GIVEAWAY: MTM Silencer Watch

GIVEAWAY: MTM Silencer Watch

GIVEAWAY: MTM Silencer Watch Giveaways

I am really excited to give a lucky reader an opportunity to win one of MTM's newest watches - the Silencer. This watch builds on the brand's strengths as a tactical watch offering a new level of style and functionality. The first thing you should know is that while this is an analog/digital display watch, the digital display is "hidden" in the dial when not being used. This gives the face a cleaner look. On the dial are two bright LEDs that act as a flashlight when necessary. The Silencer offers a range of digital functions such as a chronograph and alarm. The latter function has a silent vibration alert which is handy in stealth situations (or meetings). It can also beep if you like as well.

The MTM Silencer is 44mm wide in steel. The winner will get their choice of a brushed or sandblasted gray case (as pictured). The Silencer is water resistant to 100 meters and is rechargeable via a handy docking base. Under normal conditions the watch doesn't been to be charged very often, unless you use the light function frequently. Overall a really cool "tactical watch" from MTM Special Ops. Enter for a chance to win one this month below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention if you like tactical watches for actual "tactical use" or just as an aspirational item because like enjoy how they look.

2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook like all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on October 31, 2012 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to MTM Watches the sponsor of this Silencer watch giveaway here at!

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  • Vig2000

    Very cool, Ariel.  I’ve been wanting an MTM for a while now.  I personally think tactical watches are more so an aspirational item because I like how they look!  At the same time, however, I would not wear my Louis Moinet Geograph on a camping trip.  I would proudly slap an MTM on my wrist instead.

  • willin

    Hi Ariel, very nice watch, i like MTM watches for the design and looks of it. //Best regards Dan

  • kangcore

    I enjoy tactical watches for how they look, but they also serve a practical function for me. I’m an infantry sergeant in the reserves, and we are called up for training on an annual basis. A good and rugged timepiece is absolutely mission-essential, to make sure our actions are all in-sync in the field. the MTM sure looks like it’ll fit the bill aesthetically, AND tactically.

  • winterwold

    I have, at not time in my life had the need for a tactical-anything. I like some of the parts that come from tactical design look. But most of the time the looks seem to contradict the term tactical. It seems like most of the tactical looks are what people have gotten from movies and not from any real tactical usage.I do like that most tactical design gives a certain level of ruggedness though.

  • damdam

    I just like how they look, a big fan of the special ops watches!

  • AlexanderZharkov

    Thank you for the opportunity! Well, I just like black military watches, in spite the fact that I’m not a military guy. 🙂

  • kmhall

    Looks great!  As for ‘real world’ use, my time in the service was filled with G-Shocks and Timex Ironmen because they were rugged and easy/cheap to replace at the ship’s store.  Anyone with a fancy watch wore it only on liberty to impress the ladies.

  • MarcGeorgin

    I like these watches just for the look and feel

  • ds99

    I like  like tactical watches for actual “tactical use” as they are waterproof/shockproof and rugges, hence they are a “go anywhere, do anything” type of watch.

  • kate1

    I like the asthetic of this watch a lot, but I do not have any use for the “tactical” functions

  • jaydub_

    I like tactical watches just because of the look.  I never need tactical.  🙂

  • webmichl

    The vibration-alarm could have an ‘tactical’ aspect during job-time 😉 Apart from that i like the cool-looking.

  • vferrava

    Nice watch like the stealth digital feature.

  • Kris C

    If my Pathfinder counts as a tactical watch, then yes, I use the features as were designed. Barometric trend and compass are both very useful features, not to mention the sunrise/sunset data.

  • johnb71

    I am a fan of the look of the watch. The most tactical thing I do in my normal day is make coffee. That said, I just think they look cool.

  • Chr0matin

    As a doctor, I need to wear a watch, and it needs to be durable and washable, so most of my daily wear pieces are tactical or diver watches.  So even though I’m not exactly using them as intended, I do actually need the functionality.

  • Hacker4748

    ot doing anything remotely “tactical”, I enjoy them for their tical / rough / military looks.

  • petemjones

    these tactical watches look really great and should stand up to a lot of abuse

  • Manglepup

    The grey is an awesome look, and I really like ana/digi models. This is a really nice watch I’d be proud to own.

  • afinewagoneer

    love the look of tactical, but no need for the function.  not much threat sitting behind a desk.thanks for the contest.

  • Freddy_C_Two

    The most tactical experience I get is dealing with two 7 year olds. But I like the watch =)

  • AleksBak

    mostly looks

  • sd39

    Since i sit in an office all day, it is mostly for the the looks, but you never know when those extra functions will come in handy

  • JamesSemaj

    I love wearing tactical watches when I was serving in the forces. I used it for for tactical purposes and enjoy the stealthy and rugged design, practical features and accurate timekeeping.

  • gvardia

    Love going camping/hiking with tactical watches

  • joeprez

    I like them because they are rough, and should stand to almost anything you throw at them. I also like the “serious business” look they have. I personally use them in the shooting range, for mountain biking, etc. 

  • 7four8

    Tactical watches should be tough so definitely like being outdoors with them.

  • PedroQuaresma

    I absolutely love the looks of tactical watches, and even though Idon’t really do anything tactical, the idea of wearing such a resistantwatch is extremely appealing.

  • rlv

    I would use it for outdoor’s activities for sure.

  • nsquared

    I love them as an aspirational item – they just look so cool. Not really engaging in many outdoor activities that would require such ruggedness.

  • phredless

    Having a watch around that is durable and meant to take some punishment is handy.  Hiking, fishing, or working outside all need a durable watch.  Currently I’ve got a diver for that purpose but this is certainly much classier.

