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GIVEAWAY: Marvin Malton Cushion M119 Watch

GIVEAWAY: Marvin Malton Cushion M119 Watch Giveaways

Cushion watches are named as such because the shape of the case is supposed to look like a couch cushion. No one's had a better idea since they started calling them that. It is a good looking shape and done well in the Marvin Malton Cushion series. did a full review of the Marvin Malton Cushion watch here. This month you can enter for a chance to win a Marvin Malton Cushion M119 watch here on The winner can have their choice of any of the four pictured M119 models. These pieces are 42mm wide in steel cases (some are PVD black coated) with leather straps and contemporary dials. Inside each piece is a Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement. Fun watches with a retail price of $1,580.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention whether you prefer watches in polished or brushed steel or those which are coated black?

2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook like all or any of the following:

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Enter your email address:

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on September 30, 2012 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Marvin Watches the sponsor of this Malton Cushion watch giveaway here at!

About the Author

Fueled by an unshakable love for horology and a general curiosity for intricate things, Ariel Adams founded aBlogtoWatch in 2007 as a means of sharing his passion. Since then, ABTW has become the highest trafficked blog on luxury timepieces, and Ariel has become a contributor to other online publications such as Forbes, Departures and Tech Crunch, to name just a few. His conversational writing style and inclusive attitude brings a wider appreciation for watches the world over, and that's just the way he likes it.

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  • MihalisPasias

    Realy nice watches!

  • tobygilles

    Personally I prefer brushed steel watches. These Marvins are great – and I’m already a fan of ablogtoread and Marvin on facebook! I’m not sure if you now have my email because I’m commenting via twitter – can you confirm please?! Thanks, Toby

  • RobertoValenzuela

    I usually don’t like exposed balance wheels, but this one looks great at 12. The other ones look great too though.

  • delef38

    I usually prefer brushed steel watches but I wouldn’t say no to a beautifully PVD-coated one like the ones I’ve seen from Marvin!

  • HenryLum

    I prefer watches that are in polished steel. Honestly, a watch is a watch and a sexy watch is sexy, there’s no preference!

  • LA Frost

    I tend to be attracted most to brushed stainless, followed by black (but only if it is a quality coating like PVD or DLC). 

  • malibu23

    I prefer brushed steel watches


    Once you go black, you never go back.

  • Moky

    would definitely like the brushed steel version!

  • asovo

    I will love in brushed steel black version!

  • MarkPaves

    Coated black is my cup of tea! The black with blue is superb!

  • ArthurZzz

    The black coated with the white  dial is one which will be noticed from a distance. 

  • WatchMyWatch

    I prefer watches in brushed steel,they seem(at least for me) more classy then those who are coated black  and look like plastic.Email:

  • nikab2930

    coated black for sure, black face, white dial, with blue hands

  • Mikel

    Nice looking watches…I personally like the look of brushed steel, unfortunately it tends to get scuffed up pretty easy. Im a fan of the various black coating finishes as well.

  • FerdinandAngeles

    Brushed steel forever!

  • Flexible

    Ohh liking the white face, polished might be easier to maintain but looks too bling, brush finish for me all the way.

  • Nier

    prefer both (polished and brushed) to create a perfect piece. that way the texture will be balance. love the open heart btw!

  • owaki_paru

    I especially like the one with skeleton window. The detail of the dial is sophisticated and cool. The case is an interesting shape. The other 3 color combination looks pretty cool as well.

  • LarryAyonn

    I really like all three, but it depends on the design. I really like brushed and polished combos though.

  • cermakhonzik

    I love the one which is coated in black but I wouldn’t mind the brushed steel either. I especially love the one  that is coated black with blue stitching and marking on the dial. But I love the design of all of them the one with the open heart is just very creative and I like it very much as well. If I was to choose though I’d choose the one coated in black with blue stitching.I thank you Ariel for everything you do for your fans I am sure everyone appreciates that.

  • gepalex96

    I like black ones!  I think all the desings are great though

  • kendolam

    PVD coated black overall just something simple and easy, does the job.

  • bluecontrarian

    I generally prefer brushed steel but I really like the model with the blue accents.

  • MihaiMicu

    I like a lot all the four models, it will be a hard choise, usually i prefer brushed steel cases.

  • Gabechambers

    Prefer brushed steel myself but do also like a combination of polished and brushed – do really like the black and blue model however so I guess it depends on style. / shape of case. Thanks for all your hard work Ariel ,I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog which I find interesting and informative and a breath of fresh air in a somewhat stuffy industry.cheers Gabe

  • drwmak

    Brushed Steel for casual wear, polished for formal and black for changing it up!

  • ZoltanLaszlo

    Brushed steel ! It fits my daily clothing , and i

  • ZoltanLaszlo

    Brushed steel !. I think it’s the best texture for this kind of watches

  • indra1133

    I like both, but it depends on the watch. Love the Marvin with the blue accents! 

  • naftizin

    I like polished ones!

  • felixneo

    depends of the watch design.

  • chargerpoke

    I prefer the brushed steel but all of them look very nice.

  • SeanOng

    polished for dressed, brushed for everyday, black for fun!

  • onurdroid

    The Black and turquoise one of my favorite! Great looking!

  • imachucas

    I like all three finishes, depending of the type of watch

  • miccos

    Brushed is beautiful!

  • J f

    polished and brushed contrasts on one piece.. like the AP RO or nautilus.. is it possible to do that on a DLC black surface?best,jan

  • Mister_w

    I always said I preferred a brushed finish… until I bought my lovely, shiny Christopher Ward C5 Malvern. Now I could swing either way…

  • pedpalina

    Blue looks good on me…

  • lvan32

    M-marvelous, A-awesome,R-rougher,V-virgin,I-incredible,N-natural

  • shappy

    I prefer a combination of brushed and polished.

  • VasilisAnagnostopulos

    I prefer watches that are brushed and the PVD’ed 🙂

  • 911zippy

    Brushed and polished is my favorite. But a PVD’ed watch would be nice to have

  • vferrava

    I like black. PVD or DLC .

  • AlexeyLukyanov

    I prefer a mixture of brushed and polished

  • Ronkat

    I like and have had all three. But my eye always gets drawn first to the polished case with black faces. That said I noticed all the bracelets I have for these watches are all brushed. Even the DLC coated one has a shiny and matte finish bracelet.  I initially gets attracted to the shiny first, then your tastes evolve to understand how the different finishes really bring out a watch. Combination of a polished case, brushed bracelet with a DLC coated center links would be interesting.

  • Peba

    The black (preferred) Marvins look superb.

  • MaxfieldSabin1

    I definitely prefer brushed steel.

  • Ratt1280

    The brushed is my preferred choice, it’s a modern look. Although I’ve never heard of Marvin it’s a good looking watch.

  • JRGougeon

    Brushed steel is my preference.

  • LordotU

    I prefer brushed steel case, because it’s a very pretty for me. Also, it is more scratch-resistant than polished or PVD’ed.

  • haifidelity

    Brushed steel +1

  • Michael Walters

    Very nice again, Ariel. Brushed steel is my finish of choice, although I do have a few nice polished ones.

  • NoleenELT

    My favorite is a nice mix of polished and brushed. This makes it look classy without being too blingy. Out of the the options given, I would choose brushed.

  • FaresAlnsair

    Hello, Hope to win

  • FaresAlnsair

     brushed and the PVD.

  • PAlex

    Brushed steel here. Good luck everyone!

  • mhinkley

    Definitely not a bling bling kind of guy…I love a nice sleek watch.  Love the brushed steel look.

  • rdeetz

    I prefer brushed, but black is a close second.

  • Bao

    Really like the cushion shape! I peter polished!

  • HazipanFontek

    I like brushed and polished SS pretty much equally, having watches with both finishes in the collection. PVD black usually does nothing for me but the black watch with blue highlights looks great.

  • sunny079

    I prefer polished steel!

  • macfish

    I prefer the brushed one with the white dial. But all four are beautiful timepieces.

  • dcourtneyc

    I too like the brushed steel.

  • JHerforth

    I love the brushed and I’d love to see that in a white face. Frankly, they’re all awesome watches and I’d wear any of those. I love the black on black but I have so many black on black I need to start mixing it up a little. But as to my official response, brushed is the way to go. Handles scratches better so the looks holds true for a life time.

  • watchfan

    The brushed steel version is exquisite!!!  Love the cushion style case!!

  • roblloyd23

    I enjoy brushed the most but I think any finish can look great with a little thought on the part of the maker.

  • Snoprojman

    I don’t own a PVD watch so I can’t honestly say if I prefer it but I have always loved the look and would love the Marvin Cushion in PVD!

  • Ulysses31

    For me it would be a toss up between the black and white or blue model.  All of them look quite nice though.

  • auzzieB

    It may be just a fashion fad that’s going to fade out in a few years, but I love blacked-out watches, especially the black and white Marvin above

  • voice_of_reason

    I like both brushed and polished SS depending on its use … brushed steel for my divers and polished steel on my dressier watches.I don’t own a PVD watch but they are great looking.  I like the black PVD and red Marvin.  Not sure if I’d find the style more limiting for brushed SS.  But if I win the contest I’ll find out!

  • voice_of_reason

    I like and have both brushed and polished SS … brushed steel on my divers and polished on my dressier watches.I don’t have a PVD/black watch but I have always liked the look.  Esp like the black/red Marvin.  The red breaks up the tactical look nicely and is a great combo.  My concern with PVD watches has always been that it would be limiting in when I could wear it.  But if I win I’ll take the black/red Marvin and find out!

  • voice_of_reason

    “Comment on this post below before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required”Do you need our email address in the post as well or am i covered with the email i provided when i signed up to make the post?

  • willin

    I prefer brushed but i own both black and polished watches. But brushed is number one for me right now//Dan

  • willin

    I prefer brushed but i own both black and polished watches. But brushed is number one for me right now//Dan                                   My email

  • bck

    A friend has one of these and I was in love from first gaze.

  • Chr0matin

    I prefer PVD black-coated watches; I think most sporty watches look better with a matte black finish, especially if they have a shot of bright color on the dial, like these Marvin Malton Cushion models – these are some fantastic looking timepieces!

  • AlexanderZharkov

     I prefer combination of brushed and polished surfaces. But I do prefer polished finish for dress watches. On the other hand, brushed surface much more suitable for sport wrist watches.

  • bck

    A friend has one of these and I loved it from first gaze. Made me go and buy a (cheaper) black watch, and I much prefer the look.

  • ddumas

    it really depends on the watch… if I am looking at dress watches, I generally prefer polished… if I am looking at a sport watch I prefer the brushed look. I have never owned a black PVD coated watch but have always been a bit skeptical of how the finish would hold up over time.

  • r_s_g

    I like polished, brushed, and PVD black coated watches and own examples of each. Each has their own time and place.

  • Pebosjan

    Wonderful all of them. They all have their own place and time. Black is sporty, while polished is more classy. 

  • tijdzone

    i prefer polished steel watches, but this model looks better when it is black coated.

  • shuellmi

    I like a mix of polished and brushed steel.  even my wedding ring has this and I think it creates a much more finished look.  I also think that brushed and polished makes a watch more versatile

  • Ulysse

    I prefer brushed cases, but this watch trully looks better with the black PVD case!

  • Kris C

    I like PVD/DLC cases for sure, but for most ‘naked steel’ watches I almost always prefer a mix of brushed and polished surfaces. Give a nice contrast. Some exceptions being really nice dress watches, where I like all polished.

  • Neil C

    I have a PVD Cushion cased watch, I needed to have one Black watch in my collection.  I prefer Brushed steel, and this Marvin with the exposed escapement is a beautiful piece.

