style. I like the 46 hour power reserve. I also like the idea of a second hand for those times when you just want to keep track of a few seconds and not have to start and stop a stopwatch.

  • Nat

    Chronograph functionality FTW! With GMT / Dual Time functionality a distant second.

  • Andres

    Hey there, so far I´ve only owned a day date complication (auto) and chronograph (quartz), so I would love to own one of these with the tried and true 7750!

    In the future I would also like to have timepieces with gmt, power reserve and perhaps a regulateur.


  • Robert Vieito

    Chronograph functionality if a must for what I do.

    There Marvin watches are very cool.


  • Matt

    Those are two beautiful watches.

    My favorite complication would have to be a perpetual calendar. After that, it would be a tie between chronographs and moon phase. Chronographs are great for sports watches (they look great and serve an important function), but the moon phase would be my pick on a more formal watch (although admittedly less useful than many other complications for me).

  • Ed

    I got hooked on automatic watches when i finally got around to getting my dad’s 1950’s Lord Elgin fixed. Since then I have added to my collecttion with an alarm watch and an automatic divers watch. My favorite complication is the alarm without a doubt. But my current aspiration is to find a really great chrono. The Marvin M103 is simply stunning and I would consider it the crown jewel of my collection

  • Mattsh

    I love the sporty chrono.

    My favorite complications have to be orbital gears in tourbillions.

  • Tom Federico

    hmmm….the contest is over August 1st, my birthday is August 2nd. See where Im going with this? wink wink?

    Favorite complication would have to be the date on the outer ring of the dial. Not sure what to call it, but I have a 7751 with that date complication. Very sweet.

  • Logan

    Power Reserve is my favorite functional complication on a solid automatic watch.

  • Marco89

    oohh!! I love the Marvin M107!!

  • Tanner Manning

    I’m happy with a date window and a chronograph. I would love a perpetual calendar though. I love the M103… beautiful.

  • Carl

    These are some fantastic watches.
    I have always been a fan of the Moon phase and world time complications.
    I’d be proud to display one on my wrist.

  • Rob Nager

    I’ve always been a fan of power reserve and chronograph complications. They provide essential information at the blink of an eye yet can be an integral part of the overall design of the watch.

  • KCD

    Seriously, if you read this blog with any regularity, how can you really have a favorite?
    Just look at the contrast of the two Marvin watches being offered, each makes their own statement. I don’t think it’s the complication as much is how it is presented. That to me is the real draw to so many of today’s watches. Though I prefer automatics, it rarely matters. Quality movements presented beautifully at reasonable price points keep us all coming back for more.

  • Syna

    I’m into classic/vintage watch and always admire the moonphase and tourbillon features, but my favorite watch complications are power reserve, sapphire crystal, chronograph and date.

  • Todd B Norris

    I have actually just started getting into the watch world. my collection only contains a 1903c Waltham 24 hour Manual Wind 7 Jewel Open Face in a Gold Filled 16s case, and a 1919c Illinois 12 hour Manual Wind 23 Jewel Railroad quality in a Nickle 16s case.

    BUT i would say that i like a nice perpetual calendar function. also an ability of watch the movement do it’s work without having to remove back panels, the wife yells at me for doing this why my pocket watches, would be a great bonus.
    -todd b norris

  • I get so many complements on my Seiko Orange Monster and I am guessing it’s because the bright orange face. It really does stand out against the all stainless steel. I love the readability and contrast of that watch color combination. Along the lines of visibility, I have a Luminox watch with green micro gas lights, (borosilicate glass capsules) and they provide great visibility as well.

  • Chris

    I like how it shows the day of the week and the date.

  • Ruksana Mohammed

    Awesome watches!

    I like the date, chronograph, an alarm,clarity and accurate reading of the time under all conditions and Eco-Drive .

  • Ruksana Mohammed

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    @barifromsd on Twitter

    Ruksana Mohammed on Facebook

    Thank you very much.

  • Armand

    My favorite complications are diver bezels or chronographs, having another way to track elapsed time built into your watch is incredibly useful!

  • Nord

    Wow, the Marvin M107 really caught my eye. Anyway, my favorite complication is the jump-hours complication. It’s just seems really useful to me.

  • Mike Bookhardt

    My favorite watch, which seems to change a lot as I read your various reviews(!), is the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon, Spacemaster X-Lume. The complication most intriguing to me, with this watch, is more of a design feature than complication or technical feature, and that is the use of multiple colors of tritium gas tubes, as well as lume in the rotating bezel.

  • Zadillo

    I’d have to say my favorite watch complication/feature is moonphases. I just love the look of them on a wach face. I’ve got to say I also love the look of the M103.

  • Scott

    There certainly are a lot of features of classically styled chronograph watches, such as a Marvin, that make any watch aficionado lustful. And while many of these things such as world timers and moon phase subdials certainly contribute style and functionality, I think my favorite feature, though a lesser appreciated component, is a quality movement.

    A cheap watch can be dressed up to look like a classic sport chronograph, but a high quality movement (such as the automatic Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 in the Marvin) is something that can never be faked. Lesser watches might pass at a quick glance for something of style, but with a closer observation their inferiority becomes immediately clear.

    The value, accuracy, and quality a premium movement brings to a watch is priceless. This is why a high quality movement is my favorite technical feature of a watch.

    I know that this piece part technically tells the time, but I hope my favorite feature is differentiated from “merely telling time.” Many thanks for bringing us such a great contest!

  • Ismail Jadun

    I don’t really tell people this but the Casio Databank were really useful in the field. But you can’t really wear that in normal situations!

  • Matt LaBare

    I do a lot of sport diving so a chronograph with diver bezel is great, though moon phases would be my favorite complication on a watch. Love the M103 with the yellow tachymeter and hour highlights.

  • Moe Darwazeh

    Ive always had a thing for watches , those 2 looks really beautiful! It doesn’t hurt to post a comment ,maybe i have a random shot at winning? 🙂

  • Joni Wu

    I like the heart rate monitor watches for working out.

  • Mikeymikemike

    There are so many watches that offer so many complications but all of them come at a price. Anyone can appreciate the effort technical skill that goes into a tourbillon or minute repeater.

    However, I think a solid chronograph is a function that can be appreciated by all people. It instantly brings a watch to life and in comparison to other functions, chronograph is relatively affordable! I guess the market agrees, as we have a plethora of chronograph watches available to us.

    So what separates one chronograph watch from another? It all comes down to how a watch presents that chronograph movement. The size of the hands, the colour or even the use of discs all make a difference in design. Does the dial come to life when the button is pushed? If a watch greets me with a reminder of how much effort goes into the design to bring time to life; then that is a function that I can truly appreciate!