  • CalinManea

    i like the rugged look of the tactical watches and that’s all

  • MFH

    I love big bulky and durable.  The “as needed” light feature is a great addition. 

  • Mind_Game

    I’ve always had my eye on MTM watches. This one looks like a keeper!

  • alpost1

    I love tactical watches. I have a H-3 Tritium and get to see the time at night, plus alarm feature. MTM is also a good military style which even though I am not in the service.

  • amarzban

    I like rugged watches that can be used without worry of damage or destruction. Some really neat features on this MTM.

  • avdaja

    I personally like both the practical and the theoretical value of tactical watches and I’m a particularly big fan of MTM’s collection of tactical watches…

  • NWHadleyRoma

    Typically I use an inexpensive watch when I muck around, this is something that really caught my attention and eye. I think that tall the functions make it much more useful then my dive watches and the sand blast grey is the bomb.

  • turboscott

    My “tactical use” is limited to wearing them to the range but they look good all of the time

  • mdicentio

    I really like the looks of this watch.  I love reading these posts from this site.

  • GalileoComenge

    I am a Big Fan of MTM´s watches and i personally love tactical watches.

  • matthewjallison

    Love the tactical watches for looks only.  I do not actually use them for tactical use.

  • bravehand

    Love the look!

  • Jacquess

    For me it’s all about the aesthetics, the most tactical use my watches get is me checking the time in a dark parking lot.

  • MikeNightingale

    Wow! I really like the three ‘Knureld Knobs’ (Pushers and crown) and the Matt finish. When I am on ‘special missions,’ (Going to the shops, visiting friends) I always like to equip myself with the appropriate tactical equipment. ‘Eyes open, chaps!’

  • jmjones29

    Tactical watches are cool! Look great and are functional 

  • Phillyfilm

    Wow. While so many watches are soooo close to perfect (from each person’s individual perspective), this watch hits it on the head for me. I don’t think I’d change a thing on this watch. And even though I don’t use tactical watches for that stated purpose, I do like a rugged watch for everyday use–especially when it has a built in flashlight!

  • lionstan

    Great looking watch.

  • proto99

    I really dig this watch. There seems to be a lot of inovation packed into a strong watch. I don’t do anything tatical but I like the look. It’s like a diver. Divers look great but i never dive.

  • Bigbenz

    Sandblasted, gray, silent, but bright when needed, just like me; what’s not to like about this perfect watch.

  • Lharbeck75

    I really like this watch. I almost bought an mtm recently and regretted not doing so. It is my birthday this month and what better way to celebrate than with a great new watch.

  • agagag

    Always liked the MTM watch collection.  This one is nice and would make a great every day watch.  Like the look and detail

  • manuelz

    Like the look of tactical watches but also like the functional aspect as well.

  • whythehack

    Looks like a tough watch. Im an adventurous guy, i love sailing and having a light source on ur hand would be so tactically useful in so many situations i can think of. from rope tying to map reading at night, with both hands free and under light 🙂 !! (not sure how the compass dial would help without a working compass :/)…..But i would go for a mechanical watch with digital fucntions anytime over just a digital watch.

  • imoskin

    Definitly the look is what does it for me since im not in the service, but I also tend to like the durability of such pieces.

  • Apdl

    I like tactical watches for their featuresThey are just as useful in everyday lifeIf a soldiers and police find an advantage in them then wouldn’t you want that same advantage?

  • I can’t say I would have any tactical use for it, but I certainly would put it through it’s paces, backpacking, and on the water. I like the matte finish throughout the piece making the watch look understated, all the while hiding its technological innards. Very sneaky, or should I say tactical.

  • jccookjr

    Tactical watches to me is about it’s “potential” to handle more than life usually throws at you. More the “just in case” school-of-thought. MTM has been making some nice pieces. A former Special Forces friend really enjoys the model he picked up.

  • cadillacman

    I own several Luminox watches as well as both Zodiac Sea Wolf & Super Sea Wolf watches. I also own several other dive watches. I no longer dive but love the watches for their features.

  • ack_0220

    I like because of the looks itself. Aspiration.

  • NWP

    I enjoy wearing watches with high levels of tactical functionality sinceI do put them to very good use almost every day.

  • lwsaenz

    I enjoy how they look…

  • samrosenb

    I like how tactical watches look.

  • drrone

    I would have to say Aspirational. They look great, but are able to handle increased functionality. It’s nice to know it has that flexibility.

  • tsuie

    Great tactical watch to have and to look at for my outdoor activites, including hiking, dragonboat training and races, hockey and when playing with my son.  Good looks and practical functions and tough made comes together an excellent watch that speaks “Action”.

  • melias

    I like the tactical watches that actually are functional and not overly “complicated” (meaning too many complications)

  • Ayurvedic_Teas

    Tactical watches: I enjoy them as an aspirational item because I like how they look. The MTM looks like a great watch

  • LordRandall

    Like the industrial machined look to this baby.  I already have one tactical watch and this would be a welcome addition.

  • JorrianGelink

    I enjoy how they look, and also the ability to show off the technical features to those interested in it!

  • halfacat1

    I like how tactical watches look, and the functions are neat to play around with, but to be honest my recreational activities hardly include anything that these functions will come in handy in.

  • NoleenELT

    I don’t do anything tactical, but I do like to have a watch that can take the abuse of shooting guns, riding mountain bikes, etc. I also like wearing watches the the tactical look, just because it portrays a cool image.

  • KennethCusse

    tactical is a fashion statement for me, but you never know when one might need that “tactical” functionality!!!