  • dku081

    I’ve never had a black coatd watch, all of mine are steel.  It’d be interesting to wear a PVD one though.

  • loueichjr

    I like all three.  They all serve a purpose.  It just depends on the occasion

  • JulienVerger

    I’m not a great PVD fan, I prefer brushed metal.

  • Robot655

    Brushed metal is my choice. I do like when the lugs are polished though.

  • jonesjs85

    I know they all have their time and place but, for me brushed steel is preferred on a regular basis.

  • spsall

    i like brushed steel

  • speedmetal

    I prefer brushed steel.Brilliant blog.

  • ilia

    beautiful watch. I like black for a more casual look and brushed steel for a dressier look. 

  • Jimym3

    I like brush steel, its the classic style for me.

  • mirceacomanici

    Both brushed and polished are nice depending on the type of watch. Thanks for the opportunity to win a PVD one 🙂 !

  • skydogmo

    Brushed steel, bay-bee.  Get me some of that cushion!

  • vrooy

    Brushed steel for me, as well.

  • Brushed steel, handles scratches best.

  • Second city

    I like well thought out steel cases that are brushed on the larger surfaces, with some polished facets – maybe the sides of the lugs, for example.

  • EranR

    Black PVD or DLC please… satin finish is always preferred. Brushed would come in second, although typically in darker compounds e.g. grey titanium. Of the watches featured here, the black case with white dial looks best!

  • halfacat1

    Polished steel, since most minor scratches can then be removed with relative ease.

  • socksguy

    Hi. I love polished steel, makes the watch look more like a precious metal. Now slap some cushion on me!

  • Bastien Koert

    Looks like a nice watch. I love the black finish. Load me up with oneThanks!

  • b2_82

    I prefer sports watches with brushed metal surfaces. Polished is too blingy for me.

  • escobar1377

    hi love polish steel, i really like the shape of the the watch it kind of reminds me of the Hamilton Jazz Master Cushion. & i think any of this beautiful timepieces would look great on my wrist.

  • Tango45

    The black finished ones look great.

  • Phikes

    Polished is just asking for scratches, black is too trendy. I’m voting for brushed.

  • icebergslimny1

    If I had to choose it would probably be a polished steel watch because of the cleaner look and how it stands out.  This particular watch looks great though, I’m a big fan of the cushion shape so it is no surprise that one of my favorite watch brands is panerai.  All in all this is a great watch I wouldn’t mind spending the money on.

  • patgilmartin

    i would say i like polished steel the best, however i own more black watches, actually, i think

  • craqus

    I prefer brushed steel to black, becuase it seems more wear resistant long term.  I do prefer titanium to steel though.    this is a great giveaway, I’d be happy to own any of these watches!

  • sydpok

    I’ll take brushed over polished and black.

  • ira440

    I would prefer polished, gives it a very nice clean look

  • GregHall

    frogging heck, black for me

  • JMCraig

    Brushed steel is my favorite.  Black seems to lend its self more to cheap fashion watches.

  • MarkCarson

    As a rule, I prefer brushed stainless steel (with or without some polished surfaces). But it really depends on the type of watch. For a diver or a “tactical” watch, black works for me.I like the Marvin’s with the red and also the blue accents. Hope I win!!!

  • Leumsa

    The brushed steel is my favourite


    It would have to be brushed for me. I find the finish lasts longer and is less “bling”

  • Sherif

    The all look great but I prefer the brushed steel.

  • Krobilad

    in general, i’d say it is brushed steel. out of this 4, it is this black PVD with white dial.

  • cmmatt

    Brushed whenever possible. 

  • MaxReddick

    I go with brushed.

  • Rust Hawk

    I prefer brushed.

  • stevej2001

    I prefer brushed but I have watches in all three categories that I like.

  • AlexD8604


  • rogerlavo

    i like all three and have black and brushed.  

  • jbiss

    Usually I liked brushed with some polished accents.

  • smiccar

    i prefer the black PVD with blue from this lot

  • m vann

    I love PVC coated. There’s something about the sleekness of PVC coated that provides an element of mystique. It’s class with a hint of coolness. There’s just something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. I’m a sucker for PVC and it always catches my eye.

  • Humanloop

    I grew up around muscle cars, so I like chrome. I tend to lean toward the shiny side of thigs. Polished just looks refined. I will say, though, that it can depend on the style of the watch.

  • Alyssa F

    i like polished steel! 

  • WayneisTestinger

    Polished, then brushed and lastly coated. Thanks.

  • Gassy

    Brushed all the way

  • topherwright

    I like black watches!

  • moneybox35

    I generally prefer brushed, but it depends on the watch.

  • dwulf

    Go with the Black

  • mackbakker

    I prefer a polished steel

  • phueck

    Definitely prefer brushed steel , particularly on the bracelet

  • wilcole7

    brushed steel of cos! classic and versatile.

  • bos3ood

    I prefer polished steel, highly polished if possible

  • nsquared

    I really prefer brushed steel. Love that matte look.

  • blupil

    Brushed steel, but PVD coated watches are growing on me.

  • GoGoJackson

    Love the giveaway watch this month. I generally prefer polished steel watches.Peace!

  • christoff

    I prefer brushed steel as its a bit more subtle

  • z841

    ” mention whether you prefer watches in polished or brushed steel or those which are coated black?”Coated black of course.

  • delamere

    I really like a combination of polished and brushed, but my next watch purchase will be black.

  • jtambor

    Brushed for me!

  • KevinColeman

    Polished or black. Brushed accents work too.

  • richardiap

    Brushed steel is definitely my choice at the moment!!!!

  • whats_my_name87

    Polished steel is my first choice but I would consider the other options depending on the style of the watch. 

  • CalinManea

    brushed steel all the way:)

  • tchsiao

    All black is nice.

  • mattc1


  • berniesiao

    Brushed steel although I’m liking the black coating more and more

  • cedric1204

    The black and red watch is so so cool. It’s a very attractive timepiece. Since I just graduated and I started to work in an advertising agency, it would be the perfect gift for me. Greetings from a real watch “freak”!

  • phongsan

    Brushed steel seems like the way to go for me 🙂

  • jawa22lly14

    Nice giveaway the coated in black

  • dave1971

    i prefer brushed steel

  • Babookie

    Hi Ariel; reading your Blog still the most excellent way to spend free time.Hate to be a fence sitter but I have examples of each which I wear with my mood. Probably (albeit briefly probably) brushed or gunmetal is holding my attention just now.Cheers from Enzed

  • Mind_Game

    I prefer either brushed steel or coated in black, but in any event all of these models look awesome!

  • NolanKubbernus

    I prefer coated black. I like the red and black watch.

  • lwsaenz

    I prefer either brushed steel or polished…

  • DavidJGreenspun

    Good looking pieces.  The cushion shape is under represented in the market.  My collection includes all the finishes, but I lean toward the sportier look of PVD, polished (gunmetal), then polished.  Well done.

  • DavidJGreenspun

    Good looking pieces. The cushion shape is under represented in the market. My collection includes all the finishes, but I lean toward the sportier look of PVD, brushed (gunmetal), then polished. Well done.

  • shanselman

    Brushed steel

  • APC1976

    It really depends on the watch! all of these look great! If I had to choose would go for brushed steel its something that works on all occasions 🙂

  • tomc1944

    I like the black with the red accent.

  • RamojusReimeris

    What a beautiful watch! I prefer both, but brushed looks more modern to me, while polished is always a classic.

  • korbindallis

    I love brushed metal but only polished metal l like is gold not so much a fan of black.marvin is good brand 🙂

  • RamojusReimeris

    What a beautiful watch! I prefer both, but brushed looks more contemporary while polish is a classic. Black looks good as well.

  • korbindallis

    I love brushed metal but only polished metal l like is gold not so much a fan of black.Marvin is a cool brand :)    

  • RayYoong

    Prefer polished metal personally, not a great fan of black watches – risk of getting it scratches makes me worried to wear it.

  • DavidNeivaMoreira

    I prefer brushed steel.. but it really depends on the watch and its purpose.

  • RondeJong

    Very nice, like the cushion case very much.Should I choose I like the white dial(watch-1)but  with a brushed steel case.

  • dbakiva

    It would be great to call your watch “Marvin.” Maybe not as great as to call your wine “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo,” but pretty good nonetheless. As for brushed or polished: brushed is good for sporty watches, definitely polished for more dressy ones. As for coated black. to each his or her own, but pretty much not for me (even though I do own one).

  • Pugsley

    The brushed metal is great for durability, as it can take a few hits without showing the scars too easily, But these watches do look great with the black coat.

  • Mercury66

    I normally like brushed Steel But the black Marvin looks best

  • MarcoFranken

    It all depends on the watch i guess. Some watches i like polished, others brushed or PVD. Some dress watches are better polished and a tool watch is nicer when brushed or in PVD.

  • melias

    I have only had one black watch, a Tag Heuer from about thirty years ago. It was rubbing off in no time so I sent it back to the US offices and had them replace the case and bracelet with the stainless model, which maintained its good looks for years.So I say Make mine brushed or polished!

  • Luciano U Werner

    For me it depends on three things: watch style, dial color and case shape/size. On a diver, for instance, almost anything goes, but on something more formal you have to be careful.

  • PaulElam

    I prefer watches that have a brushed metal finish b/c it seems they show wear less and small scratches are easy to repair (just brush them out).I liked Marvin watches on FB. And I already like ABTR. Thanks for the contest!

  • 12hofman

    In my opinion a classical shaped watch looks generally better with a polished or brushed case. Polished in case of a very classic watch, brushed for a more sporty style (or tool-) watch. Didn’t know the Marvin watches but really like the M119 models, much nicer then the other famous cushion shaped watches ;)!

  • PapaWoodie

    Polished preferred, brushed accepted too.Don’t much care for black coatings.

  • Guern

    Because you ask for comments on ‘watches’ in general and not this particular watch i would have to say it depends.  No ne wants a collection which has only PVD or polished watches, but I do think that it depends on dial, type (chrono, etc) and preference.  for this particular watch I would choose the White dial watch for more contrast to the case.

  • JamesSemaj

    I prefer watches in polished steel. Thanks.

  • tmss

    Always brushed steel for sports watches and polished for dress watches. However, there are some fantastic watches that combine both brushed and polished parts. Personally I have never been into PVD coatings.

  • rogerdude

    Definitely prefer raw steel over PVD.  If I’m not invading a foreign land, PVD looks a bit poseur. 

  • temfyg

    Mirror like polished steel.

  • Lokibess

    I started with a preference for polished and all that flash.  The shinier the better.  However, I now much prefer the look of brushed metal as a larger design element.  If you mix in some smaller polished accents that is always nice.  Once a crow always a crow

  • bichondaddy

    I really prefer black PVD over polished or brushed SS.  Some companies are doing other colors of PVD…like the grey versions that look like titanium….and I really like them. It just adds variety to my collection.  Some people prefer their watches to all look the same…SS case and bracelet divers style watch…black bezel and black dial….and to me…that’s just boring.  A little color in a sporty watch never hurt anyone!!   

  • kronos7

    I prefer brushed over polished. I also have a few PVD coated watches, as well. They look great with that coating because their case designs are unusual and warrant that finish.

  • mojomarc

    I have never owned a PVD watch.  This one looks like it would not be a bad one to start with. 

  • cadillacman

    I prefer a brushed finish as they don’t scratch as easily as polished. I do like it when the manufacturer mixes polished & brushed.

  • stmarmh

    It’s kinda a toss up between a brushed finish and a PVD. I’ve always thought that brushed watches were classier, and that PVD watches are more bad ass…

  • Patmore83

    A combination of brushed and polished. All polished is too flashy, all brushed can be too dull. PVD can be cool as well. To answer the question, brushed or PVD.