    Let’s not forget good LUME! Remember… half of 24 hours is in the dark. Without lume, a watch is only half useful and half beautiful. A watch with good lume application or glowing tubes reveals another side of beauty in the dark. This further brings a watch to life for me!

    It’s all about the balance of aesthetics with functionality… The true technical part of watch making that defines perfection and brings time to life!

  • James M.

    Wow! The M103 looks great. My favorite watch would have some of the following features
    1) sapphire crystal case to keep it scratch-free
    2) GMT/second time zone
    3) date /calendar (I love the Longines Retrograde!)
    4) luminous hands and markers
    5) clean, crisp and clear look

  • Tim Elmore

    My lust for watches just went up a notch. I can’t decide which I like better. But in the long run, I just need a chronograph in my collection.

    I’ve enjoyed my Invicta’s up till now. As far as complications, I range from simple to complex. Give me a lot or keep it simple.

  • Kevin


  • George

    – sapphire crystal
    – automatic mechanical movement
    – hacking
    – winding from crown
    – day/date

    Those are the minimums. After that the design comes into play on my purchasing decision.

  • For my fave complication that I may never be able to afford, tourbillons for sure tops it…for the more realistic ones, I’m a big fan of the valjoux 7750 ever since I loved chronographs. Function wise, a GMT or world timer is always good, and since I like automatics, a power reserve is always good to have. Too bad I could not afford these Marvin watches here…I would not even wait for me to win one if I had the means. I like the M103 just a little better, but either one is really great looking and I know they will last forever. Here’s to hoping I get to be lucky at least once in my life for something I would really appreciate having.

  • Hongky Go

    Both are beautiful watches.
    I always want to have a mechanical watches, unfortunately I can’t afford one.
    Maybe this is my chance to have one.

  • Ted

    I just purchased a Casio G-Shock to wear while at work or working on something. It has a feature that detects when it thinks you are trying to see what time it is in low light conditions and it will automatically illuminate the face of the watch for a couple seconds. I really think that is a terrific feature of a watch. I didn’t know it could do that when I bought it, but it really is a wonderful feature to have since I am working in low light conditions quite often.

  • Chrono with easly to read day/date and either lights up at night or luminated hands. These watches are very easy to read

  • Damien COLLIGNON

    The most complicated complication is simplicity. True luxury is in amazing fine mechanics and discretion. This being said great achievements such as perpetual calendar and power reserve indicator are very attractive features. the M103 is great! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • My favorite complications are day, date, power reserve, then alarm. The Marvin watches are exceptionally nice and a good value. I follow aBlogtoRead daily or whenever Ariel sends out something. Of course I hope to win the contest.

  • Phil Weaver

    I’m crazy about chronographs, rave about repeaters, marvel over moonphases, jump for GMTs…oh…face it…I’m a watch nut and love all complications.

    This is an awesome giveaway. It gives us collectors on a tight budget, who can’t afford to drop two grand on a watch, the opportunity to own a true luxury watch.

    How badly do I want to win this watch? I did something I swore I would never do…sign up for Facebook just so I could complete all the requirements. That’s how badly I want to win this watch.

  • Matt Morales

    I love a well designed chronograph (like the one above) that does not “clutter” the watch face. Chronos like the one above are great because you can dress them up or down. A gmt function would be a close second.

  • Dima Popoff

    The function that I value most in watch is power reserve indicator. I like the bright second hand. Dial which is associated with high-speed car, its dashboard, single digit on the dial which differs in form, size, color from the rest.
    Like when the numbers begin to increase, for example from 6 to 10 – this is the most active time, when most of us ends the working day, and I want it as a special highlight during this time.
    Like a window into back of the watch, in which the mechanism can be seen, the heart of the watch. I would like that the dial has a small window too, with some fast moving part of the mechanism, that moved faster than the second hand, it immediately gives a charge to act, the illusion that the clock is ticking faster than it actually is, and so many things still need to get done.
    I can not afford an expensive watch, but want that those that I can afford to have been made qualitatively, with attention to detail.
    Do not like, screw that holds the rotor, looks very cheap, there are other, more successful solutions to fixing. Rotor should be engraved, and has some special form, its not just a piece of metal, it is part of the mechanism and when you turn the clock and lock through it occupies most of the space in the window. When it made simple, you don’t want to see it, you begin to seek out the moving parts underneath it.
    Sorry for my English, thank you for your time.

  • brian

    I have always had a soft spot for day date watches.
    ONe of my favorites is an old inexpensive Benrus day date with the days of the month around the outer edge. 🙂

  • Eric Chang

    Marvin makes some great looking watches. Glad I have a chance to win one.

    Personally, I love chronographs. I enjoy the usefulness of the complication and with some watchmakers the history behind it. Plus I spend some time at the track and it’s always fun to use something as complicated as a watch against today’s digital technology.

  • Harry

    both of those Marvin watches look really sharp. I think if I had a choice, I’d go with the rectangular one – don’t often see a case style like that with a chronograph.

    Although it’s completely frivolous, I’ve got to say that I like tourbillons, too.

  • Ron L.

    I like watches that have a simple hacking function — not all do. Chronographs are cool, too, and I’ve had one for many years (though it’s now in need of a cleaning/adjustment–it’s an inherited watch many years old). The stopwatch function has come in handy many, many times raising my kids over the years: “You have five minutes to clean up your room!” I like watches that have day and date functions, though I usually know what those are without the aid of a watch; I rarely know what time it is, so I value a watch that has the ETA and Valjoux movements. I’m partial to flieger-style functionality, with very bright luminescense, though I’ve been looking at some Bauhaus-style watches lately, too — their simplicity is often compelling.


    I enjoy reading the posts and opinions. My watch helps me at work with the stopwatch and alarm. I got my appreciation of watches from my father. Extra info but it is a fond memory.

  • Gary Driskill

    These are 2 great looking watches.

    A perpetual calendar is my favorite complication.

  • Juan Enrique

    quiera saber el recio de l reloj marvin cronografo automatico espefera negra

  • Steven Hong

    Wow…. 2 great looking watches to choose from..!!

    My favoratie complications are the chronograph timing function, perpetual calender, power reserve and…. moon phase..!! Better yet if they can all be crammed into the same watch..!!

  • Ryan O

    I tend to favor the rounded case. I’m more of a traditional type.

    For me, the perpetual calendar is essential as I frequently forget the date, while I must know it for my job (sad state of my mind, I suppose). Aside from that, I find the chronograph complication tirelessly for self-timing (personal metrics and such) as well as time-out timing (ah, the joys of parenting a child in the terrible 2’s/3’s stage).