  • 4Runner

    I prefer to use a tactical watch for its inteded purpose, namely water balloon wars with my boys.

  • andrewartajos

    I like tactical watches because they scream TOUGH when you wear it. MTM is a man watch, that’s how I like it.

  • morek

    This is a great looking watch and I love the functionality.  I don’t plan on using it for tactical purposes, but I have always wanted to get a watch with a silent alarm.

  • Marcrovner

    I do a lot of traveling and I think this watch would be great for all my frequent flights.

  • markheftler

    Definitely an aspirational thing, but I’m happy with a watch that will survive a spur of the moment bike ride/kayak adventure/hiking trail.

  • danmeehan

    Does using it on a geological field trip count as tactical? If so, then absolutely tactical use.

  • bigedsurf

    I like not only the look of tactical watches, but their functionality as well.

  • 2crazy2stop

    Watch is cool, like the black, but I would not use it for “tactical use”

  • dbakiva

    I don’t much care for “tactical” watches and would give this one away if I won it. So, it would be my “tactic” to give it away.

  • CarstenWT

    I definetely like the look of tactical watches, as an aspirational item.

  • RobertoValenzuela

    Nice. I like the look of the watch. It looks pretty rugged. I love the pushers and crown.

  • bucky6ix

    Cannot deny the cool factor of MTM watches…espeically when Jack Bauer wears one!  Also, I don’t think I would need the tactical features to storm a beach or parachute into a jungle, but definitely looks awesome and would stand up to my active lifestyle!

  • cermakhonzik

    I like this watch it is really quite a modern watch and plus it is tactical watch which would be perfect for me because I need a watch to swap with my actual watch so that it fits into my active life style.

  • AndreBraz

    I love the tactical design for casual use.

  • stevej2001

    No special ops for me. I just like the way millitary watches look.

  • aloutside

    Like the look, and feel more confident with the watch when I’m doing out of doors activities like hiking, climbing and camping.

  • Just a fan of the look – and this one looks great!

  • craqus

    I dont’ have a true “tactical” use for it, but would use the flashlight function.  it’s a well built watch that (thankfully) does not go to overboard into the tactical/mall ninja style. 

  • donato21

    I love  whole tactical military inspired look especially in this Titanium colorway with carbon fiber.

  • Wandenkolck

    Æsthetics is the
    main reason I like to wear and appreciate watches, however sometimes I notice
    that functionality doesn’t always come along in watches that have in priority
    these æsthetics features. That’s the
    main reason why the MTM Silencer attracts my attention, it’s a watch that
    unites a smooth look with a range of practical functions that make it as useful
    as it is cool and fun to wear.

  • For me it’s their look. I do hope not to be in any tactical situation…

  • Neil C

    For me it’s the looks unless the SLA suddenly decide to storm my local Safeway.

  • ratchet

    While I think that it wold be worn more often than just when on operations, tactical watches are (for me) used mainly for when on military ops.

  • Humanloop

    I think this watch has a few features I would use fairly regularly. I like the idea of a flashlight, and the alarm would be pretty useful. I don’t have much need for a tactical watch, but I can see how others would.

  • NightOwl2112

    I like tactical watches because of their durability and their NO Bull design !

  • pbates99

    I like tatical watches due to how rugged they are.  If the military feels they can rely on these, I should too.  No need to worry about most environments, cold or hot, wet or dry, dirty and oily.  My watches take a beating, I like how these hold up.

  • kvo141

    I really like the military watch aesthetics, and I’m especially drawn to pilot style. Actually, I’m wearing a military style Seiko at this very moment.Compared to other watch styles, tactical/military watches offer greater legibility, and you only start to notice this when you wear other watch styles.At this point of my life, I don’t have any tactical situations, so I guess it’s the overall looks that I like.

  • Gassy

    Strictly aspirational but the vibrating alarm could come in handy

  • jtritlla

    I really love those instrument-looking watches…moreover, the vibrating alarm is really a must.

  • Nuno

    I never gave much attention to “tactical watches” … But some stand out from others. This watch pleases me greatly. It looks robust and Masculine. I would not mind using it.Regarding the features, i suppose some of them would be useful.

  • mugwumpr

    If there’s no altimeter, I’ve no use for it.

  • bruins12

    I have two boys 11 and 13. My 13 yr old has a G-Shock.  The 11 year old wants a watch now and this would be right up his alley.  He’s enamored with the military and any gear associated with special ops, in particular.  I think this would be a great gift for him.

  • loueichjr

    I like them for both of course.

  • Stokpot

    I like how they look

  • atkins

    I simply like the stealth dark grey tactical looks and it’s functionality. There’s a thousand dollar watch without the simplest day of the week feature. 🙂

  • stmarmh

    Well, I’ve always thought “tactical” meant for use in actual tactical situations (military, swat, etc), and since I’m not involved with things on that front, I can’t say that I use it for tactical purposes. As much as I might like to think I would…just for looks. 

  • PandaBeat

    Me wants! I like tactical watches because of the built-in features used in/for real tactical work. It gives you that sensation,  that peace of mind, that you are ready to tackle into those common situations when you’re in your office at Nakatomi Plaza, receiving/responding e-mails and a Terrorist group breaks in to kill some of your coke-addicted co-workers as a distraction while they electronically steal billions of dollars and the only one that can stop them is yourself and your tactical watch. Yippee-ki-yay….

  • xelerate

    Great looking watch. I like to use tactical watches while I’m in uniform. The matte finish and high reliability are key. Thanks!