  • ripshop

    In this case I prefer the PVD coated look….I love that blue that Marvin is using…sharp looking watch.

  • jwoodsy

    I prefer the brushed steel, (but I don’t own any black pvd coated watches).  I think we will look back on the black coating as a popular “trend” in watches during this time, while steel and other precious metals will probably still be more desirable.  Even the classic look of a “cushion case” can still look very modern on a watch like this.

  • petemjones

    I prefer the black version

  • GStuck

    I prefer brushed steel over DLC, PVD coatings, or polished steel.  In terms of DLC and PVD, I also worry that if it were to scratch, it would show up much more than  non-coated.  Thanks for the giveaway. 

  • JaLKne

    If I can I’ll take a black coated watch over any other. However if the watch in question has an excellent design but isn’t available in I’ll take what I can find.

  • eitan

    It a very impressive watch and prefer  with leather straps and brushed  steel

  • mookroch

    Brushed steel def not pvd coated. 

  • artimus

                          This is tough as the watch style determines which finish looks best. I think I prefer the brushed steel finish only because I enjoy the sport model watches but a nice dress watch in polished steel is rather nice as well.

  • erlarson85

    I like a nicely brushed watch for sport or casual dress. Polished seems to just feel better for buisness attire. Though I love pvd watches there are only a few times I can actually wear one and not feel like I’m trying to be Stallone. I don’t expect too many 1shot answers to this question.

  • marlowe55

    I prefer a brushed finish but, depending upon the watch, black works also. 

  • I’m loving my Magrette PVD. I prefer Brushed but there’s a time to wear either. I’ve wanted a marvin since you blogged on the Marvin Malton Cushion Green watch last year. Love it!

  • Rsheeley

    Love the look of a finely brushed case, but I’m still a sucker for high polish. Truthfully, intricately combined alternating brushed and polished surfaces are the best. Thanks for the opportunity for the Marvin! R

  • scoopster42

    I like PVD for sport or fun. Polished is for dressy as brushed is.

  • lionstan

    Brushed steel is always preferred.

  • Jurjen13

    I like watches in brushed steel!

  • Marcrovner

    I prefer watches in brushed steel because they reflect a good balance between dressy and casual. I think the Marvin would be great for the office and for air travel.

  • lostcauz

    I liked brushed steel.

  • Fabrizio65

    I like PVD and brushed for sport and casual. Polished is for dressy.

  • b00st3d

    good looking time piece!

  • b00st3d

    good looking time piece…i really like the black pvd coating!

  • jtfremont

    Brushed steel for me.

  • acknack56

    Brushed Steel for sure

  • awalshawalsh

    first introduced to Marvin watches by this blog – like. Brushed steel more appealing to me.

  • Floormatt

    I prefer brushed SS over Black IP. Thanks for another great contest.

  • Mike M.

    It depends.  I’ve seen all three designs on watches I thought were atrocious, then looked amazing on others.  The face has to match, ditto for the hands, bezel, etc…  I know you where looking for a definitive answer, but I think it depends.

  • blue_quartz

    I will prefer brushed steel, they are not prone to fingerprint smudges and hide small scratches a litter better than polished steel.I will like a black PVD coating only if it is contrasted by a fair dial colour. A fully black case+dial watch is too dark for my taste, I’m afraid.

  • pdij

    I have not had a brushed steel case before but see the appeal as small scratches would be hidden. Polished gives a great formal look in my view, and PVD can contrast really well with different face colors. 

  • RoadRash

    I prefer brushed or polished steel over coated black.

  • ant_cost

    While I have watches in polished, brushed, and black coated steel, I prefer polished steel watches as they give off a more refined look.  Brushed steel is good for hiding scratches while still maintaining a nice look.  Black coated steel is good for a darker look and contrast.

  • blindranger

    Not a fan of entirely polished watches. I much prefer brushed SS or Ti, although some polished sections can really make a case pop.

  • Charkel

    I dont care for brushed steel. I’d either go with  polished or black coated depend on what type of watch it is.

  • Popeyeguy

    What a cool looking watch! Thanks to ablogtoread and Marvin for the chance to win this great watch.

  • Popeyeguy

    Thanks for the contest ablogtoread and Marvin! Polished watches look great and would probably be my favorite overall, although it can really depend on the watch.

  • Nipri

    I really dont have a preference when it comes to polished, brushed steel or coated black watches. For me it just depends on how that particular watch style looks in those choices. However, if i have to choice one of the styles displayed by the Marvin Watches i would prefer the black coated style.

  • CyrusNguyen

    These Marvin are very nice in real life. The black and blue combination is fantastic. 

  • frankwhite

    I’m not sure whether I prefer one over the others but I have definitely been feeling black watches lately. Sorry I don’t have a facebook account I hope that doesn’t affect my chances of winning.

  • WesPhelan

    I could really use this watch.  It looks great and I just happen to need a watch.

  • Conish22

    In general, I find watches with polished or brushed steel to look best, but for a more sporty watch like this I prefer the black coating.

  • These are beautiful watches!  About the designs; I find myself liking both the black and the brushed steel look, but I will favor the cleaner brushed look for a day-to-day watch at work. Black is a bit cooler and more aggressive in its look and I would probably prefer that more as a sports watch or with the pals looking at soccer on TV.  To summerize; brushed steel is more classic and more normal. Black is more sporty and makes more of a statement of coolnes…

  • MichaelEdwards

    Marvin has been repeatedly hitting the “sweet spot” with aesthetically pleasing (just plain nice!!) watch designs that also promise excellent performance and a value that pretty much nobody can complain about. Good stuff 

  • Nipri

    I really dont have a preference when it comes to polished, brushed steel or coated black watches. For me it just depends on how that particular watch style looks in those choices. However, if i have to choose one of the styles displayed by the Marvin Watches i would prefer the black coated style.

  • jmjones29

    The style of the watch determines what the best finish should be.  Both the brushed metal and black can be equally appealing

  • hyperaesthetic

    I prefer brushed steel for ease of wear. But these Marvins look good. 

  • Mstein4

    I prefer brushed steal for the ability to hide wear

  • nils444

    I almost always prefer brushed > polished steel over black coating.

  • SparkyEOT

    I tend to prefer brushed steel. DLC/PVD black coating is hit or miss.

  • JeremyMacklin

    More and more I am looking at black!

  • CharleneFloyd

    laurensfloyd@hotmail.comI like brushed stainless steel best but have all 3 finishes in my collection.  The Marvin would look good in it!

  • agenda893

    I love the look a the brushed stainless steel on the model in the bottom right corner. I’m in the market for a new watch and am now seriously considering a Marvin. 

  • bmirko

    I                 I like the stainless steel case, but prefer the dial finish on the other 3 PVD coated watches.

  • MenachemSelent

    brushed steel all the way!

  • Gbastille

    I love the look of Coated Black watch for casual wear! But for a dress Watch i would go for the Brushed Steel. 

  • AntonisSampson

    I like alot the look of Coated Black. it gives an aggessive look to the watch. Good luck to everyone

  • benwhite22

    These are handsome watches. I definately prefer the black case; looks especially good with the white face.

  • NWP

    I presently own both polished and brushed steel watches. I am looking forward to having a PVD or DLC coated black watch someday in my collection.

  • walterwclee

    Never heard of this brand until this post. Their products look very modern, and sophisticated. i really like the look of their PVD/DLC watch, it makes the dial really pop. day to day though Brushed is the way to go, ive had a few watches with polished link bracelets and “table Rash” breaks my heart.

  • M charles

    Polished or brushed for me. I am not that fond of the black cases on most timepieces.

  • Sunnymay

    Polished or brushed steel for a watch is fine with me.  It reminds me of the choices for faucets in the kitchen where brushed nickel is one of the trends nowadays.

  • hhe

    Brushed steel, think for the long term that is the best. And a watch like this can last for some time; also after the pvd trend is over 🙂

  • jpsnema

    I prefer brushed/polished. However, all the Marvins look great!

  • danbouchard

    Definitely prefer brushed/polished especially on cushion cases.

  • phut

    really depends on the watch…a dress watch would normally be polished, a sport or tool watch i would possibly have brushed or pvd’d. also depends on the case material; satin titanium looks luv-er-ly.

  • My affinity towards the “cushion” shape has grown. Some of the vintage Bulova’s from the 70’s kindled my interest early on. I really prefer the polished steel best.

  • Bitpicnic

    I’m usually partial to brushed steel, though it depends on the watch.

  • watchmaker12

    Prefer brushed steel and coated black for my next watch in my collection.

  • wbilly

    Polished for a dress watch. OTW, brushed or black.

  • nigihaku

    It depends on the watch: I like black for sport and polished for dressy.

  • taps

    For an everyday watch I prefer a coated or brushed cases as opposed to a polished one.

  • humphl

    Polished, but I tend to bang my watches up so much… Perhaps black if it wouldn’t scratch?

  • mluke

    mikelI really like the PVD look and brushed steel

  • charlesnevers

    I do likecthose. Specialy the blue circle one.

  • charlesnevers

    I do like those specialy the blue circle one. But usually i prefer brushed watches.

  • Luckie

    I ;like my watches brushed as they show less wear but i prefer black watches over stainless. 

  • rsteck

    Polished, Brushed, then PVD is my preference.

  • lferg30

    I personally prefer a polished watch for the most part. I think brushed is nice also, but I have never owned a brushed finish

  • taleinat

    I personally avoid watches with black coating, and find myself liking watches with a brushed finished most often.

  • Watchfan65

    These look like very nice watches and the price is very attractive.

  • BrianSchiele

    Brushed please.. Nice looking watches!

  • plet2104

    I am always partial to brushed steel. 

  • JeffKolodny

    I love the steel case.  I would be afraid of the black getting scratched.  I also love the display back on these watches.

  • Very nice watches…. I personally prefer brushed stainless steel, although black is also nice on some pieces.

  • SlvrSrfr

    Brushed steel would be my choice. The PVD-coated versions of this watch look spectacular, though.

  • Mdarden138

    Prefer the brushed stainless steel, as polished looks cheap to me (just personally speaking). If going PVD, then is has to be heavily brushed or bead blasted.

  • Mdarden138

    Would prefer the brushed ss model (polished stainless steel looks cheap on almost watches, in my personal opinion).

  • Marc Porlier

    I like the white dial!

  • LivingPremium

    With a watch like this, the black would be the way I would go. Of course the brushed steel is always nice. You really can’t go wrong with either.

  • StevenBremer

    Black for me please

  • chrishiew

    Great giveaway! Thanks!For this particular watch, the black goes really well. Personally, I would prefer brushed as it is less bling 🙂 .. and not easily scratched!

  • fabiomferreira

    Nice watches, very good job Marvin. I prefer my watches with brushed steel.

  • pcmxa

    Great Giveaway (again). My favorite watch is a combination of brushed and polished stainless steel, nut the majority are straight up brushed.

  • jeffbuzzell

    I perefer a brushed steel watch, but will admit my next watch will be black black black.

  • rlv

    Very nice Watches! I would prefer the coated black with blue details! All beautiful pieces

  • Phillyfilm

    Color/material preference depends on the style of the watch. Generally I prefer brushed steel, but these particular Marvin watches look really great in black.

  • punzyk

    I’m a big fan of cases that use both brushed and polished steel to good effect. However, I also recognize that some designs just look fantastic in black, like these Malton Cushions!

  • waslos

    I love brushed steel, these watches all look incredible. 

  • TerriPatillo

    I prefer brushed steel. Gives the watch a very classic style.   I Like and Marvin Watches on Facebook (Terri Patillo)Terri Ppr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  • AlexanderNicollGerliJr

    Polished stell for dress, brushed for some casual pieces. Black (PVD or otherwise) for almost any sporty or everyday watch. Polished black watches just seem to…desperate.