  • Jason Pichler

    I like simple watches, so I’m not really a big complication guy. I know you bash 3 handers on the podcast but nice, simple dive watches are what I go for most often. Right now really digging my Debaufre Ocean 1, but my fav is my Sinn U1. Just solid watches with ETA 2824’s, can’t really beat it for the money. I’d go for the 103 (round face) if I had the opportunity, thanks.

  • I really like the 24 hour hand and a fixed bezel ala the Rolex Explorer II.

  • hqubaisi

    I can welcome any complication, all of them are my favourites. the more complex, the more interesting. even some features, such as Chronograph, became the basic requirements for most people. as for myselft, I like the “grandes complication” to be featured in my watches.

  • Lance E

    My preference is for simplicity – a simple, legible date window.
    However, for esoteric differentiation I like a retro-styled flyback chronograph. And if dreams were rewarded, I’d be sporting a tourbillion.

  • My favorite complication:
    When you rent a car and they are out of the economy class and must upgrade you to a convertible for free.

    My favorite WATCH complication:
    Zodiac Signs

  • Ramon Rodríguez-Borja

    I live complications; specially “equation du temps”. It is the most beautiful complication since puts a mathematical equation, an abstract formula into a concrete mechanism. As for a watch, my favourite is the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso à Triptyque you cannot get more complications than that 🙂

  • The moonphase complication is by far the coolest of all!

  • Moyser

    Good stuff Ariel,

    Love the Marvin watches, would probably go for the rectangular if pushed! I have a fantastic Casio Pro-trek titanium which shows both the temperature and altitude. Even though I’ve re-set it countless times, I still seem to spend most of my life under water and in an oven according to my Casio.
    Keep taking the medicine……

  • Great giveaway.

    I love marvin watches. I would have to have the rectangled one. My favorite features are date and different time zones. My favorite watches are many but I love maitres du temps.

  • HCforall

    Great Watches. I hear that Marvin may start selling online, which will be a help for those of us who don’t have a local AD.

    My favorite complication is GMT time, which is always helpful when trying to figure out what time to ring home to speak to the children….

  • nomaded

    Now that I have a job that involves travel, I love having a watch with GMT/extra timezones. Even without the travel, having the extra timezone functions very helpful when working with people in different parts of the world.

  • The M103 is amazing! My favourite feature is the date, that is pretty basic, but really useful. And a particular detail I like is the back of the watch, just the good ones elaborate it, and it is restricted the owners… just for lovers…

  • Love the shape of the buttons on the 107. I love complication watches with moonphase they just seem to have that bit extra in looks.

  • As silly as this sounds, my favorite complication is the day/date combination – not fancy, not mind-blowing, but infinitely useful ;-). In the relatively useless category, I always like moon phase.

  • Kathleen Climo

    My favorite watch compilations are also the day/date options and also stopwatch function. Helps keep my lunch to one-hour exactly!

  • taylor guillory

    I’m mostly a chronograph guy myself, and I especially love the Lemania 5100; the way the hands work, the unadorned movement, and the durability. Next to that I like 12-hour bezels. Not a complication per se, but a useful and enjoyable feature to have on any watch.

  • Richard

    I have always been a fan of the face side power reserve and the moon phase. I think the moon phase on a dress watch is one of the classier complications combinations.

  • Mat

    It’d be fantastic to finally find out the secret of the “red 8”

  • Chip Holk

    These watches are fantastic and have a great
    deal of class. If quality is what one wants this
    would certainly fill the bill.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win such a
    incredibly sharp looking watch!!!

  • Quinten Mark

    I like watch with the perpetual calandar function on an automatic watch.

  • Tony Ball

    My favorit has to be the Omega Speedsonic, a chronograph in a tuning fork movement! Wow if I had one of those I would never look up! The M107 is a very nice I definatey would wear that one.

  • Nenad Volaric

    Thanks for your blog, watch reviews are great. A great read for any watch lover. As I am a big fan of diving watches feature that I really like on a watch is Depth meter. Also like cronometers. Thanks again for great read.

  • CC

    For me the date, moon phase and alarm.
    Thanks for offering such great watches!

  • Dimitris

    Really nice watches…

    I prefer the Marvin M103. I have been looking for a while now for classic but yet modern looking automatic chronograph and the M103 is really close to what I had in mind and as you say in the video …. it is really hard to find such combination nowadays.

    I wish I win the m103!!!

  • Kevin Reed

    From a practical standpoint, I like the day of week feature. Both are great looking watches!

  • Tom Flores

    Favorite Complication: Day / Date
    and Power Reserve. Several 7750’s would not complaint about perpetual calendar or tourbillon

  • Thomas

    Grreat Marvin watches. As complications concern i like the power reserve and i realy like rectangular chrono’s! keep up the good work with your website, Greets,

  • Pasha

    My favorite complication is chronograph, it’s very useful and nice looking at any watch…..

    p.s Thank you for the great reviews.

  • Joe Kras

    I am rough on watches. I need a watch with good water resistance, and prefer one with a sapphire crystal. I also find it handy to have some way of measuring elapsed time (either rotating bezel or chronograph). Having both a day/date function is also handy, as I have to sign and date a lot of forms daily.

    I love the look of traditional chronographs, as well as when watches have sapphire crystals on the back (to see the works).

    I’ve just discovered this site, while researching buying a new watch. Looks great!


  • Jaffer Rizvi

    I have a list of complications in a watch I want:

    1) Chronograph
    2) Tachymeter
    3) Date Function
    4) Seconds Sub dial
    5) Black Leather Strap
    6) Wide Dial
    7) Colorful
    8) Sporty/Stylish

    Most watches today have most of these functions.
    I love the watch with the round shape (M103).

  • Danae

    The features I prefer on a watch are a chronograph and a perpetual calendar.

    I love the M103!!!!!! I sooooo want one!

  • Nina


  • Tyr

    The most important things i want on watch

    is a) Chronograph ( just because I like the style… I am not actually timing anything)
    b) perpetual calendar

    things i like to have (but are too expensive ;-( ) :
    indicator of stored energy

    as of style I like the really wide dials (I have huge hand) and a back glass display to see the mechanism

    Out of the two watches I prefer the classier M103 one.

  • raymond oesterreich

    Both watches are attractive and unique in style. I would certainly sport one. My favorite watch is my Hamilton Seaview. It is a 300 meter diver which I have on the stainless steel bracelet so it is classy enough to wear with a suite. It has an ETA automatic movement, the 2824.

  • valik

    the m103 has a very cool look.
    1. day, date calendar
    2. chronograph
    3. waterproof

    good luck everybody!

  • Easy to read,day or night. Great co.

  • Dachi Rasmussen

    Easily the GMT function – it’s so useful. Also, it has to be the true GMT not the ‘adjusted’ pretender…=)

  • brett

    chronograph, for sure. useful in many situations.

  • Craig

    Day/Date #1 but, GMT would be nice.