  • Conish22

    I enjoy having a watch that can do interesting things for that ‘once in a blue moon’ opportunity… If I find an instance to use a complication correctly only once, then it was a worthwhile purchase! 

  • AndrewBistak

    Love the look of this watch, from the cushion styled case to the bead blasted look of the matte grey finish, and that ‘hidden’ display is slick!  I guess that I respect tactical watches for their functionality, as I love to wear my sub-$100 G-shocks as much as my much more expensive analogs.  Would love to win this!

  • Polcpilc

    I have purchased from MTM before and they are good quality.  It was the hybrid watch and I do like tactical watches for everyday use.  I am not as protective of them since they are designed to handle abuse.

  • EthanWong

    The look is very “muscular”.  Like to wear them when I am in camping.

  • wyfeofbath

    No, this really isn’t for me.  But would make a great gift for my nephew.  Plus it might help him learn to tell time.

  • radufeb

    i like  tactical watches for their tactical use because this way i learn more about what a watch maker can do.

  • Sergio Magos
  • Sergio Magos

    The MTM watches are great! My cousin has the Patriot, Warrior and the Cobra. He has used his Warrior in two tours as a Army Officer. Just before deploying again he got the Cobra. I have a black IP tact watch which I put a grn NATO band to honor him and all our service men and women. It be so cool if I could win this great time piece. We could seat down together and compare our watches when he comes back in Nove.

  • VasilisAnagnostopulos

    I like them for both function & looks, I mean who wants a watch that just looks tough, I want one that is both 🙂 one that I can really use 

  • VinnyT

    I really like tactical watches because of their loooks

  • hoyaeldridge

    I do not own any tactical watches because I’m not as “outdoorsy” as I would like to be.  Hopefully we will remedy this sooner than later, then I will pursue a tactical watch that is applicable to the camping/hiking/ocean areas that I enjoy.  I would want one with the specifics that I would use.

  • NolanKubbernus

    Looks like another great watch by MTM. I’m obviously not going to use it in actual tactical situations. However, I would use features such as the chronograph on a regular basis. I hope I win!

  • alowisney

    I like them for the looks.

  • NunoTerra

    I need a tactical watch because I’m a donut sniper :-p Now seriously, I’m on the look for something like this and was going to mod an existing model yet this would come in handy!

  • drautodan

    Ilike them for their great looks!

  • L4RRY

    I enjoy design inspired by the “parameters” of tactical applications. I also appreciate this segment because it usually yields attractive designs. My only practical use would be for camping, though. It’s well known that fashion has historically been heavily influenced by military design in the modern era, as the “do more with less” philosophy has prevailed. While I don’t believe this attitude always results in great designs, nor is always understood, it certainly has given us some of the best products, in my opinion, when implemented at its full potential.

  • Torben754

    I could use this for Ninja excursions. I would help to walk across The Nightingale Floor.

  • edwinek1

    I love the looks of this watch, but I would also use the features it offers. Especially the vibration alarm would be great.

  • humphl

    I don’t do tactical work, but love them knowing they can take a lot of punishment. A silent alarm is awesome.

  • charlesnevers

    No tactical use but i like so much this kind of watches.

  • CharlesBoulakia

    I don’t do tactical work, but I do use countdown timers etc. when sailing, which are often “tactical-like” conditions.  I often can’t hear the alarm, which is why a silent alarm would be excellent. 

  • BenoitHusson

    It’s not for a tactical use, just for a a tactical style 🙂

  • VictorKwok

    Not for tactical use but knowing that they are made for tactical use…

  • rustyrussell

    As my SAS days are behind me, it will have to be non-tactical.

  • yasmadeki

    I love to duck hunt and every morning has a slightly different “ok to start shooting” time that is set by the state based on the official sunrise time.  A vibrating alarm would be perfect to let me know when it’s time without having dig though layers of clothes every time I’m curious or having to set an audible alarm that would defeat the purpose of the layers of camo in the first place.

  • amorbavian

    Definitely non-tactical but the flashlight can come in handy for everyone. 

  • PaulElam

    I liked MTM on facebook. V cool watches! I must admit…I don’t have much practical use for a tactical watch working in advertising, but they sure look cool…the stealthier the better!

  • ericshen

    i like to pretend to be jack bauer, so aspirational only. its good to know that my watch is tougher than me 🙂

  • ArmandVartanian

    I love the blacked out tactical look, also the increased durability is great when you bang it around

  • MathieuRobert

    I like them for how they look, since the tactical utility is non-existing, in my life, other than the durability of the material.

  • Very nice looking watch, stealth like design, the light would become very useful in many situations. Lots of gadgets integrated . I think the watch would be very popular as a non tactical watch. I would be very pleased to own and show off this tactical master piece !!

  • Gabechambers

    Love the look of tactical watches- will use my aviator with second time zone for international travel and divers (usually seiko )occasionally for diving. If I win this watch I promise to find some stealthy activities to do – maybe some mushroom hunting!

  • Cruiser

    I like tactical watches for the way they look.  I don’t wear suits, don’t need a dress watch. I own and wear diver watches, don’t dive either. I never go deeper than 2 feet but my watch needs to be capable of 200. In fact I don’t need a watch to tell time. My cell phone is more accurate. But I would wear this watch. I have disdain for jewelry because it serves no purpose. Of course a watch is different. Right.

  • whatmeworry

    Used to own an MTM Blackhawk and loved the tactical styling. It was an incredibly solidly made watch too, very impressive,

  • notimetowaste

    I have been looking for a nice tactical watch with an LED light for a while and it’s nice to finally see one. The vibrating alarm only sweetens the deal.