  • hoyaeldridge

    Big fan of polished steel, but I’m interested in expanding the look of my collections. A black PVD would be interesting.

  • vantagesc

    Ordinarily I prefer brushed steel, but these watches look fantastic in the black coating.

  • BrianD320

    First off, keep up the great work with the blog & podcast. Anyway, these are some reat looking watches. I loved them when I read the review on them, however I couldn’t squeeze one into my budget. I tend to lean towards brushed cases, however I love the PVD. I find it to be an aggressive and masculine type of look, and I’ve been drawn to that finish on some watches recently.

  • boa49

    I prefer Burshed steel on most watches.


    I always prefer brushed steel watches.

  • SanderK

    I prefer pvd black watches, i love the look of these watches.

  • AbhishekMEHRA

    I have a few brushed steel watches. My fav being the Panerai Daylight Chrono, which has a similar case as these Marvin watches.The Marvin PVD in black coating with blue accents would look good to add to my collection!Abhishek 

  • AbhishekMEHRA

     I have a few brushed steel watches. My fav being the Panerai Daylight Chrono, which has a similar case as these Marvin watches.The Marvin PVD in black coating with blue accents would look good to add to my collection!Abhishek

  • RandyTorres

    I’ll take the black coated case with the blue accents thank you very much!

  • RandyTorres

    I liked both a long time ago and I’ll take the black coated case with the blue accents thank you very much!

  • Joerivg

    Brushed steel all the way 🙂 … Black coated bracelets / watches tend to lose their color after receiving some beating (imo).  Brushed needs to be polished and done 🙂 Although the black  coated one here is a nice piece 🙂

  • nothenorm

    I prefer Brushed all along as Polished is too dressy.
    Always wanted to try Black Coated though as it looks rugged too : )

  • GWalkaa

    Brushed Steel is definitely my favorite. They are the most versatile of all the watch finishes. And i must say this Marvin is a excellent example.

  • I prefer coated black, more sporty and masculine !

  • tau_q

    Dear all,I prefer brushed cases maximum with a touch of polish on bezel. Nothing more. Marvin is a very good example. And I think that the coated cases fits sport and military watches.Regards.

  • falzaron

    Definitely brushed steel. More classy. But as for a lot of my fellow watches afficionados, I would like to have one beautiful piece in coated black (as the blue Marvin up there for instance, some seiko dive watchs too). Regards

  • microiden

    I prefer the polished version.

  • I’ve always been a fan of brushed steel. They look presentable yet maintain a level of ruggedness. More recently, the influx of black coated watches have produced some head-turning designs and I’m beginning to build interest in watches with black PVD/DLC finishes.

  • Daambaa

    I prefer Burshed

  • Hogard

    Brushed steel for an industrial sturdy look. For dress watches and the more refined timepieces I would go for polished. Coated black is something I personally don’t really like. A material should be seen. If you are hiding it, you are probably trying to conceal something of lesser quality. 

  • PaulHeuer

    Brushed steel for me – a timeless look.

  • AngelLChiclana

    Brushed steel is in my opinion diverse in its usage. At once it can be sporty, classic and luxury.

  • stillrolling

    I prefer polished as reflection and light dispersement off the surface gives it a surreal quality in every environment. A bit like polished stone gives the illusion of an entirely different material altogether. The right polished finish almost gives it a liquid quality.

  • sixtysix

    I like black coated one lately. Seems everything I like is coming in PVD/DLC or Gunmetal.

  • md2md

    Black coated/PVC looks really good on the Malton Cushion. Besides being more scratch resistant, it looks very smart and refined.

  • OliverJohnLim

    I like tge rugged profile of a black-coated watch. it’s understated but classy.

  • Bluetea

    Brushed steel for me!

  • qudths

    I prefer either the polished or brushed look as PVD has the tendency to flake off when accidentally. Damaged and cannot be polished away.

  • HopenYang

    I brefer brushed-more understated and not so glitzy

  • Bls8925

    Even though my primary watch is a Breitling Superocean Chrono, which is a bit on the polished side, I prefer the brushed look better.

  • molnART

    Brushed steel is my favorite.

  • damdam

    I prefer polished steel for dress watches because it’s a more classic and timeless look. But for a casual / fashion watch I’m a big fan of brushed steel, it looks really sporty and you don’t have to be afraid of scratchesGreetings

  • JasonTaylor1

    I like brushed steel a lot, especially on a tool watch. I will take polished steel on a dress watch any day. Black / PVD would be neat on the right piece.

  • thefortitude

    I prefer brushed steel. It is a timeless look and scratches are not as evident.

  • TheodoreWiseTepeng

    That’s a nice cushion watch and I like the signature Marvin red minute maker on the eight o’clock position. Personally, I like darker toned watch cases. PVD or DLC.

  • Anjobe

    Brushed steel for me, the most versatile and robust of finishes!

  • Oetang

    I really like the matte DLC type colouring on a watch, best attribute is the scratch freeness which makes the watch look brand new everyday !

  • JamesOSmith1

    I really like the brushed steel finish.  I own a PVD watch and the finsh has held up well, except for the strap buckle.  But for my life style the polished or brushed is the better pick

  • olzor

    I prefer the ones that are coated black.

  • AleksBak

    in black

  • erikdy

    Brushed steel is always my favorite. Black PVD when done right and match with the right face.

  • Skeltonic

    Brushed steel is my preference.  But I do enjoy black anodized.  In fact, I think it would be neat to have a line of watches in various anodized colors. 

  • manuelz

    I usually prefer the brushed steel since the polished shows scratches thought there are a few black one I like.

  • ihatedavid

    I like that open heart design on the bottom right. Not usually a fan of exposed movements, but they pulled it off well

  • notaphilic

    I prefer the polished steel. It’s easy to bring back to its polished state should you scuff it and I like shiny things. Ha ha. I actually love the look of PVD though, but I’d always worry about scratching it. If I’m a winner though, I’ll definitely give PVD a shot. : )

  • Maxkalba

    Love the PVD with the different accent colors and strap stitching

  • scottkupferman

    Good looking watch!  This would be a nice weekender.  I have watches in many finishes, but I tend to favor the brushed look.  If my Seamaster were polished, it would not be the same.  On the other hand, if my Navitimer were brushed, I probably wouldn’t like it as much.  I am a huge fan of the PVD look, but don’t own one and have no idea how it would hold up.  I’d like to hear what others have experienced with a higher end PVD watch.

  • nlbaxter

    I like polished steel for most watches.

  • Zarik

    Brushed for longevity.

  • Gmole

    It hard to say which finish I like best. The black is something I do not own. Yet! The polished And the brushed ,well it just depends on the day. So a black pvd Marvin would be an excellent addition.

  • jconli1

    I have one of each at the moment, and while I find myself wearing the brushed most often (probably the most flexible in appearance), I truly prefer the look of the coated-black.  

  • adnank

    Beautiful watches! I am always torn between the brushed or the black, but in this case I would go with the black coated 🙂

  • Nuno

    Definitely brushed steel.

  • Sean007

    Brushed is the way to go

  • petenumber2

    I prefer watches in polished steel

  • Bob Sebastian

    All the finishes have a place in my collection. It really depends on the watch. I suppose brushed is the most versatile but I love them all.

  • harti361

    i love blaack coated watches with some colorful accents. 

  • bkuzzy

    I like a watch coated black for sport, and for dress polished steel.

  • Sumanr1

    For me it depends on the type of watch – ie a dress watch should be polished and a tool/sport watch should be mainly brushed with some polished accents. I have both types of watches and prefer both for different occasions. Lately I have really been getting into black coated watches and I would say that my next watch will be black coated to round out my collection, but I will acquire something with DLC instead of PVD for obvious reasons. I really like black dive and aviator style watches, however, I think they need to have something shiny such as a black ceramic bezel or some polished case sides, just to add some bling and some contrast against the matte surfaces – not really into all matte black watches, with a few exceptions such as some of the IWC top gun line and some bell and ross models. My email is .Thanks for the opportunity once again.     

  • deleted_2011906_Thierry

    I usually don’t like the shiny things, so polished… is not my first choice. This said, My Citizen is polished, because it was the only option. I’m happy to see more and more brushed steel, or black coating. Black is my color, until they invent a darkest one, of course 😉 And a black, matte watch… Woah !

  • proto99

    All finishes have their place, but for everyday wear, I like brushed, then black and then polished.

  • rrinawat

    I prefer brushed steel over polished mostly, just because I don’t tend to wear very shiny things.

  • Philiplee203

    I definitely prefer brushed steel

  • 02Byerly132

    I have recently been into watches that are coated black. I think the black coated watch with blue accents above is very well done!


    I prefer watches in brushed steel over polished and coated black.  The brushed steel seems to hide scratches in my opinion.

  • mikeyeung

    As an everyday watch, I prefer polished.  It’s more versatile.  But as many others would agree, there’s a place for black PVD and brushed as well.

  • mrssorin

    no preference between brushed or polished. as for pvd, i wouldn’t mine  it on a radiomir case.

  • PhilR

    I prefer the brushed steel. Though, for this Marvin, I might choose the white and black.

  • vinht23

    I prefer the brushed steel.

  • brandonrozelle

    I prefer brkushed steel or PVD… polished tends to show scratches or fingerprints far too often.Cheers!

  • brandonrozelle

    I prefer brushed steel or PVD… polished tends to show scratches or fingerprints far too often.Cheers!

  • NiceyAlexander

    I like polished watches. Polished watches makes an attire look more outstanding to me

  • aizul6455

    What a great watch.. Personally, looking at those watches make me feel want to grab all of it..The PVD is great with the blue stitchi..

  • ka

    Black PVD w Red Accents – Sweet!

  • ekowanfo

    Marvin Malton Cushion M119 PVD black with blue highlights and perforated leather- a gentleman’s jewelry.

  • typericey

    I don’t have a PVD coated watch yet, and I’m actually looking for one. My preferred M119 is the PVD with white dials and black indices!

  • turboscott

    I prefer the black PVD look.  In this case the blue combined with the black really pops

  • lukschwarz

    Love it, especially the black PVD coated one.

  • Duchead

    I prefer brushed steel and black PVD over polished, but someday I will have to add a polished steel watch to my collection.

  • jhcam8

    Resembles a Radiomir case – looks great!  My finish preference depends on the watch.  Coated finishes often scratch so I’m going with the brushed finish here.

  • jcollege

    I prefered the brushed steel watches, but the black finish looks good on certain occasions.

  • speterson73

    I prefer a brushed steel, but black would be nice to have as well.

  • carolyn h

    Polished generally, though I very much like the sort of radial brushed pattern on the MM cushion.

  • EvilTuna7

    I like both finishes, but I think brushed steel is a little classier.

  • ptabatcher

    I prefer coated and brushed finishes to a polished finish. With that said, I do think there is a time for polished watches. In this watch, the DLC with blue accents is particularly nice!

  • kiddmen57

    It really depends on the occasion.  For my daily beater watch I wear a black coated variant.  I prefer a polished watch for dress occasions, and many other times the brushed look is what suits the mood. I really don’t discriminate on the case material or finish, if it is done right and done well all variants have thier place.

  • tcf119

    I really like both.  I just think that steel has more staying power.

  • I tend to prefer brushed finish over others, but I have a bit of each in my collection!

  • tcurtius

    I prefer brushed steel. It’s just much easier to maintain and touch up if the finish gets scratched.

  • ryan330i

    I prefer the appearance of the DLC.  I do think the brushed finish ages better. 