    Love the M103!

  • Jake

    The Marvin is by far the nicer watch to me. Beautiful!

  • Steve

    I like it simple. Date and power reserve, maybe a GMT.

  • SM

    I am a huge fan of chronographs, but I absolutely love the flyback complication. I am also a fan for the GMT complications. I haven’t yet gotten hooked onto to moon phases or minute repeaters. I don’t really the appeal of jumping hours. Power reserves – could go either way.

  • Steve

    Chronograph is very useful when traveling. It’s worth the extra money in quality watch.

  • Agung H. S.

    I like the design of the M103 Marvin watches elegant. How good if I can wear these watches without buying it.

  • Shad

    I enjoy a chronograph function for countless reasons. It has been useful for barbecueing, boiling seafood, and timing my kids doing anything! I also enjoy the power reserve function as well as torch-like lume! Those are 2 great watches but I am hoping to have to M103 on my wrist someday!

  • henry friend

    waterproof for sure!

  • Chronograph is always great but lunar phase complications just ooze sophistication. I doubt I’ll ever own a watch of such class, but hey I can wish.

  • Frank K.

    Hey Ariel, This another fine giveaway, Thank You and Marvin for being so Generous! You sound just as stoked as the rest of Us Big Kid’s in the candy shop! I Love Automatic’s, Manual’s, Chronograph’s. I like dual time, illumination, skeleton, rotating bezel’s. I just Love watch’s in general, I like to open up the back of My antique pocket watch ( H. Moser & CIE )and just watch the movement. Good Luck on selecting a Winner for this Give Away! Thank’s Again, Frank K.

  • Tatiana Beloborodova

    Looking at the watch everyone thinks: how life goes fast, but looking at the Marvin M103 everyone thinks: let it rans…

  • pat i

    Definitely the stop watch function. My 7 year old
    is a swimmer and I would use it to time his races, since the volunteers don’t have the requisite motor skills to properly use a stop watch.


    I guess my favourite complication is the perpetual calendar.

  • Chris S.

    Nice watches — I’m a fan of the rotating day/night indicator, especially if there is a moon on it.

  • Iain H.

    Wow, those are some nice watches. I’m a fan of perpetual calendars, rotating bezels, and chronograph.

  • Basilis

    Let’s see.

    I really like chronograph, day/date and waterproof (crucial for me)

    Nice features that I like are GMT, Power indicator, glass back cover

    Of course I like watches in general and I get excited with the new designs and fancy features but I wont pay for it!!

    Out of the two watches I prefer the M103 … really my style… IF i don’t win it I might as well convence myself to buy it… but I have to see it before buy it .. which is quite tough! Anyhow, it will be great to win it!

  • David L.

    Great looking watches! My favorite of the two would have to be the M103 with its’ wonderful dial face. The complication I like best in a watch is an “automatic movement”.

  • Matt Carrier

    Completely useless, but equally stunning, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyro Tourbillon.

  • Eitan Gal

    Beautiful watches. Those are 2 great watches but I am hoping to have to M103 on my wrist someday

  • My favorite complications are:
    1 – Chronometer
    2 – Day and date
    3 – Automatic winding mechanism
    4 – Saphire crystal bottom to see the mechanism!

    Both watches are beautiful – it would be hard to decide which between the two as they are both awesome!!!

  • Jon

    My favorite watch functions/complications are moonp hases and tritium tubes. One could argue that tritium tubes aren’t a complication, but they vastly improve the functionality of the watch. Otherwise, I am a sucker for the classic moon phase look.

  • Will

    My favourite function is the stroke rate meter available on some of the Cadence watches. Loving the look of the M103! Thanks, Will.

    Power Reserve

  • James

    My favorite feature is waterproof!

  • Theodore Wise Tepeng

    Hi. My favorite watch complication is the jumping hour, sort of the digital watch of its day when it was invented. Plus I find the single hand display really cool.

    Another is the temporal display of Thomas Preschner in his Tempusvivendi collection, specifically the “Dragon” design, though it is highly unlikely that I will ever own one of these..

  • hadi-malaysia

    Hello mr. Ariel..have a good day.i am using Jacques Lemans F5009G Formula 1 currently, but i am quite interest with Marvin M103..completed with chronograph, GMT function, an alarm and everything people need,it makes a perfect watches in the world.Whatever others brand comes, i only want to chose Marvin 103!!!!


  • Awesome watch. Love the wristband.

  • Yevgeniy N

    I love how the face of the watch has ZEN-like features to it. Just by looking at it you can feel the flow of positive energy. Really samrt design.

  • Don

    My favorite complication is an automatic movement.
    I’d love the one on the right.

  • Well, I must first say that this is kind of sad seeing so many people leave a comment when there is something to win, yet virtually nobody, when there isn’t. I come to ablogtoread and interact regularly and never see more than a few comments here or there, but alas, anything “free” brings the leeches out of the woodwork. Whatever works I suppose, but I actually feel sorry for Ariel in this regard. It just seems wrong. I also notice that some people don’t read the post very well. A strap is not a complication, the watch face is not Zen, nor a complication. I can’t help but think many of these posters use poor taste.

    That being said, as far as complications go, I like a watch with a date, with a rotating bezel as I love divers, though I rarely actually use them, they are aesthetically pleasing. Also I enjoy a Power Reserve complication quite a bit. I seek pieces with that function out.

  • Leo

    Having come upon this blog while doing research on Xetum timepieces, I must say I truly appreciate the independent reviews and insight into the watches on this site. Always been a fan of watches and as a beginner in collecting watches, based on my research, the best bang for the buck in terms of entry level luxury movements is the ETA 2895-2 movement. I usually like features such as the day/date and chrono but depending on the design and aesthetics of the dial, I just need a simple and clean watch to tell the time.

  • – The Rake – Calling fellow commenters “a leeches” is a poor taste. And bragging about being a regular wont give you extra credits. If you must show everyone how much better you are then the rest of the “freeloaders”, than stand by your won principals and don’t enter the sweepstakes. Otherwise, you are the same cheap schmuck like the rest of us, just unpleasant to talk to, on top of it. Maybe commenters like you are the problem, and if you had any manners, more people would join the discussion on regular bases. Anyways, good luck with your entry.

  • Musa

    My favorite watch is the IWC Portugese Tourbillon Mystere. I absolutely love the understated elegance and history behind IWC’s. I appreciate all quality watches exhibit elegance and have an interesting story behind them. I am particularly fond of watches with a visible tourbillon on the face of the watch.

  • Ky

    I don’t know if it can be considered as a complication as it is not a function such like GMT, moonphase, fly back and so on. But the smoother the movement of the second hand is, the more I like it.