  • Hellbeard

    I totally need this for real tactical situations. 🙂

  • Pugsley

    I like tactical watches for their features. You never know when they will come in handy. Like the torch feature on this one, it would come in incredibly handy for little situations when i forget to put my torch on my belt.

  • Babookie

    I had and used tactical watches in the military when I was involved and actually just now miss having one. So as a right now item, it is more for nostalgia purposes that I would love this watch. It’s far cooler than anything I had when I was serving (20yrs), so even then it would be rose-tinted.

  • metalpaulie

    im really liking this tac watch for all the features and the look. it has a real rugged look and im sure it could hold up to anything i can throw at it. and the features are amazing come on led lights a torch this thing is the james bond watch lol.

  • mvcleong1

    I like tactical watches for their ruggedness and practicality,  as well as their rugged look. I think the flashlight feature would definitely be really handy!

  • JMCraig

    Tactical watches rarely offer much of a utility proposition for me, but its never a bad thing to have that capability in a pinch.

  • MikeDolan

    I wear a watch while working out, not sure if i would consider it a tactical situation… Nevertheless, they do look amazing!

  • ptraister

    Tac watches are great for their style & function,also good toolwatch they take a beating.

  • tatts70

    Tatical watches aren’t just nice for use, they can look great as well. MTM are among the better looking tactical watches for sure!

  • trevorjim

    Love Tactical watches for their “go anywhere” functionality. I enjoy fly fishing, so features such as the LED, water proof, alarm would seriously come in handy.
    I dont have one, so keep me in mind!!!!
    Great website!

  • Bob Sebastian

    I find tactical watches appealing for both the functional aspects as well as their appearance. I like the rough and ready look that goes great with casual fashion on a weekend out, but also the real world ruggedness that can handle all the elements you may encounter out in the woods, on the trail or in the water.

  • Dmac3317

    Nice tactical watch, it’s like a Swiss Army knife.

  • scj1974

    Nice watch, I like the crown and buttons. Its nice to see a watch with features look so simple. Nicely done.

  • Temur Akhmedov

    The look of the watch grabs the attention much more than it’s possible tactical use. I would rarely use it up to it’s full potential, and doubt that anyone else would!

  • If you call fishing tactical well yes I would wear it for tactical purposes. Nice looking mans watch.

  • kronos7

    What a great looking watch! I have a few “tactical” watches but they aren’t used for that purpose. I really like the look of them…tough, rugged looking watches that will hold up in a variety of situations. This one would be a great addition to my small collection. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • z841

    no real tactical opportunities in the office at this time…

  • Theaterdog

    I really like this watch as an aspirational item.  However, there are tactical reasons as well.  I really like the hidden digital time. I just think that’s a cool feature.  The flashlight function is also good. As someone with a dog, having a flashlight handy is necessary during nightly walks.  Also, another feature is the silent alert function.   That would be perfect for gentle reminders without disturbing others around me and I’m more apt to respond to a watch vibration over a phone. So often, I never sense the phone vibration.  Overall, this looks like a great watch!

  • Luckie

    Being a farmer I use tactical watches daily as any watch will get a rough go on the farm.

  • fankulo

    I apreciate their functionality but my true admiration is for their looks.

  • jwoodsy

    I like the look and rugged construction of tactical watches.  Unfortunately, I can only dream of being Jack Bauer and saving the world with this sweet watch strapped to my wrist

  • topherwright

    Nice watch!. I’ve always liked the MTM brand. I like tactical watches for their looks and ruggedness. Thanks

  • jbiss

    Tactical watches look great but really don’ help me in school.

  • books45

    I love the way watches like the MTM watch look rather than their real use.  And analog digital watches are my favorites!  I buy them whenever I can afford them.

  • Tango45

    When I was tactical, I prefered the standard cheap quartz watch with a canvas strap, good lighting (not illum; I want to control when the light is on), a stopwatch, and an alarm. as with watches in general, there’s a lot of personal preference (some don’t like canvas straps, but I hate the crud that builds up on rubber straps). I never saw anyone wear an expensive watch.  Things break/get lost in combat, and people at the front lines aren’t paid enough to buy omegas, rolexes, etc.  I actually just had a buddy get pieces of his watch surgically removed from his wrist after a suicide bomber attack… All that being said, I know that some special operators like higher-end watches, but those boys are an outlier.  Also, this is Army talking, so air force & navy might feel differently.   Either way, I want the watch.

  • johnro6659

    I am retired so using a watch in a tactical situation isn’t an option. I would pick the watch as a regular use item. It might see some action when I am on the range popping some targets or running thru the CQB room.

  • seanwhy

    Nice watch.  I like tactical watches just as an aspirational item.  Not much use for them as true tactical devices.

  • Cmac1031

    Ever have that time you get to the door and realize you can’t see the keyhole at all! These mtm watches would be a godsend. Plus there great for outdoor activities as well as tactical very durable. Plus that matte grey is kinda sweet ! Cheers


    I like tactical watches for actual tactical use.  Why bother wearing one if you are not going to use it?

  • IrishCrusader

    I am currently a cadet at West Point and am planning on branching Infantry, so durability and versatility are key. This watch has many features that would help a ton in the field, especially the light and vibrating alarm, which are extremely useful downrange, not to mention it looks pretty damn good.

  • marlowe55

    I enjoy tactical watches as anasperational piece, they look great!!

  • csaezmarcuse

    I like the watch for it´s look. I own an MTM Falcon and thi Silencer looks great.

  • ddowns333

    I am not in a position any longer where I need a tactical advantage through silence, So, I guess at this point its just the “cool factor” that turns me on, however its nice to know the tactical advantage is still there if needed… I LOVE THIS WATCH !!!!