  • pkansa

    I think I like brushed finishes about the best – no smudges as with polished, or worries about wearing off with coated ones.  That said, an alternating brushed/polished can be done to great effect.

  • I generally like a polished finish, but it depends on the watch.  I find both the brushed skeleton and the black watch with the white face to be very attractive.  I’d have a hard time deciding between them.

  • soulgem

    Great giweaway. I like some of Marvin’s watches, specially their regulator. I’m usually not a fan of the black coating, but I think it works on some of the Malton models. 

  • mattsh

    My preference is for either brushed steel or coated steel.  Polished steel usually is not my style if there is a lot of it.

  • David Greengard

    Brushed for me.  It is the most versatile.

  • Fumiya

    Beautiful timepieces. I typically enjoying wearing a polished watch. Usually takes a little more time to maintain and care for but there are always an eye catcher and will always be timeless. Although between the four Marvin timepieces I would enjoy the brushed choice. 

  • saxychef

    I usually go for brushed metal but they all have there places.  This is my favorite Marvin watch.

  • Bigbandito

    I  personally prefer polished steel butt own several brushed steel pieces as well.  Although I like the look, I have never owned a PVD, DLC or ion coated piece.  I am not convinced that any of the processes would stand up well to wear.

  • UofASouthpaw

    IMO, exposed, uncoated steel, whether polished or brushed, is definitely more stylish, more elegant than coated.  Although, the coated case is a good look if going for a sport or utility watch rather than stylish.  In the case of these Marvins, the brushed case really appeals to me.  But that white dial is probably my favorite of the dials.

  • amorbavian

    I prefer the black coated oneThe look is great.

  • venom

    I like more  brushed steel and it’s great watch 

  • gjax82

    brushed seems to look better with a wide range of looks, but in this one I like the coated

  • _fab

    I prefer brushed steel over polished over black, but a combination of brushed/polished is ever more preferable.

  • spedmonkey

    It really depends on the watch. Usually I prefer polished steel, though certain watches, especially tool watches, look better brushed. Almost never a fan of the PVD look, though. To each his own.

  • AnaM

    They look great, I want them all, the black and red is the best 🙂

  • bsherman

    I prefer polished finishes on my watches, however I really think it depends on the style of the watch.  I’m sure that is why most people have more than one watch.

  • BrianM

    I always prefer bare steel.  PVD can look nice in photos, but I have yet to like a black-cased watch in real life.  Brushed finish trumps polished, but mixed brushed and polish is usually even better.

  • iharley

    I like a brushed metal finish for most of my watches. A mixed brushed/polish finish (on the bracelet especially) can look good too. Not too keen on black PVD watches, though they do look great in their photoshopped photos.

  • wandimarco

    I prefer brushed steel or black coated watches, because for polished steel  you will get those hairline scratches, i hate that. 

  • VasilisAnagnostopulos

    Burshed watch that is Black PVD as well

  • rayjack

    Polished for a dress watch, brushed or PVD for a weekend beater.

  • JoseCristian

    I prefer polished all the way.

  • OmarB

    I prefer mostly brushed with some polish.  I don’t like all polish.  All PVD is always awesome, just don’t give me a combination of PVD and polished!  PVD and brushed I can handle 🙂

  • BurninTrendz

    I prefer mostly brushed with a touch of polish. 

  • huoluohao

    I prefer brushed all the way, more feel to it and to me it just somehow suggest durability.

  • BenJackson

    I really prefer watches in brushed steel 🙂

  • Vig2000

    Decision, decisions. I love both brushed and polished steel, as well as black coated/PVD watches. If I had to choose, though, I would go with black coated. As elegant as brushed and especially polished steel is, black coated watches have that certain form factor, in which my eyes easily gravitate to. The PVD coating not only gives the watch ultimate wear resistance and makes it as tough as nails, but there is also a certain aesthetic beauty that comes with a black coated watch, making it very sleek and stealthy.

  • fearlessleader

    There is no queston that a black watch looks better with brushed metal… now, not in black and things are very different.These Marvin Milton watches look very nice — and one would look even better on my wrist 🙂

  • radufeb

    i like my watch in polished steel, but i apreciate the black on the Malton Cushion at Marvin.
    i think Loeb doas too 🙂

  • RNooij

    For me it really depends on the model. Some models look stunning in PVD-black, like a Panerai Radiomir. Other models look better in brushed or polished steel. For the Marvin Malton Cushion? I think that it depends on which version you have. The black with red and blue models look very good in PVD-black, but when it becomes more of a dress watch featuring a view of the balance-wheel throught the dial, brushed and/or polished steel looks better. But let’s be honest, isn’t this decision up to the owner of the watch? As long as companies put out different versions, more people will something to their liking.

  • albinhultman

    I would say brushed, but have yet to have owned a PVD’d watch.

  • desben

    I prefer brushed. I worry about  scratches on PVD and I find polished too tacky.

  • Degams

    I prefer polished steel but am looking closer at a PVD coated watch. The more watches I see in this coating, the more I like them. My next watch will likely be PVD coated, casual but still has a classy look.

  • 2crazy2stop

    I prefer brushed over polished.

  • treefroga1

    I have always liked brushed steel best.

  • scuttlebut

    love polished best. dont mind a combination of polished and brushed. PVD i still worry about showing marks  and scratches

  • dogdoc89

    I prefer brushed steel over polished. Better wear in my opinion.

  • eba3eb

    Definitely polished steel. A little flashy, but I think it should be that way.

  • gozno42

    I prefer brushed steel.

  • Inmate

    I prefer the pvd coated black, but I am in the market for a brushed steel. Really like some of the Christopher Ward pieces.  But I am draw to the black and blue and black and white Marvin’s above.

  • RobertSilverman

    Definatly brushed. But I am partial to the new Breitling B01 polished….

  • NunoTerra

    Although I like the stealthy look of a PVD, as I keep most of my watches, it tends to get ugly when used. My preferred finishing is either brushed or beadblasted – you can easily refinish your watches at home, cool for the hobbyist who likes to work with his hands.

  • Zadillo

    I prefer watches with brushed steel.

  • ratchet

    Most of the watches that catch my eye tend to have a combination of brushed and polished features, but if it had to be just one, I would choose brushed.

  • evandowen

    In most cases I like the brushed look of a watch, however, the black PVD coated version with blue highlights, is really speaking to me. First off, I don’t have a watch that has any blue in it (other than blued screws) and secondly, the matching stitching on the band is, for lack of a better word, cool. It kind of reminds me of a 2013 C6 Corvette with blue stitching option. Pair the two up and you have a very nice combination!

  • HawaiianHorology

    I like the fact that they went a little smaller than 44mm (which is about as big as I can wear).  The white dial with black is very nice (especially with the cross hatched dial).  I actually think women may really like that combination (as women seem to be wearing mens watches recently).    The open heart design is the one I like least.  It feels a bit cheesy to me.

  • TravisA

    Most ly brushed but depends on the watch, I actually like all three.

  • bernardos70

    This is the best looking watch you’ve ever given away here. 42mm is the sweet spot for me. Great looking watches!

  • ilovesandwiches

    I really like the black PVD with the blue.  All look very classy while still be sporty.

  • Apnea

    Brushed surfaces, a nice satin brushed finish beats a mirror polish easily for me.

  • DanP

    I like them brushed..

  • Sampaio

    I love this line! My favourite is the “froggy”, very classy!I personally like when the watch cases combine brushed and polished surfaces. One brings out the other.

  • MathieuRobert

    In general, I prefer brushed steel. But for this model, I prefer PVD black coated.

  • mschen

    I like my watches on the muted side – brushed steel for me!

  • mcsnootch

    I prefer a brushed steel case.

  • chartman1

    brushed steel is my favorite

  • Okhan

    I’ve always liked the black DLC/PVD coatings especially for sports watches, but my favorite is still brushed stainless. I quite like these Marvin Malton watches; you don’t see many cushion cases and it makes these stand out.

  • Oliveskate

    I love the look of the flat black, titanium look. Brushed steel is a close second.

  • tresd

    The Flat Black with the white face is white face is a great combination and my preference for this style of watch.  Brushed stainless is a very good look as well.

  • Black Mamba

    i prefer brushed case

  • DonovanT

    If I had to pick it would be brushed steel, since I personally will inevitable get scratches on my watch anyways.

  • RodrigoVera

    Brushed definitely. This is the best giveaway I can remember!

  • AaronThompson2

    I prefer watches that are brushed stainless. But I would alsoWear a black PVD coated watch.

  • carneius

    I usually like brushed steel or a combination of brushed and polished. But those black Marvins are great!


    I prefer PVD black coated

  • jchovanjr

    I like brushed steel myself.

  • AJayHall62

    I like the brushed steel look most of the time

  • JonnyD

    The open heart M119 is the one that pulled me in initially, although the blue trim is pretty eye catching. I prefer a fully polished case.

  • Kristijan

    I prefer watches in brushed steel. It doesn’t need much maintenance and is very classy when done properly.

  • Hacker4748

    I very much like black coated watches, somehow more sleek and fits my style. I already have one black titanium Edifice, very nice. 🙂

  • jimley815

    I prefer a watch with a brushed steel look, as opposed to a black or polished watch.  The brushed steel offers more opportunities for dressing up or dressing down.  To put it simply, I can wear a brushed steel watch for casual or dress.

  • Vetbracara

    I a Brushed fan, more understated and less scrachy

  • raducanmihai

    I like both the black/blue and the steel case with the dial cut to see the mechanism. Between the two,I like the one with the cut in the dial.

  • lomarti

    I like Brushed Steel or Coated rather than Polished.

  • soling

    These Marvin watches somehow get my hart beating faster! The cut at dial version or the one with white background are marvellous. The brushed steel look great!

  • Stokpot

    I am a brushed steel fan.

  • Gscott5076

    I prefer brushed

  • nate007

    I prefer the brushed

  • shawn02warrior

    I prefer Black

  • malomoto

    The cushion shape is interesting . . . very Panerai looking.  I have a couple of square cased timepieces, but not a cushion.  The black PVD with blue interior chaper ring and matching blue stitching has a certain appeal to me, and would go well in my collection.

  • Rotorblade

    Normally I’m strictly brushed or polished steel. For these Marvins, though, the PVD coated variations look fantastic.

  • monofonio

    love the brushed steel one.

  • vmihai

    I’d rather go for the coated black

  • skullpin

    Polished, not a fan of PVD.

  • sureowl

    I knew a Marvin in college who after a night of sipping the fine wine of the local establishment walked into a concrete light pole and knocked himself out cold. Poor chap was never the same indeed.

  • thebooch

    I Prefer the Brushed look. I have not tried pvd, but It looks cheap in pictures. If there is a time that I might need the protection of pvd, I would just wear my g-shock.

  • skretter

    I prefer brushed or polished.  I’ve never gotten a PVD watch.  I like how the black watches look but I’m always worried that I’ll put a big gnarly scratch in it and not be able to easily fix it.  With polished or brushed I can usually repair a scratch if needed. 

  • jpester

    Love the look of brushed steel!

  • PeterMurphy

    Great looking watch. It’s a hard choice, but I think the brushed stainless wins.

  • tre

    This is a great watch and a great look in either style. For me I prefer the brushed steel. the cushion is one of my favorite shapes.

  • Gmaker202

    I prefer my watches brushed with just a few polished accents. I feel as if polished makes the watch pop out too obviously and removes a lot of the subtly of having a watch on your wrist. Never had anything coated in black so I wouldn’t know.

  • BoardTraveller

    Not really a fan of polished steel myself. Like Gmaker202 I like it used as accents though. Brushed or Black for me depending on the watch and occasion.

  • I really like the character of brushed steel.