  • Richard Page

    Both are beautiful timepieces. And the blog was a great help to me when I was looking for a good watch for camping and hiking… picked up a Casio Pathfinder, largely based on the review I found here. Thanks!

  • Adrian

    GMT is my favorite watch complication. It is the most useful for me because I like to keep up with relatives overseas.

  • Adam

    Really interested in Marvin watches and hope to get one soon. The complications that interest me are power reserve and day/date.

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  • chris ege

    i really like “big date” complications.

  • Jim Bask

    My favorite technical feature is also the Power Reserve. My favorite design feature is the large hour markings because I think that gives these watches a very classic and traditional look.

  • Jake

    The complication i like the most is the chronograph, followed by the GMT.

    Thanks again for another great giveaway!

  • Chrono one looks very dandy. Cross my fingers.

  • BlakeT

    great looking watches!

    I personally like having a stopwatch function, I just always seem to find a use for them.

  • I own plenty of chronographs, some with dates, one or two day/dates, some 24 hours. I think of all complications, the one I don’t have but I would really love is a perpetual calendar.

  • Right now I’m loving the features on the T Touch expert; altimeter, barometer, temp all in a watch that looks awesome.

    Very cool give away – Thank you!

  • reva skie

    My favorite watch complication is the minute repeater.

  • James Laver

    The most useful complication to me is a Power Reserve, either on an automatic or manual wind.

    Countless times I have left my watch off my wrist for just a little too long and found a stopped watch.

  • Ken

    Really like the movement in the Louis Vuitton Tambour Mystérieuse the LV115 movement..want to see it and how it actually works!!

  • Joe Newman

    I like Chronographs lately but am a fan of the Power Reserve function.

  • Scott Porter

    Being fairly new to collecting watches; I really like the day function, gmt function on some watches as well as Chronograph functions. Both of the giveaway watches are absolutely stunning.

  • Chris Emory

    Swiss Valjoux 7750 automatic movement pretty much says it all in my opinion. 😉

  • Paul Compton

    My fav complication in a watch would have to be type selection. Get that wrong and its all over. Panerai have it right.

  • Brian V

    My favorite complications are stopwatch/flyback functions because they are functions of time but aren’t the primary function. Tritium lume is also a great feature.

  • Miguel

    I really love the countdown timer. It is the most useful function for me as a amateur cook. I am also fascinated by the equation of time complication. Thanks for this opportunity to own a fine chronograph.



  • Jeff

    My favorite function on a watch is the ability to quickly tell time in other timezones. I have a World Time from JLC and a WW.TC and love that functionality when I travel.

  • David Kennedy

    My favorite watch complications would be Chronograph, World Timer & Power Reserve. also any watch that is COSC tested is a desirable Automatic!

  • Omid

    A Moonphase complication along with a chronograph are the complications that I find most desirable, moonphase a little less so.

    GMT is also a very nice function to have, barring that a diving bezel is adequate for most occasions.

  • Troy

    Sweet watches and a great site, learning a lot from reading. Thanks

  • Bob Cramer

    Somewhere in my collection I have a watch with almost every feature. Unfortunately NOT all on the same watch. I like two features because each one causes some discussion. The first is the actual automatic movement. Younger people can not believe that a watch can actually run without a battery. The other feature that causes discussion is the minute repeater. Being able to tell the time in the dark by listening to the tones ia plain old fasinating. Stange but true.

  • Alex

    I love the day-date of my president

  • y2ksputnik

    First of all, thanks for the blog, it’s priceless…my favorite complication is a mechanical alarm and repeaters…more on the practical side I like GMT’s and flyback chronos..thanks for the opportunity to win one of these watches…very cool !

  • Jonathan

    I like the power reserve function. It’s the next best thing to a winder for keeping your watches from winding down.

  • Crossing my fingers for the 107.

    I love watches with simple (Day-Date)functions like Seikos.

    Also Power Reserve and GMT functions.

    Great lume on the hands like the Lum-Tecs and Seikos.

  • Win Ark

    In general I like the power reserve complication, I always need a date function and a perpetual calendar is a nice bonus, and I’m just getting into chronometers now.

    These Marvins are nice implementations of the Valjoux 7750, I love the red highlights!

  • Forrest Smith

    I have not had the privilege of owning a mechanical movement watch. I really admire and appreciate the pure craftsmanship of those timepieces. A watch such as a IWC Portuguese Chronograph or the Pilot Mark XVI are my dream timepieces. I like the busy face of a chronograph but I also like simplicity. I’m going to try my hardest to save up the money to purchase one. But a watch like that I can pass down to my son and he can pass it down to his. The Marvin with the round dial is a thing of beauty. I like the numerals and the red second hand. I hope its me that gets to enjoy it for many years to come. Your reviews are very informative. Thanks.

  • Razvan Marinescu

    I am fascinated by the passage of time and the way mechanical watches movement synthesize that passage at every moment. For that fact I am intrigued and fascinated by perpetual calendars complications. I especially love the Ulysse Nardin quick setting perpetual calendar. The model I would love to have but is prohibitive in terms of cost is the Ulysse Nardin GMT +- Perpetual, the one with a grey dial and white gold case (Model #: 320-82/31).

    As far as the Marvin watches presented above, I like the Marvin M103.

  • Mario Falchoni

    My favourite complication is the GMT function for travel, however the one I rely on the most is the perpetual calendar function, moreso even than the time.

  • Jim Allison

    GMT/Second time zone is my essential complication lately as I travel the world. The M103 is a beautiful watch… maybe I need a Chronograph now!

  • Sam Suri

    The best feature on any mechanical watch would be a power reserve feature, Im also a fan of the tourbillon.

  • Kinz

    Nice! Would love this. Hope I didn’t double enter…

  • Eric Koldinger

    I love the yacht race timer on my Tag Aquaracer Calibre S Regatta. Counts down for the start, and then starts counting up. During the count down, you can resync to starting signals. Very cool design for a yachting watch.

  • bradford

    I love divers watches and chronographs!

  • Eric Norton

    For pure aesthetics, I love the moon phase complication. But for actual usefulness–gotta be power reserve or a well executed GMT.

  • Elad

    I love the way the SWISS watches look, but hate the fact their QUARTZ feel at times like cheap movements with iffy reliability. So I turned to SEIKO. Now here is reliable watch. They just never stop. Now I wear only them.

  • Jan Kubicek

    Let’s set aside truly innovative, “one of a kind” complications, like Harry Winston Opus pieces, or Tag Heuer Monaco V4.
    I’m not a big fan of standard complications except power reserve. Most of my watches have plain dials. Many times the complication indicator is just not well designed to fit into the dial and just obstructs it. But the rectangular model above got the chronograph just right! And it has Valjoux under the hood! Sign me up! (please).