  • deleted_2011906_Thierry

    Well, I don’t need any tactical equipment anymore, but still love the look, the feel, the idea of having something virtually indestructible (or at least stronger than regular products 😉 )On this watch, the vibration idea. Just for that… I want it!Thanks, as usual, for the giveaway…

  • berniesiao

    These are great looking watches!

  • MattBirnbaum

    Tactical is practical— information presented simply (a glance will do).  There are few good looking dual display watches on the market these days (Seiko made one in the mid ’80 that I still think is a classic).  I own a used Swiss Army model that has the same insides as the Omega X-33 that provide a very simple display until you start start playing with the buttons.  Same thing with vibrating alarms… few nice watches with such a practical feature. I bought a $30 Casio with a vibrating alarm four years ago and still wear it when I need a very quite alarm. I image I will see a few of these in operator photos.

  • Pilot747767

    Beautiful timepiece. I prefer the kinetic but would be more than happy with either one. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • CG

    Tactical use for me would be handy to have a small LED available for rifle scope adjustment in low light conditions but still not ruining your night vision.

  • Mike M.

    My job takes me to both places.  Sometimes it’s good to have a ‘tactical’ watch, other times, it’s just ‘tacti-cool.’  The vibration alarm on this watch is the cat’s meow.  I LOVE IT…

  • imachucas

    Actually i bought a military watch for the looks, and the functionality (vibrating alarm)

  • cmbezln

    Yes please!!


    I like tactical watches for everyday use because they look look with anything i wear.

  • Schpeeves

    I like tactical watches because of how they look and because I want to be prepared for the tactical situation I will probably never be in.  I also like the alarm.

  • wbilly

    Liked these watches when I was in the Army and when I did orienteering and other x-country. Now I wear them for the look.

  • JanZilliacus

      I like the look of a tactical watch and how its durability makes it a perfect daily beater. 

  • mrjoshg

    I love tactical watches. Put a DLC or PVD coating on it & I’ll lust after it. My job as a photo editor doesn’t give me many opportunities to use any of the ‘tactical’ features, but I look pretty cool sitting in front of my dual monitors.

  • Really cool watch!  I would use a watch like this to impress people with its looks and not for *tactical* use since I am not in the service.  My email is

  • JoseCristian

    I enjoy the look.

  • jotpeh

    My ‘tactical’ would application probably in a meeting to remind me of a coffee break. I don’t own ant tactical watches yet, but think the would look tacti-cool with a suit – anything that will set you apart in the corporate world …. 😉

  • YanHao

    My preference goes to tactical watches…..

  • DG Cayse

    Perhaps a nice “tactical ”  time piece. It does meet several of the requirements.Would you like my SOA #’s for consideration?All the best.

  • microiden

    I’m into using Tactical Watches for ‘tactical use’, like boating or hiking.

  • CianConway

    I like tactital watches for the tactical element, not for their looks in this case I prefer functionality

  • stmike146

    The MTM Slencer is a gorgeous watch

  • taylor883

    Great watch in the now popular matt colour reminds me of the Brietling

  • Lokibess

    I enjoy both the look and some of the tactical aspects of the watch.  There is something to be said for a tough watch that also looks “Tacticool”

  • SeanOng

    i like using them to time my cooking so i dont burn anything. tactical? not quite but strategic to not incur the wrath of a hungry girlfriend.

  • willy1974

    I like the way they look

  • scuttlebut

    love the tactical watch makes want to do commando course wearing such a cool lookin watch

  • AaronThompson2

    Since I’m just a non-tactical, regular Joe kinda guy, I simply like tactical looking watches because I think they look cool. Maybe I could wear it while playing first person shooter games! I think that would work…

  • spsall

    i just like the way they look

  • Fenskos

    I like how they look.

  • underscoredkin

    I dont really get the chance to be “tactical” but with this watch, MAYBE . . . . . . 

  • jtfremont

    I prefer the look of the watch.

  • Duchead

    I  love the look, plus I could use a watch that doubles as a flashlight

  • erikdy

    Nothing like the heavy tactical needs of surviving another day at the office. I guess I just like the way they look.

  • mmann

    I like tacticalwatches just as an aspirational item because I like howthey look.

  • pd10

    I like tactical watches.

  • Anjobe

    Ijust like the way they look, I like to pretend I’m Jack Bauer!

  • jozz

    I like how they look..the perception of other people towards me when I’m wearing it…mysteriously cool.

  • tos

    I just like them because they look cool and also because they give an impression of durability, making the owner looking a tough guy 🙂

  • tos

    I just like them because they look cool and also because they give an impression of durability, making the owner look a tough guy 🙂

  • ArthurZzz

    For every day wear in the concrete jungle and never get lost at the office. And it also looks impressive. Even in the woods.

  • mackbakker

    I don’t use them for actual tactical purposes, but appreciate the durability factor of this type of watch.  I enjoy the way they look.

  • saxychef

    I don’t use this type for any tactical use.  I just like the style, durability ( great for use in a professional kitchen) and functionality.

  • tzagu

    both practical and nice looks

  • bigtang1

    Great looking watch – like the dual analog/digital – love the durability of a tactical watch with an alarm to boot ! Nice.

  • thefortitude

    A tatical watch is great because it makes me feel like James Bond. I want to feel like James Bond all the time! The alarm clock feature is a huge asset. The nice looks are a major factor and I enjoy the “cool look” such watches have.

  • TravisA

    I like the idea that tactical watches are built to last, don’t have to baby them when in the outdoors…

  • RoadRash

    I enjoy how a tactical watch looks more than anything else but the durability is an added plus.