  • Miha94

    It depends on the watch though usually i prefer brushed steel

  • johnro6659

    I like the brshed steel with the black face and open heart dial the best. I already have both A blog to read and Marvin liked on facebook.

  • DavidDrecktrah

    I really like them all but have trended towards the all black watches. There’s just something about the stealthy look that I’m really drawn to.

  • raol

    All black everything is pretty boring. I prefer clean look of the steel.

  • gallen1981

    I typically like cases with brushed steel.  Polished looks great but scratches  don’t.

  • PeterPirko

    Polished cases imo are the best

  • Wilkie411

    Just found this site and it is awesome. I never wear a watch, but if I did it would be this one in black!

  • CharlieWu

    1. usually i prefer brushed, but on these malton cushions PVD black is awesome.  it gives a strong military look to the watch and makes it stand out from others that much.2. just want to give a shout out to People at Marvin – you guys are doing a wonderful job.I took notice of Marvin in Barney’s catalog.  I have been looking for a watch that will give a statement, but not too much.  It also has to be within the budget.  The Marvins in that catalog was sophisticated and classy.  It features swiss automatic movement and a reasonable price tag.  The simplistic sound of its name is also pleasing; it can easily be associated with a traditional, classic looking watch or a sporty one.  The logo also does the same magic; it’s simple, yet leaves a strong impression.  After some researches and reading all the articles here on ablogtoread, I decided – this is what I want to put my money on.  I am a proud owner of a few Marvins now.  Just when I thought I finished saying all the nice things about Marvin, I was surprised by how good their customer service is on a personal level too.  I hope they do well from here on in.  It’s very hard to move up another level in the watch industry.  I suppose companies that have been around for too long hardly ever lose their spot.  Oh~ I forgot Marvin has over 150 years of heritage too!  What a nice comeback!

  • curtinnd

    Generally like the polished look, but with a sports watch the black looks cool.

  • Mgpotter

    Brushed, polished or black steel really depends on the overall look for the watch.  I probably lean a little towards polished steel, but some watches use black to their advantage.

  • farmer2k5

    I favour polished cases.

  • emlevine711

    Typically I prefer the polished steel look, but when it comes to sports watches I like them better coated black.

  • AkAttack

    I like the mix of circle and square of this watch.  Brushed steel would always be my preference.

  • DavidYoo

    Wow sounds great. I prefer brushed steel look

  • DavidYoo

     Wow sounds great. I prefer brushed steel look

  • hsamue14

    The Marvin Malton cushion watches look great!  I definitely prefer this watch PVD black coated.

  • Dogbert

    I prefer watches that are brushed steel.  The Marvins look good.

  • abadsha

    The Marvin Malton cushion M119 watch are very nice to wear. Specially the checkered black coated. I wish I had one like this in my collection.

  • Hellbeard

    Oh boy, I’d love to have such a beautiful piece. Count me in!

  • RmkFotos

    I prefer Marvin Malton watches in brushed steel.

  • ToddNovak

    i am a fan of brushed steel myself. i think it provides a smart sophisticated look with a bit of an edge. it doesnt scream HEY LOOK AT MY WATCH.. subtlety is a great device. 

  • FayEz

    I’m totally in love with Marvin Malton watches in PVD case as it give the watch a very sporty look with a tint of elegant feel to it. The dial on Marvin Malton Cushion M119 is very attractive/trendy and yet it does not compromise with the legibility when reading time. I prefer brushed steel than polished steel as I’m prefer a more low-profile watch for self admiring purpose. Would really love to have this watch in my collection! love it!

  • Marvin watches rock! I love the PVD case the most as it really has a huge coolness factor to it! Well done guys on creating such awesome looking watches!

  • AlexSpizman

    I like watches that have a mix of polished and brushed surfaces, but my favorite would have to be bead blasted. 

  • manueldabranca

    I Like watches with black coating. I really like the Marvin model with the white face and black coating.

  • Biglou

    I dig the all black version. Most people won’t wear an all black watch which is why I like them so much. Marvin makes some beautiful watches but I hope they start making in-house movements at some point.

  • JBBEnt

    I usually prefer brushed steel, but these Martins look great in black too. It would be a hard choice.

  • bockzilla

     Gotta Love a PVD on a Black strap, classic, beautiful and insanely durable. Someone is going to be very fortunate to win one.

  • Rev Fred

    I like the watches with the brushed and polished steel, but I prefer the PVD black coated ones. In particular, the black and white model really stands out for me. Its a great blend of classic and modern.

  • LGG

    I like watches that are coated black with a light face or a blackout face.

  • webmichl

    Black coated or brushed with some polished accents are my favorites. In this special marvin case, i think black coated would work best.

  • rmv1000

    Great looking watch!  I prefer my watch with a black coating or brushed steel version, depending on the event and my stle of clothing.

  • Pilot747767

    Very nice watch! Black finish is what I’m looking for now. Then I like brushed steel and polished steel. I always worry about scratching polished finishes. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • isaacdt

    Excellent watch! I prefer black coated.

  • cicapoo

    Super watch!

  • CostinBanica

    Beautiful pieces! I am planning for some time to have a black coated watch….they just look perfect!

  • vathirasia

    beautiful watch! also black coating

  • Kandrysi

    I like polished steel followed by black coated and then polished.

  • Kandrysi

    I liked brushed steel followed by black coated then polished.

  • stephen

    black case, white dial – yesblack case, black dial – noon sport, prefer polished or a mixture to just brushed.  but really depends on the watch styling.  on dress, definitely just polished.

  • kjagasia

    I                      As always, Thank you very much for this promotion. I have a preference for a combination of brushed and polished steel. I also do like an exposed skeleton movement. A perfect example is the Marvin with the open heart at 12 o’clock position. I will be damn happy if I can win that one.

  • exet2710

    Prefer brushed steel. Much claener

  • KerenPascual

    Brushed steel because it looks more bad ass.

  • ThomasTJ

    The green version looks awesome 

  • BrianTodd

    I prefer the brushed steel. Very modern.

  • HerbysCloset

    I love the brushed steel!

  • vmarks

    I’m a fan of brushed steel. Yes, it looks like a tool watch, but I know my habits. I know that I’ll get desk diver scratches on the bracelet. I know that I may accidentally walk into something and brush the case against the wall.A brushed steel watch is one that you can gently brush back to a near-new appearance. Polishing is a lot harder, and PVD may be harder, but forget trying to repair the surface.My perfect combination here would be the brushed steel case, the black face with concentric circles and the perforated band with the blue stitching.

  • Hellbeard

    I hadn’t noticed that I must mention it but I prefer brushed steel which I think is classier.

  • MarkFenimore

    After recently purchasing a brushed steel watch (in black), I really can appreciate the unidirectional brushed finish! Great looking set of cushion watches here by Marvin – well done! My favorite is the blue – for some reason it reminds me of a sports car. 

  • JJY

    I prefer the brushed steel. It has a cleaner, classic, modern look to it

  • Draeger

    Both polished steel and PVD coated steel can be beautiful. For me it depends on the type of watch and its intended purpose.  If it is appropriately polished or coated I have no disagreement with either.

  • Steve Poorman

    I’m a fan of the brushed steel look and find that I tend to favor those watches. 

  • ken19

    The  black coated with the white  face is my favourite, it sharp and distinctive. A cross between the old and the modern. 

  • EHamilton_Brown

    I’ve been a fan of PVD black coated watches for a while 😉

  • pucksz

    The contrast of the PVD black coat with white face brings out all the best features and details of Marvin

  • CJN

    I personally like the look of brushed SS. I collect dive watches and find the brushed SS and Brushed PVD/DLC work the best for tool divers.

  • Odey

    Doesnt kinda mather if a watch is black or steel. Main thing is that it aint leather or any fabric. If id choose from the option, id take black coated one. :o)

  • samumingo

    I prefer brushed steel for daily use, and PVD coating for the weekend. Thanks!

  • nabiawada

    I personally prefer watches with brushed steel, something about the texture says I’m a professional but I don’t take myself too seriously.

  • duane_bayley

    I prefer different finishes, depending on the style of the watch. For the Marvin Malton Cushion, the brushed finish with open heart black dial is the best looking model.

  • d_in_la

    My preference is towards brushed steel, however, I am a fan of the matte black look as long as it nicely complements the face design and color accents of the watch – not the other way around.

  • surama

    I personally love the brushed steel effect.It looks amazing.

  • dammen

    I own both brushed and polished watches and combinations of both but I would prefer my next watch to have a black coating.

  • catweazl

    All of the watches look great but if I must choose, then the brushed steel has my pref.

  • csaezmarcuse

    Brushed steel is my first choice, PVD my second choice. Of the four Marvins the one with the white face is my favorite.

  • BartThans

    Hello and thank you for the cool raffle!I personally prefer watches in brushed steel but in the past I’ve owned (and liked) watches those which were coated black.Kind regards,Bart

  • BrianSchiele

    I like the brushed, especially when it shows a little of the movement! Great looking watches.Brian

  • GerardDimitri

    Your collection is beautiful. These watches are beautiful. I love those who are black coatedGerard Dimitri

  • MarellaMurthy


  • CiroDelPrete

    Your collection is beautiful. i prefer watch brushed steel

  • Mr Stinson

    Hi guys,I really love Marvin Watches. the Brushed steel with black coated !Ben

  • csoman

    Hi, it depends on what the occasion is while wearing the watch, but in general I prefer brushed steel with black coated cases.Would love to win a Marvin watch! :))András

  • blessedta

    Would love to win a watch.

  • parulghalout

    i love black Brushed steel watch because it looks beautiful and lovey..hope to win

  • Rafia_Mazher

    Hi I am Rafia From Doha,Qatar…I am your fan on Facebook & Marvin Watches fan too…WOW..Amazing Giveaway..534 comments incredible,… Thanks Marvin for the International Giveaway..Qatar is Thankful,..Seriously I Would love to gift it to my Husband on his Birthday,it’s so Gorgeous,but $1100 or $1200 not affordable for me(as mentioned by ablogtoread ‘s video)…Anyways If at all I am lucky enough to win,I would Prefer the 1st watch which is White Dial one in Polished steel & Black Leather strap…Oh God it’s a Gorgeous piece with so much of Detailing on it…in LOVE with it..Can’t wait to see it on my husband’s Hands.. <3email- rafiamazhar at yahoo dot com

    • Rafia_Mazher

      Oh few of my friends have entered too that’s gr8..Good luck to all <3

  • zarathusa

    Brushed steel with black coated -like!

  • BillSmith3

    I like brushed steel because it is the most versatile finish of them all. I can wear it with a suit or dressed down with jeans. PVD is neat but my fear is it does not have the timelessness of brushed steel. 

  • AurélieVoyame

    I like brushed steel because it’s different and beautiful!

  • IvanKiskinov

    Nice Watch!!!

  • Spiccato

    The black finish, while sleek, isn’t quite as “tool watch” as stainless in polished or brushed. Having said that, the black finish looks great on cushion shaped cases!

  • MenachemSelent

    I like brushed steel the best.  It seems to look like it’s higher quality. Also it’s easier to wear dress up/down.  Black coated, is nice for everyonce in a while too.

  • MenachemSelent

    I like brushed steel the best.  It seems to look like it’s higherquality. Also it’s easier to wear dress up/down.  Black coated, is nice foreveryonce in a while too.

  • DeanMartin

    I feel that PVD and polished can look a little too much on some time pieces and takes away from the look. However, each watch is individual and I own several watches with all three finishes and enjoy them all immensely. I think it just comes down to the style of the particular watch.

  • IvanKiskinov

    I like brushed steel the best.  It seems to look like it’s higherquality. Also it’s easier to wear dress up/down.  Black coated, is nicefor everyonce in a while too.