  • Adam M

    Love Marvin watches, thanks for creating this competition.
    Functions I particularly like in a watch are perpetual calendars, power reserve displays, mechanical chiming alarms and dual time zones. All are useful ‘real-world’ functions that impress me in mechanical watches.

  • Jim Daniels

    I love an accurate, easy to use chronograph and actually use them in my daily work where I have to time multiple operations, some lasting mere seconds and some measured in hours. A solid multi function automatic chrono that actually works day after day and can handle a rough work environment is more than a watch, it’s a treasure (because I hate watches that tick! LOL!!).

  • I like world time and perpetual calendar complications and I also love “irregular” watches. (i.e. when the time is displayed in some unusual manner.) But the point is always with the watch itself, the complications are less important. (You either fall in love with a watch or not. These Marvins are good candidates for such a love affair…)

  • Emile

    My favorite watch complications:
    ~Power reserve; very useful to know just how much power is left
    ~Hi-beat (36000bph); yes it is unpopular because of the added wear and tear on the movement, but somehow I enjoy the smoother sweep
    ~ Tourbillion; maybe a cliche, and doesn’t make the watch necessarily more accurate, but I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into it

  • Derrick Whittier

    For me, I love the tradition, passion and heritage of Swiss watch making. My favorite watch functions would be GMT & Power Reserve. I have an affection for Chronometers and the Rolex lineage and will never part with my trusty GMT Master. Currently, I am trying to discover new Swiss brands and incorporate them into my collection. After Mr. Adams’ past review on Marvin, I would be very pleased to have this wonderful watch, in my early stages of collecting.

  • Red Wolf

    I love having GMT on a watch.

  • Jim C.

    Nice watches for the money. I like power reserve and GMT functions and occassionally an alarm.

  • Eric

    For complications, I think the Tissot T-Touch has the best selection overall. Stop watch, temperature, altemeter, etc.

  • Anthony Rivera

    The M103 is really nice.

  • John Yap

    I never had a rectangular watch and much more…a chronograph. It would be nice if I win this one. Either way, I will someday day get it. Valjoux 7750 chronograph always fascinates me, I don’t know why…but Good Luck to everyone! I am glad that I signed up to this blog…he he he.

  • Bayardo

    I love the Complications, my favorite is the Tourbillon.
    i also like the moon phase and perpetual calendar. Love the Caliber 89 with 33 complications!!
    and also like the Blancpain 1753, with 740 components and a lot of complications.

  • N Landry

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! The complication that makes me swoon is a pretty simple one: a power reserve on an automatic watch. So simple but beautiful.

  • Fizzi from Malaysia

    hi Guys,
    started to read your blog & download been listening everyday(now till episode),thank you for me making me part of family by not making me the only watch geek.
    favorite complications now that i have
    1.chronograph(seiko 6138-0040)column wheel,vertical clutch
    2.chronograph flyback(citizen 8110)
    3.alarm (seiko 4006) & (Poljot 2612)
    4.Diver (seiko orangemonster 7s26)=durable
    5.power reserve (orient world timer)
    my dream complication
    1.power reserve 31 days(A Lange & Sohne)
    2.perpetual calendar (IWC)
    3.Split second chrono (rattrapante)
    4.Minute repeater (decimal or quarter) we need regulator??
    my dream in a dream complications would be
    ………Grande Sonnerie
    but to me the most important thing to appreciate time & ALL watches should have spare parts or i would be turn off knowing if break my timepiece, theres no parts or parts discontinued coz i hate search a donor although i submit to be organ donor.
    Again, thank you very much guys, John & Ariel

  • Laurens Floyd, Jr.

    I personal favorite complication is either a large date display or a magnified date display. That is kind of basic as I have a number of watches with many complications but this is the one that is most prominent with me outside of hours, minutes, and seconds.

  • shuellmi

    GMT and Perpetual calender are my favorite complications by far.

    Love exhibition case backs. I have a hard time justifying non-quartz movements w/o that feature.

  • W Bergen

    Day/date functions are invaluable, however, try not to be drawn in by the partially skeletonized face showcasing the artful machine at work. Like a beautiful woman showing a little leg, it will momentarily own you entirely.

  • Simeon Weinraub

    First of all, I love that Marvin is doing these giveaways. More people need to see these watches in person. Either of those watches, the M103 or M107 could be my new daily wearer. They are handsome pieces.

    Because I often need to be reminded of the date, I like the date displayed, and because I dislike making adjustments to a watch that is keeping excellent time, I really love a perpetual calendar

  • Aaron

    the equation of time and/or a power reserve indicator….both so essential.

  • Omegaaus

    I love them both, the band on the 107 is also very cool!

  • Multiple timezones, but with a twist – like the Financial watch, which I’m particularly partial to. Also, retrograde minutes/seconds and jump hour complications, like on Gerald Genta’s pieces.

  • Jay

    I love the design and finish of the rectangular case. I want one 🙂

  • I guess I”m an old fart because I like the day-date complication because I never know what day it is.

  • Phil

    I like the the tourbillion. To me the look of a watch benefits from a lot of motion.

    That M103 is a great, classic looking watch.

  • Joel

    My favorite complications is the mechanical digital jump hour a la the Lange Zeitwerk.

  • Cliff

    My favorite complication is the date and day. One I would eventually like to buy is the one on the Campanolas, where they show the position of the stars.

  • Todd

    Enjoy the blog; just started reading a week ago.

    My favorite complications are single-hand, fly-back and moon-phases, with moon-phases being my most favorite

  • mragosta

    GMT Clean lines legible rugged like most uts watches

  • Doug

    My favorite complication is GMT, which should be matched with a 24 hour bezel. GMT wit chrono feature is nice as long as the watch does not get too thick. I consider anything thicker than 14mm to be a little too thick and good case size is 44mm

  • Bob Sebastian

    On a purely functional level, a “big-date” complication is great because I need my reading glasses to see most date windows. From a less functional aspect I really am drawn to GMT watches. I guess it’s my inner James Bond’s need to know Zulu time at all times!

  • Lin

    Favorite complication? How’s about Date of Easter?

  • Nick

    Favorite complication is a power reserve.

  • Peter

    I am really into the GMT function since I moved away from home. Keeps the conversions to a minimum!

  • mike s

    I think these Marvin watches are very sharp looking. Chronograph and GMT functions are my favorite complications.

  • I own several chronographs but I’ve never actually used them – except while sailboat racing, and on a moving boat it’s hard to read those little hands!

    I have however used BOTH date functions AND day of week functions many times, especially before my first cup of coffee.

  • Dave sorgenti

    These watches are gorgeous! Love a good chronograph!