  • stephenbking

    The extra features of this watch make it a truly unique tactical piece. Would love for it to be part of my collection!

  • SeaLarson

    I like the unique features found on tactical watches more than I like them for their looks.

  • samumingo

    I wear tactical watches for their use more than looks. Many of the futures are not even used in normal circumstances

  • DG Cayse

    Nice watch. As my “tactical” days are behind me, its durability and shock-resistant qualities are what I would utilize.That vibrational alarm feature would be an asset in ‘over-long’ meetings…lol!

  • Data08

    I’m not really into tactical watches, but MTM seems to have created a uniquely functional watch.

  • Tactical wise does it not have a serious drawback if you have to have an external charger to use one of the main features.The watch itself may be more aspiring to a tactical role than the people that end up with one: Damn I’m not getting into the spirit of the thing..  Anyway I’d just like a watch to give to someone that will enjoy it come Christmas; 🙂 

  • brentkious

    I doubt that I would use all of the tactical features in any tactical setting (I don’t plan to join up with any black ops group anytime soon!) but I do think many of them would be useful when out hunting/hiking/etc.  Flashlight in your watch = cool.  Rechargeable battery = very cool.

  • ColinProksel

    Just like the way they look.  Doubt I would use all the functionality, even if I was aware of it.Colin P.

  • mgluck

    Of course I use the tactical functions. Otherwise, why would I clutter my wrist with them?

  • OfMitesAndMen

    I like the functionality in certain situations, but I especially like how they’re generally rugged enough to stand up to field work (I’m an ecologist) and I don’t have to worry about babying them.

  • cazlex

    Very nice watch design. Love the feature that the digital display will be hidden when not in used. 

  • subroc

    Like most others here, I don’ think I’d ever go into any combat situation where I’d need to use a tactical watch as it was intended. But I do like the look of these watches and use their functions in everyday life.

  • jimley815

    I’ve been deployed 3 times to both Afghanistan and Iraq- having a tactical watch is a necessity.  I not only enjoy a tactical watch, I need a tactical watch.  Timing is crucial, and a watch like this would be perfect to replace my beaten up old g shock. An embarrassing situation is standing in a formation and having your watch alarm ring.  Having a vibrating alarm would remedy this problem.

  • jimenbahen

    I enjoy the look of a good watch from a mile away. I would love to add this watch to my personal collection of 20 watches. I’m building this collection for my 3 yr old son as my father did one for me of only 5 watches, just want to continue with the tradition.

  • treefroga1

    Tactical watches do have some useful functions  but mostly they  just look cool.

  • teamtavares

    I realy, really like tactical watches for an aspirational item because of how cool they look! Tactical functions have come in handy, but the looks are what seals the deal for me!

  • gwgonsalves

    Love the look and the functionality of technical watches.

  • MenachemSelent

    I never encounter any “tactical needs” in my life.  However, in my opinion I love seeing different needs that people have in the watches they wear.  I would definetly be more drawn towards a watch that fulfills tactical needs.

  • billjones270

    I like tactical watches mainly for how they look…but I do like the thought that they could be used in a tactical situation if necessary

  • temfyg

    Definitely for the way they look…just like when I wear a diver when I don’t dive:)

  • LoganH

    Certainly for the way they look. Not sure the tactical uses I have in my job as a software developer, but they are very nice looking watches!

  • evandowen

    Personally, I just like the way they look and would wear the watch when I’m dressing casual or say going on a camping trip.  You never know how those bright LEDs might come in handy!

    • evandowen

      Also, “Tactical” as in Tactical Watches can mean a lot of things… like “Tactical Plumbing” when you just can’t see up under the sink to tighten a bolt or “Tactical Bear Repellent” as in shine those bright LEDs to scare a bear away… “Tactical, don’t think about holding me up in a dark alley you mugger” as I blind you with my killer watch…. hey, you never know when a Tactical Watch might come in handy…

  • pop_labchem

    I like tactical watches mainly for how they look…but I do like the thought that they could be used in a tactical situation if necessary

  • martuki80

    I like tactical watches mainly for how they look. Also, I like the functionality of technical watches.

  • I feel compelled to write and express my opinion’s regarding the latest addition to my growing collection of watches. It is the latest MTM silencer, I say latest as it is the newer model. I just received it in the mail today and have been wearing it now for about 24hours. But, before I do that let me just give you a little insight about me as it may help with perspective and the overall digestion of the opinions that I’m about to put forth.

  • tau_q

    Hi,I do not have a “special OPS” skills so I like this watch for how it looks and for his list of gadgets. For “tactical use” it could have a compass.Certainly the sandblasted gray case looks outrageous and I’m sure that when you ware it you can afford a moment of dreaming as a commando member.Really nice piece !

  • BenMyers

    Like the tactical watches for the aesthetic and durability. It’s more the knowledge that they could cope with

  • BenMyers

    Like the tactical watches for the aesthetic and durability. It’s more the knowledge that they could cope with anything than wanting to use them for any tactical purpose.

  • manueldabranca

    Good looks and gadgetry,you can’t go wrong. I work nights. Flashlight function could come in handy

  • UncleDave57

    As a Corrections Officer in a maximum security unit, a tactical watch is much more than a fashion statement. A watch with effective controlable illimination can be more than convenient in a picket tower on a dark night and it can literally save your life when the power fails while you are in a day room with as many as 125 offenders.  Back up generators don’t power the 600 lb. electric doors and it can take what seems an eternity for help get these doors open manually.  A watch that won’t give away your position–100% dark and quiet- can make the difference between a rescue or a recovery.