  • AlanG1984

    the black and red faced one!

  • raditzer

    I like them both, but I have a preference for the brushed.  These Marvin watches are great!  I’d love to add a cushion style watch to my collection.  

  • PatrickDiSanto

    I think this is the best thing I have read in a long time. For me I love my watches to be brushed steel, bu a very close second would be the black is so very cool. The pictured in the ad above all black with the white dial rocks. It would be nice to win something 

  • 1jzsoarer

    I love my Marvin Cushion, everyone compliments on the style and design. I would love to add another to my collection: black/blue or black/white. thanks!

  • SandraSiddall

    I prefer Brushed steel 🙂 Looks more elegant!

  • Gscott5076

    i’m kind of liking the polished look now.  i think the brushed is getting over exposed

  • vts180

    Really nice in brushed steel, could make do with a cushion until i save up for the ‘Loeb’ 😉

  • CharlieWu

    1. brush is better than polished on these maltons imho, except the PVD black really kicks butt!2.  just want to give a shout out to people @Marvinwatches.  YOu guys are doing a wonderful job.  I like to do a lot of research before I make final decision on which watch to buy.  Marvin has gone out above and beyond to answer all my lengthy questions and accommodate all the requests.  Not only do they want you to feel good about wearing the watch, but also they want you feel great about getting services.  Hope I can get another Marvin soon!!!I accidentally deleted my previous comment – this is not a duplicate.

  • Stirling_Moss

    I prefer the look of brushed steel. One the top of my ‘if I win the lottery list’ is a Marvin Sebastien Loeb autographed model. Those look great and who better to have and autographed watch by. 9 WRC titles. Wow !

  • Stirling_Moss

    I prefer the look of brushed steel. On the top of my ‘if I win the lottery list’ is a Marvin Sebastien Loeb autographed model. Those look great and who better to have and autographed watch by. 9 WRC titles. Wow !

  • Stirling_Moss

    I prefer the look of brushed steel. One the top of my ‘if I win the lottery list’ is a Marvin Sebastien Loeb autographed model. Those look great and who better to have and autographed watch by. 9 WRC titles so far. Wow !

  • Stirling_Moss

    I prefer the look of brushed steel. One the top of my ‘if I win the lottery list’ is a Marvin Sebastien Loeb autographed model. Those look great and who better to have an autographed watch by. 9 WRC titles. Wow !

  • YanHao

    In this current century of horology, utilitarian functions in a timepiece has lure the gradually expanded tentacle of aesthetic ideology. Well-functionality could never stand solely without the paired with sleek design. Brushed steel garnered on a sophisticated timepiece like Marvin Watches, will absolutely ooze an aura of anisotropic elegance balanced with architectural expression. Brushed steel on a timepiece spectacularly trumpeting the expression of bold, and contemporary urban design of silhouette. -Commented by a fanatic for intoxicant brushed steel’s timepiece. 

  • GabrielBB

    First  I like the most brushed steel on my watches. Brushed steel looks like the producer is focused on details and it gives elegance to your watch. Second, I like also black coating technology but some of my watches with black coating they loose some of the black after some years of wearing the watch.

  • SebastianoMazza

    I prefer watches in polished

  • acorus

    I like the black one, steel is a lit bit ordinary.

  • nbonnem

    I prefer watches in brushed steel. Looks classic as well as giving the option of dressing it up or looking casual.

  • GiovanniGobello


  • lunix

    Normally lean towards brushed steel due to versatility, but the black looks spectacular.

  • Paulie1988

    I really like the quilted effect look and the black pollished case looks very smart next to the black strap, that is my fave.

  • norbman

    My personal ranking is brushed steel, coating and polished steel. Brushed steel just looks fine in most cases. Coated ones are pretty cool but are not always suitable. But look at the white faced Marvin: Black coated is just the perfect choice here. 

  • I prefer brushed steel in this case

  • JaxDex86

    I prefer coated black wathes i think pollishwd plain steel wathes are a little boring and old fashioned. I love this watch

  • Homura

    I prefer brushed steel in this case because am not a big fan the color black 🙂

  • AndrewPizzinato

    I really like the coated black in these watches, especially when combined with the blue.

  • I prefer a combination of brushed and polished on the case, but never a fan of the blacked out PVD ones, well maybe except for an IWC Pilot Chrono.  Good looking Marvins.  Love the cushion case.

  • winterwold

    In general I like brushed cases. I haven’t owned a coated case yet so don’t really know how they are.

  • MaddalenaGobello

    I prefer watches in polished or brushed steel

  • FernandoO

    Hello! I´m hoping to be the lucky winner! I prefer watches that are coated black, it gives a more elegant and stealthy look for me.

  • sdmgu

    I prefer watches in brushed steel.

  • RalphTan

    Steel coated with black ooze an air of elegance yet stylish! It utterly suits my taste well.

  • SusanaLavat

    I like polished steel watches.

  • RhyanPaderanga

    I’d have my watches in brushed steel, always

  • patagnon

    Polished steel for me. Thanks.

  • VinnyT

    marvin make some beautiful watches

  • vtbradley

    Brushed steel all the way.

  • miatabeau

    I prefer the brushed steel look although they all look great

  • fankulo Brushed steel, but polished-brushed combos may be very impressive if properly distributed.

  • matthewjallison

    I personally prefer the brushed steel look.

  • dnmeehan

    I like the black finish better than I do the brushed steel.

  • Watchesr4life

    I prefer the brushed steel look but I have used both

  • Ginza

    Polished steel.

  • NickSD

    Ill take them all Buaahahah! 😀

  • taylor883

    I GIVEING AWAY mmaybe the auto with maybe a cushiony strap in say blue or see through dial, No the blue is soo cool just love yes pleaseand the brushed black is so tooday

  • LordRandall

    Always wanted to own a Marvin, the polished one looks classy, yet sporty.

  • nicke

    I have wataches in both, but for this particular design I prefer the brushed steel look

  • SidhartaGT

    Really depends on the kind of watch I’m considering. I couldn’t tolerate a black Patek even if it were the company’s decision but here I’d go for the black Marvin with the white dial – probably because the numerals look nice.

  • rustyrussell

    I prefer the brushed steel look as it is more eye catching and maintains the quality finish well even with a little wear and tear.

  • GeorgeOkuno

    I’m partial to polished finishes the most, but brushed finishes have their place as well.

  • MiaSog

    The black PVD Marvins look classy and understated.

  • RevereGriffin

    I think a overall bushed watch with touches of a high polish is optimal. The contrast between finishings can add a lot of depth and beauty.

  • MikeFig

    I actually prefer polished steel on a watch in this style. Give me brushed/PVD on my pilot watch, keep dress watches in polished. Really makes that cushion case pop!

  • craqus

    it’s hard to say because it depends on the watch, but generally I prefer them in brushed steel.  love these giveways, it’s a GREAT way for us to interact back and forth with brands we haven’t heard of before!  thank you!!!

  • kayhjoo

    Brushed steel in most cases, polished for dress watches.

  • crumley

    Polished all the way!

  • sfjuve2001

    I prefer watches that are coated black.

  • 14STIX

    I tend to own more brushed than polished, but a good PVD is great too. Have one in each finish. Great shapes and colors on these Marvin watches. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  • bravehand

    I like them all, but brushed is my favorite as it’s the most versatile.

  • IsmaelMartinez

    Great classic shape. 

  • aloutside

    have always owned polished, but now find that I prefer the look of black.  Really like the cushion shape to the martin watch line.

  • bigmongo1963

    I’m a brushed metal kinda’ guy methinks….   Lovely looking 60’s retro watches….   Black with a red strip will  match  my Mustang!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!     Cheers…..     Mongo

  • Sweet watch… I like them all to be quite frank.

  • underscoredkin

    I want it BLACK! Don’t know much about Marvin before this. Handsomely looking they are.

  • Trodden

    I prefer the pollished and brushed steel models. The brushed steel is particularly alluring.

  • chiliredlotus

    I prefer brushed on most of my watches but I have a few with polished details and I am looking for a pvd at some point. 

  • Torben754

    I like watches in polished steel but am liking the idea of a black steel watch for Ninja excursions.

  • gvardia

    I would absolutely LOVE the polished look! 

  • malerik7

    I really like the brushed steel look, though I have a fondness for all of the above. A bit of brushed steel with black accents, and it pairs well with everything.

  • J f

    both brushed and polished DLC coated preferable ROO style vegas ed.

  • sohnar

    Polished shows too many scratches…brushed for me.

  • DavidNelson

    I prefer black IP.  I have one in black, and wish I had more.  It holds up surprisingly well, especially with a brushed finish underneath.   

  • nesta39

    I like black coated, matt

  • Motzen

    I prefer brushed steel. Usually looks more elegant. But this depends on the watchface.

  • EdwardLin

    I prefer brushed stainless steel.

  • xcape

    Like the colour combination on dial and a strap

  • shinewu

    The watch looks very nice. I like the sport inspires hands and many varieties of dial/case to choose from. Highly anticipate if there is a good distribution in US.

    • shinewu

      Right now, I prefer the coated black ones. But I have no experience with the durability of those surfaces.

  • manriki256

    I prefer brushed steel watches in general. Coated black only suits a few brands / types.  imho) 

  • osks

    I prefer watches in brushed steel. I like the raw look it gives.

  • nonzerosum

    I prefer brushed stainless steel, but polished steel or a combination of both is appealing if done well.

  • NickSD

    Where are all of you coming from… Go Away the Skeleton model is MINEEEE!

  • cdholdem

    Brushed SS, titanium or black DLC for me. Nice watches but overpriced, it’s a trend for butique brands to raise their prices…

  • surfndream

    I have typically preferred brushed, but find myself leaning towards the black finish as well.  Must admit that these are all nice looking watches!

  • ChunChanners

    Prefer brushed steel.  More forgiving with scratches.

  • tatts70

    I am a bit torn on this one. I have always loved polished watch cases, but have recently started to really appreciate brushed finishes. I truly only like black finishes on mil spec watches.

  • rgp57

    I prefer a brushed case for everyday wear, they hold up better but when going out I usually wear a polished case watch , it adds a touch of class, I don’t own any black ones yet but it is on my list.

  • rgp57

    I prefer a brushed case for everyday wear, they hold up better but when going out I usually wear a polished case watch , it adds a touch of class, I don’t own any black ones yet but it is on my list.

  • rgp57

    I prefer a brushed case for everyday wear, they hold up better but when going out I usually wear a polished case watch , don’t own any black ones yet but it is on my list.

  • rgp57

    I prefer a brushed case for everyday wear, they hold up better but when going out I usually wear a polished case watch , don’t own any black ones

  • rgp57

    I prefer a brushed case for everyday wear but when I go out I wear a polished case, it adds a little class. I don’t own any black ones but it’s on my list

  • webyrd27

    I prefer the black cases, the black on black, “stealth” or combat look suits me. Looks great casual, dress or for work. webyrd27@yahoo.

  • Leology

    I like the brushed steel on the Marvin.  All my watches are black PVD so it’ll be nice to have something different.

  • DCportraits

    I prefer brushed cases, I think they play with the light better than a blast in the face with a polished case or a non reflective black case. I’m hoping I win!

  • stephentmilner

    I perfer my watches to be polished. There is nothing more sleek than polished metal.Thank you!

  • tt7970

    I prefer the polished look, but some brushed along with the polished can sometimes be striking.

  • Edwin Murillo

    I prefer brushed steel cases. They hide scratches a lot better than polished cases.

  • sawadee2you

    I like the brushed steel case with the red dial, it look cool…

  • JohnJRiedl

    I’ll take the white one, please.