  • Shawn G

    I love the precision of mechanical watches in general. My favorite complication is the moonphase

  • Fred

    Function – Water Proof
    I have a Tudor Oyster that my father gave to me, and I do the same party trick he used to. When someone has a watch and they are spruiking about its level of water proofing, I challenge them to see if they are brave enough with their claims to drop it into a glass of beer

  • jay tecson

    My favorite watch complication/feature is moon phases. I just love the look of them on a watch face. It brings a touch of class to any watch.

  • Al Wells

    I enjoy a watch that does more than tell time I like day and date,luminous hands,an alarm and a chronograph I want it to be durable so I like watger resistant to at least 10 Bar and a hard crystal like saphire. I would also enjoy it being able to depict positions of the moon.

  • Jeffrey S.

    I like simple features – The day/date feature is rather helpful to me, so long as I remember to adjust it for the shorter months.
    I am also a fan of simple & easily visible watch faces.

  • Fabrizio

    I like power reserve indicators and GMT complications. I really like the M103 model.

  • Gordon Chen

    Sounds dumb but I really like the look of moon phases!

  • Antara

    Beautiful watches. Would love to own one. My favorite complication is probably GMT.

  • Dave


  • Mark Wright

    Fantastic watches, really like the M103 though.
    Having a function as simple as a date is probably my favourite complication, but an alarm would be something I would like to see more of. Lume on hands and markers is another good one. I could keep going…..

  • Mark Dickinson

    For me, GMT just does it. Since I don’t travel much its not very useful, but I just like the extra something it adds to the watch. Even though its not GMT, I’d love to have a 7750 chrono. Unfortunately they’re way out of my price range. But that M103 looks fantastic!


  • I love these Marvin watches. They both look elegant and strong. I am favoring the M107. I am even more impressed with this blog. I had no idea there were so many wonderful watches. I have seen many watches, but never the vast variety all in one place. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • howard

    I like the tachymeter…so satisfying to be able to explain how they work. Fun on trips in the car, too!

  • Ahmed

    My favorite spec in a watch is a solid body build resistant to serious wear and tear

  • Brad Maeng

    I am so fascinated by automatic watches. They may not be accurate but looking at how all these fine components are tuned and assembled into one piece of art is just priceless. In addition to the time telling, day and date function in a watch is a very useful function, I believe.

  • Peter V

    Even if I don’t win, I still might like to buy the M103 one day. But I can’t! Marvins are not available anywhere online as far as I can tell, and evidently not in any watch shops in Stockholm either.. So winning this might be my only chance of getting my hands on a M103.

  • For me I really like moonphase watches, tho there are hardly any of those about nowardays.
    Other things i love are the tritium hands on my traser H3, and self winding, by realy clever methods, like fluids and tiny turbines, real amazing miniature engineering.

  • I really love chrono divers. And the sexy powerful money look in a big face watch!

  • You know, I can’t live without a compass on my daily watch. In a pinch, all I need is a map and a look at my watch, or while my GPS boots up to know which way to go. No wrong turns! I own 4 watches. 2 for work, and 2 for play. Those watches are definitely for show! <3

  • Jeff

    Love the blog!

  • Although I don’t travel nearly as much as I once did, I’m on the U.S.’s West Coast, and all my contacts/colleagues are Chicago/D.C. I love dual timezone/second timezone/GMTs. I’m also a huge fan of chronographs. I’m on an eternal search for the perfect combination of the two.

    I really like the way the M107 looks. I don’t have any square/rectangular/tonneau cases. This would fit the bill!

  • John

    Hope it’s not too late! My favorite complication is the power reserve indicator… I’m a big fan of chronographs as well.

  • Kent L.

    My favorite complication is the date. Provided it’s clear and legible I use it all the time. The power reserve is also useful.

  • Vladimir

    I really like the perpetual calendar.

  • Yordanka

    It’s too nice watch to be true…
    But anyway my favorite complication is the power reserve indicator.

  • Petar

    Actually my preferred complication is the chronograph.

  • Yana

    I love the rectangular Marvin.
    Complications: transparent see thru case back and power reserve.

  • Peter V

    Damn and blast! I forgot to mention my fav complication – the minute repeater.

    Big ups to Ariel for this blog.

  • I would really like to get a watch with these high standerds

  • Chris Q

    I like chronographs.

  • Trnag Trang

    I like when a watch has complications that match my outfit. Color is important you know.

  • Andy Waltz

    Reply # 500!
    If I could design an automatic watch containing my favorite complications it would be a chronograph with a power reserve, day of the month, moon phase, and a crystal backing. I enjoy complication that offer a benefit unlike some that hold little to no function such as tourbillons.

  • Andy Waltz

    oops I was reply 499, not 500. That’s embarrassing.

  • GMT is my favorite complication!

  • Hubert Kramann

    These are so cool.
    And they have just what I like (almost)
    Day Date, Chronograph, Perpetual Calendar, Moonphase
    (in descending order)

  • Ben

    I still think classic watch features are the best, the most usefull functions are deffinatly either the classic stop watch or an alarm!

  • Lyndon Louie

    First thank you for a wonderful site, I’ve learned quite a bit from The Marvin is very nice piece especially for adding the 7750 to one’s collection. I particularly like the 103 because I look for pieces that are traditionally styled yet stand out from the crowd.

  • Dan Martin

    I’d love to win the round watch, it’s really set up beautifully. I like lots of different complications, but I really love the power reserve on some of my automatics. And an accurate moon phase is just so cool

  • Travis Cooper

    I just discovered and I think I’m screwed. I’m a watch fanatic and my Wife is going to kill me now that I’ve found an awesome source for everything about watches. I’ve just started my collection and am learning a lot, but have a ways to go. I think what’s most important to me when I look for a new watch is; size, weight, uniqueness, strap or bracelet, and last but not least, quality. All my friends always say ” man, a watch just tells time” I just smile and say ” you just don’t understand.” Thanks again for such an awesome site, for now ruining all my free time, and for the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous watches!!!

  • Nelson Lin-Tsai

    M103’s color scheme as well as the detailed face design makes it a winner for me. The chronograph movement from the 7750 makes a a greatly desired piece as well. Are the commenters going to get coupons for the watches like the other giveaways? Practical, subtle, and hefty.

  • Thanks for the contest.

    My favorite watch complication is the power reserve.

  • Brian

    Love worldtimers.. Although I use only 3 zones, the massive capability always gives me pause.

  • Renee Richardson

    My favorite complication would have to be the perpetual calendar. I also sent you a friend request on Facebook, liked on Facebook and liked Marvin Watches on Facebook.
    Facebook Username: Renee Richardson

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway 🙂

    mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

  • Governor

    I love the New Size Rolex Sub and the Carbon Audemar Off Shore …

  • Basilis

    SO?!?!?! Who won?

  • Jim Bask

    When do I find out that I won?

  • Jimmy

    Power reserve… I gotsta know.

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  • Tyrakos

    When are we going to know the winner?

  • Timothy Troy

    How long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on. I suppose it’s measure might as well transpire in style.

  • Timothy Troy

    How long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on. I suppose it’s measure might as well transpire in style.

  • Jimmy

    Always love the day feature on a watch… sounds silly but I like to see it.

  • danny R

    The Marvelous Marvin … what else is there to say !! ..

  • Vladimir

    I think all we need a little more respect and a simple statement who won. Thanks.

  • Andre Fortin

    The marvin M103 is so beautiful 🙂

  • Jason G

    I think a black, yellow and orange scheme would be wild.

  • tim


  • Peter Pan

    I like the way the executed the chronograph on the M103. The touch of colour really helps the dial pop. Would love to add this to my small and humble collection…

  • Damien COLLIGNON

    Wow! Simple complications are the best! GMT/power reserve/chronograph! No need for more! Happy new year

  • Javier

    With regards to the two Marvin timepieces, the M107 incorporates the retro-rectangular styling that is timeless; coupled with the reliable Swiss Valjoux 7750 movement and standard chronographic features, it embodies a superfluous piece of craftmanship.

  • Mark Elias

    My favorite complication is the multiple time zone dial as found on some Citizen Eco Drives. It is perfect for me in my travels from the east to the west coast (weekly).

  • funkright

    I like movado! But, my favorite compication is GMT 🙂

  • rick ralph

    i am a watch fanatic but have never owned such a fantastic wrist watch such as the one offered

  • Norm

    Either looks like more than a worthy item for a beginner collector, even one well into the ranks of “senior citizen.”

  • Ivan1998

    I would love to add this to my collection.

  • Tom Venables

    Beautiful watches.
    I have found the chronograph second and minute function counter to be most useful. I’ve used them at work and helped out in specific timing of events.
    The mechanical complication of Chronographs has always interested me.

  • Manuel

    My favorite complication is the chronograph. Not only do I like the looks but is a function that I often use.

  • Joe V

    My favorite watch complication is the minute repeater, though I am absolutely intrigued by visible Tourbillons.

    • Joe V

      oops. i didn’t check the date and was just so captivated by the watch. please disregard! i still love minute repeaters though 😀

  • I like the eco-drive in Citizen watches and having the date is a MUST!
    Thanks again for another change a great contest!

  • Rachel R

    Alarm is a nice add on, but most of these high end watch don’t have them, Wanted to get my husband the Marvin Frogy for his birthday but either one of these will do.


  • Lawrence D Butts

    Holy Cow. My Integrated Product Team co-lead’s US Navy Aviator’s “callsign” is Marvin. Can you imagine the buzz if I walked into work with a “Marvin” watch?

  • Chau

    It would be date/time and power reserve indicator

  • Brady Blackmon

    I love that m103 especially the day/date function. My favorite complication is the minute repeater and my favorite movement is the eta 2824 because it offers the average working person entry into the quality automatic watch sector.

  • Ivan1998

    now here two Chron’s i would to add to collection

  • mrtods

    M103 MARVIN, Strewth! Just quality. Mate . . . quality!

  • Sergio Magos

    My favorite complication of a watch is the roter. It swings around and helps to keep the automatic watch working. In my Hamilton khaki, I can feel it moving with every move of my arm. I got see the Marvin watches in person this week. Marvin watches are live!!! The watches are pure quality and style,it would be great to win a piece that is made of such quality. Thank you!

  • Sergio Magos

    My favorite complication of a watch is the roter. It swings around and helps to keep the automatic watch working. In my Hamilton khaki, I can feel it moving with every move of my arm. I got see the Marvin watches in person this week. Marvin watches are live!!! The watches are pure quality and style,it would be great to win a piece that is made with so much attention to detail.Thank you!

  • willin

    Hi i like cronographs watches, and from the picture above i LIKE the round one//Dan

  • KathyMcCrearyBrewer

    I like that there is a date also, multiple time functions is helpful also.

  • DenBradshaw

    My favorite features are date, depth (on a dive watch) and I really like the “moon phase” feature on the Oktopus… something I find useful but hate having to look up. 

  • KathyMcCrearyBrewer

    I have one watch that has the temperature on it which is really a nice feature.  I also like a chronograph mostly for the aesthetics not necessarily the function.  

  • Cricko

    I like feature like a stopwatch, moon phase, thermometer and normally an EL backlight haha

  • bobmc3297

    Nice looking watch, I like the clean look of separate second hand dials.

  • jmjones29

    I like a balance between clean and functions

  • tivo

    For me they definately need to have date! Beeing once used to it, it’s always a some sort of disappoiting feeling if you take a look on your watch and not finding it.

  • tivo

    For me they definately need to have date! Beeing once used to it, it’s always a some sort of disappoiting feeling if you take a look on your watch and not finding it.

  • nsquared

    My favorite complication is a power reserve. It’s like a mini-gas tank on your watch!

  • Shawnnny

    I like day and date. And I also only buy watches with a see through case back.

  • RonMillmanCPA

    I like the distinctive M107.  The day and date display is perfect for someone
    who is so old and retired that they forget what day it is.
    Ron Millman, CPA  818-241-3286

  • Livefyre

    I like the distinctive M107.  The day and date display is perfect for someone
    who is so old and retired that they forget what day it is.
    Ron Millman, CPA  818-241-3286

  • propergation

    I only try to buy swiss automatics. I like this one.

  • Livefyre

    I only try to buy swiss automatics. I like this one.

  • jose miguel pimentel

    My favorite watch complication is the power reserve.

  • Livefyre

    My favorite watch complication is the power reserve.

  • is_it_fast

    I’m a big fan of the valjoux 7750 and 51 automatic movements. These are both considered workhouses of the industry. Another complication I really like is the Audmars that tells you when the sun will rise and set addition to the day and date and year. The new HYT liquid display is cool too. Even though I believe the actual complication is a valjoux, its a very appealing watch.

  • DrManhattan

    Ahh, the 7750 movement is used by so many watchmakers! there has got to be a good reason for it! My favorite swiss movement.

  • Evan59

    I like these watches due to their distinctive, bold styling and the
    Fact that their movements are the reliable 7750. I would enjoy wearing
    Either watch.

  • Mjjdevlin73

    I like both watches but prefer the classic style. It’s funny though, I prefer the band on the modern one though. Automatic chronograph’s are a favorite of mine

  • AndreasFleischer

    I like this watch automatic M107

  • Dan Bostan

    My best combination is an automatic, for diving with chronograph features.

  • TarnSidhu

    I like sporty yet classic. I like how watches make a statement when worn.