  • skeester

    Cool watches, Marvin!! I like the brushed stainless model.

  • MosheBarNachoom

    awesome watches. cool design. definitely prefer the polished steel look. thanks for the chance.

  • dcourtneyc

    I prefer black .  Would be a great addition

  • SC412

    Brushed, so I don’t feel so bad when it gets worn.

  • Greg S

    Brushed steel for me please!

  • VictorKwok

    Black coating with red for me. Thx

  • MustafaSeyrek

    I prefer brushed steel cases.

  • BrownJonathan

    I like them all!

  • jaytaras

    I prefer black coated watches. The more black, the better!

  • ArviTecson

    I really like the coated black but the brushed steel is easier for me to match with my personal clothing attire.

  • Jld2012

    I like them all but if I have to choose I like he black and red

  • kloubik

    I prefer coated black – the one with white dial and black numerals is super nice!

  • Apdl

    I searched my emails and the posts and I cant find my posting menaing i never entered!I currently wear a PVD as my everyday watch I would really like something in a brushed or polisedBut I can certainly make an exception for one of these bad boys!

  • AdrianoMarques

    I prefer brushed steel watches nut the black coated ones are really awesome aswell!

  • MarineClimateLover

    All three options are nice – but put me down for polished steel.

  • ezdoesit

    These are all “sweet” looking time pieces, but the polished steel is over the top!

  • edwinek1

    I generally prefer brushed steel, but in this case I don’t know…

  • Joky

    Personally I go for brrushed steel, however I find different watch styles look better with different finishes. Interestingly I don’t usually go for black steel, this has view has been eroded over the past couple of years as some great looking black cased watches are now available.

  • tadam

    It’s depends on, what i wear, but mostly black.

  • MartinKrastev

    It depends on the combinations! I think here all the models are perfectly looking! The one with the visible “heart” is excellent combined with the steel, for example if this watch is with a black case i think it would be very very different and not so elegant. The black case, from other side, is very good looking with the black dial.In any case, for me, the one with the open “heart” is the most beautiful form all!

  • MartinKrastev

    It depends on the combinations! I think here all the models are perfectly looking! The one with the visible “heart” is excellent combined with the steel, for example if this watch is with a black case i think it would be very very different and not so elegant. The black case, from other side, is very good looking with the black dial.In any case, for me, the one with the open “heart” is the most beautiful form all!

  • Depends on the watch but  if it’s steel I’d rather go for PVD while holding out for a titanium model at some stage. 

  • DilipGoel

    The black coated Marvin- watches are just awesome!

  • raymansg

    Brushed steel, easier to polish off small scratches.Classic.

  • themoviegoer

    always prefer black

  • fialkow

    Brushed steel is better.

  • ssallen3

    Brushed steel fo sho.  Boom.

  • BenShine

    A brushed steel Marvin would be awesome

  • vferrava

    I would like to add a black watch to my collection.

  • ianjoyce

    Brushed steel all the way.

  • FrostLDeacon

    To be honest, I’d like to have one of each, but the absolute favorite would be a combination of brushed and polished steel.

  • Tobbe

    Brushed steel every day 

  • phredless

    I much prefer brushed for a casual watch, polished for a formal one.  The coated ones look cheap to me, though I understand very durable. 

  • jordanmarra

    I typically prefer a polished stainless steel, but it all dependents on the watch as a whole (dial, strap, etc) considered.  I really like my Magrette that combines polished and brushed surfaces.

  • cilfinco

    I prefer the brushed steel case, overall, while I am not familiar with the brand, seems to to be good value.

  • bucha68

    I prefer black coated watch!

  • drewmcg

    Brushed steel in this case.  Black is too much of a trend for me

  • ChrisTiradoMX

    Now that’s a tough one, in this case I’d go for the polished steel or the pvd coated version. I’d have to see them in the flesh!

  • Lately I’ve favored black cases. Marvin watches are solid! I love my M112.

  • jroot

    I like the coloured stiching on the strap.  Classy.

  • quaterindie

    I have to say I really dig the black and red version the most.

  • Yazuko

    Very cool watch, I generally prefer watches in brushed stainless, but the PVD, all-black version of the M119 is gorgeous!

  • jozz

    I prefer brushed steel over polished or black coated. From my eyes, the overall vintage-mood of the watch will fit better with the brushed steel.

  • kveton

    Gotta go with the brushed steel.

  • mikeormoe

    Brushed of polished for sure.  Polished is a bit too flashy for me.  PVD black coated is definitely growing on me though.

  • Badkarma

    Brushed is the only way to go!

  • NickSD

    Cant wait to get my new m119!

  • KeithLawler

    I dig the interesting details on this watch. The bow in the buckle, the red interior of the band, the unique need to have red in the dial somewhere. These details give it personality and I like it. Find the black coated ones to be the most handsome.

  • Love the coloured highlights.

  • Meffner13

    I like the case, vaguely similar to my Lu-Tecs I love…have to say brushed is my personal favorite.

  • tikk_takk_oclock

    I liked polished cases the most because a good, even polish is much more difficult to achieve than a good brushed finish.  That said, a brushed finish suits the Malton Cushion because the brushed finish is more rugged, which ties in thematically with the sporty dials of these models.

  • CDN In London

    I really like the polished steel.

  • manivelle

    c’mon, you’re kidding;  you don’t have to make a choice between polished steel and black.  Vive la difference.

  • wyfeofbath

    do you prefer white gold or rose gold?  Doesn’t it depend on the holistic approach to the whole dial, the face as a whole, how all the elements interact?

  • Moosey7780

    Gotta love brushed steel

  • MathieuRobert


  • Yazuko

    …for me it’s definitely black case, dial, band and accents:…casino to tactical Cold War adventure.

  • lawmarc

    i like a brushed case, with some contrasting polished sections.   Black coated is nice, as long as its done well and looks even and doesn’t scratch off easily (pvd or dlc)

  • brentkious

    Lately I have preferred brushed against a black strap, and certainly like the looks of the Marvin with that arrangement; but the black case with white face is also a lovely contrast.

  • StephenCarello

    I like the watch. Polished steel not black. Never heard of Marvin but I like the look and I like

  • NickAlbano

    Out of all of the above I would choose the black Marvin with blue stich strap. It depends on the design if choosing between polished/brushed…

  • BenThompson

    Polished steel with guts showing…

  • StephenCarello

    Black with white background for me… Never heard of Marvin but definitely a cool watch. ablogtoread ftw…

  • Black with white background for me… Never heard of Marvin but definitely acool watch.

  • PhilMaurer

    I prefer brushed watches personally.

  • Sragland

    Hard to make a definitive rule, but generally polished preferred.

  • scj1974

    Depends on what its used for. Everyday wear I gotta say brushed.

  • Po3chang

    Polished preferred

  • bgonce

    I love them all, but if I had to choose one, it would be brushed finished.

  • twoslas

    I usually like polished watches better, but with this model I love the black PVD look with the red details.

  • glennkcl

    Coated black! Sleek and sexy, like a sports car.

  • ack_0220

    HI, i like to run for the contest. To answer the question, i prefer brushed stainless steel watches because it is easier to maintain.

  • saam14

    I love black coated watches. I don’t know how long they’re going to last in fashion but they’re very cool.

  • AnaStarhanThomas

    Hello, I have to say that the brushed steel one is way better. It’s easier to maintain since scratches won’t call that much attention and also…you get to see the  mechanisms in action…great for when you have nothing to do while waiting for something important to happen, those moment of staring at the time slowly passing by will be much more interesting.

  • Alex S.

    Brushed steel all the way, it gives it that patina look.

  • amoose

    Brushed steel looks sharp and modern

  • CG

    Black coated is the way to go for me, with the red stitching accent… Nice. Well they’re all very wearable everyday watches.

  • Niels

    I prefer brushed steel. When the watch is black I love PVD and DLC even more so! Great giveaway btw

  • mugwumpr

    Black with an addl dash of color, like Droz’s red reserve de march on its ceramic pieces.

  • jsevenseven

    I have to say in the watches above the black looks sharp. Although I do like brushed as well.

  • princessleah1986

    I like the coated black look and I like the blue stitching on the strap.

  • morpheuzzz

    I love the look of a watch in PVD, but I’m worried about getting it scratched. I tend to buy a piece in brushed steel just so I don’t have to worry about scuffing.

  • Esfedudu

    I like the PVD watches the most. The Marvin with white dial and white stitching looks great.

  • LubkaKotmanikova

    I like and prefer watches in brushed steel generally – but these watches showed on picture coated in black are very nice, well designed. Like those with white dial. Thanks.. FB Lubka Kotmanikova

  • BenoitHusson

    I prefer the brushed steel

  • cmatieshin

    I love watches that are coated black. They are my preferred choice to buy.Corson email:

  • waterfield

    Preference for black coated case, with white or black

  • dandsoo

    I preffer brushed steel and polished steel on elegant watches. I owened once a pvd coated watch, it was a ding magnet.

  • SimonBourque

    I have a preference for a DLC coated watch. 🙂

  • books45

    I really like the brushed steel watches.

  • Dreadnought

    Nice post on this watch in particular and “cushion” watches. I prefer watches in brushed steel in general currently, but it still comes down to the particular watch and how it looks on my wrist or with particular business clothes. Love the reviews!

  • JWex

    I would go for black coated to go with my new iPhone 5!  

  • digitalburro

    Tough choice….but the black DLC with silver dial just calls to me so DLC it is!

  • A54f100

    I’ll go with the skeleton version.

  • MikiMichael

    I do like polished steel watches.

  • Kresha039

    definitely a brushed steel Marvin has a nice look…

  • MarkQuigley

    Black coated with red…very nice.

  • jmjones29

    I think the look of brushed steel is the most stunning for watches

  • tivo

    I’d prefere polished steel. it looks just so classy!

  • tivo

    I’d prefere polished steel. it looks just so classy!

  • MajorHavoc

    I think these Marvin watches look great in black1

  • martuki80

    I prefer the polished steel.

  • jasonarnold

    My favourite finish for a watch is brushed. I do have polished and black. Sometimes depends on design.
    Regards Jason

  • ZombieSuffer

    I prefer watches coated in black.

  • WesPhelan

    I think a watch in brushed steel is just the ticket

  • mch2469

    I do like these watches….they seem to incorporate so many great details on one watch… such as the crown shape and the overall case shape are remiscent of so many great watches…

    However the finish surely can only depend on the dial color…. so as I dont know which option of dial is being considered I will opt for the polished….

  • Shawnnny

    Nice watches! I prefer back.

  • RonMillmanCPA

    Simple, practical, reliable.  What more could you ask?
    Ron Millman, CPA  818-241-3286

  • Livefyre

    Simple, practical, reliable.  What more could you ask?
    Ron Millman, CPA  818-241-3286

  • Shawnnny

    Nice watches! I prefer black watches.

  • propergation

    I prefer brushed steel. Love automatics, and this one looks good.

  • lloydpark

    Thanks again for another opportunity to win a beautiful Marvin wristwatch. All the styles look very cool and distinctive, personally I think I would choose the black coated case with the red accents on the dial, something FAST and RACY about the red stitching and the periforations on the watch strap.

  • Livefyre

    Thanks again for another opportunity to win a beautiful Marvin wristwatch. All the styles look very cool and distinctive, personally I think I would choose the black coated case with the red accents on the dial, something FAST and RACY about the red stitching and the periforations on the watch strap.

  • jose miguel pimentel

    either source. It depends on how I feels and the weigh

  • Livefyre

    either source. It depends on how I feels and the weigh

  • colink111

    Black and white looks sexy

  • Ken Benson

    I prefer watches in brushed steel.

  • Bastien Koert

    I like the PVD black coated one. Nice looking watch