  • mattc1

    I just enjoy how they look – pure aesthetics. 

  • md2md

    Those crazy LED lights is what’s going for this gadget watch!

  • Seago

    I’ve started the research process on MTM watches and impressed so far.  As the proud owner of an Omega Seamaster Professional Titanium the time has come to move on. I don’t need a tactical watch as a retired accountant but am inspired by the engineering and design. My previous watch was a Ball Hydrocarbon Titanium but the quality of the metal doesn’t compare to the Omega and I am hoping that the same standards are used in MTM Special Ops watches. There is one review from a true special forces member who reviewed and tested the time piece while deployed in Afganistan. Both survived so it should last a lifetime as a daily wearer.


    Love the way they look!


    I love the way they look!

  • tracebusta19

    Love the way they look, and would love the opportunity to use it actively

  • tre

    I just like the way they look.

  • romeol1234

    I like it for what it is!

  • endicottattorney

    my tactical use is basically night time wearing.  i like the look a lot, but most of the big watches interfere with my long sleeve cuffs so i stay away from them during work days

  • thebooch

    I like the Tactical use of these watches. Even if that tactical use timing my mission to “Home Depot”

  • Gbastille

    Beautiful watch! Would love to have it!!!

  • lomarti

    I just like the look of Tactical watches.

  • scoopster42

    I just like the look of tatical watches.

  • ldtindc

    I like the look of the tactical watch and would love to win this for my fiance.

  • gjax82

    Tac watches fill both practical and asthetic purposes for me. After having destroyed severl nice watches with hard use it is nice to find one that can handle a very active lifestyle.

  • sixtysix

    I have an MTM already….I do like this style a lot.

  • KyleCastleberry

    Hard to say, the best tactical watches should only be seen until the round goes in your head.

  • angelus009

    dear friends please do not know much English translate my comment:Desde muy pequeño siempre me gustaron los relojes los armaba y desarmaba siempre para aprender sus mecanismos así por la idea del volver el tiempo atrás conseguí aprender sus funciones. El reloj para mi es una forma de ser, de ver el tiempo, de relacionarte con los demás es un accesorio casi como una extensión del cuerpo mismo. refleja nuestra personalidad puede ser tan sencillo como complejo, tal cual somos nos representa y merece tanto respeto como la creación misma donde se dio comienzo. El reloj debe ser una representación de que somos y que queremos ser, por lo que creo que tanto su uso practico como visual tiene la misma importancia y van de la mano. De a cuerdo a que tan ambiciosos somos o complejos o sencillos debe ser nuestro reloj, nuestra elección para darle su uso practico.

  • Oelholm

    I’m going to Afghanistan next year as a platoon leader, and have for that purpose bought a Seiko Diver’s which is rugged and capable – I used it last week for a field excercise. Would love a tactical watch with a few more functions, and this would fit the bill perfectly.

  • Draeger

    Although I like the look of tactical watches the true selling point for me would be the function.

  • MadTube

    I have evolved in my timepiece preferences over the years.  I started out with Timex and Casio, then jumped to Citizen, Seiko, Tissot, and so on.  As my budget allows, I try for bolder statements on my wrists.  In recent times the look of rugged diving and tactical watches have grown on me to a great extent.  This machine in the sandblasted gunmetal finish would be a wonderful addition, and I would be proud to wear it.

  • carolyn h

    I am not a tactical watch user but my husband is and absolutely uses the functions as well as appreciating the aesthetic.

  • ChrisCalvin

    My son is joining Military and would like to give this to him as gift.

  • PavelKrbec

    I enjoy how they look 😉

  • pdij

    I enjoy the look and the functionality of tactical watches – the silent alarm feature would be great.

  • Silverbar

    It has a nice look to it and some interesting features ive never seen on a watch before

  • csoman

    I just like the design!

  • Mike_Bookhardt

    Ariel, thanks for providing these fun giveaways!  I work in an office, so the ‘tactical’ look is purely aesthetic for me.

  • Mike_Bookhardt

    Ariel, thanks for providing these fun giveaways!  I work in an office, so the ‘tactical’ look is purely aesthetic for me.  My valid email is

  • MadBadger

    I like them for tactical use – I am, after all, a father of four.  I very much like the light and alarm function.

  • LA Frost

    I like the looks of “tactical” watches and value their functions when I’m in the outdoors. Better a so-called tactical watch gets beat up than something more precious. The funny thing is that during two decades in the military, I never once saw anyone wearing anything that even came close to the appearance of an MTM (or even a Luminox for that matter). To most of my colleagues, a tactical watch was a G-Shock or Ironman.

  • bockzilla

    Silent alarm sounds like an awesome feature, good looks, great functionality

  • MikeBigtime

    Like most office-workers, I don’t have much real-world need for the “tactical” aspects of the watch, but the silent alarm could be useful in many situations. The flashlight could be handy from time to time, as well. So while it’s more of an aesthetic choice for me, I can still appreciate some of the functionality of a tactical watch.

    • Mike_Bookhardt

      MikeBigtime Lol on the silent alarm in the office.  I can see myself in a meeting, and the silent alarm vibrates.  I would probably jump out of my chair like I was hit by a taser.  😀

  • ThomasTJ

    like the looks and would like to wear it while i silence my neighbour’s cat.

  • skullpin

    Looks. Though I might be more tactful wearing one.

  • marssnake

    Not only do I like the commando look of this watch, but it’s practicality. The silent alarm is a suitable function for a watch which holds the name Silencer. It’s the kind of watch I would choose to wear during my next mission, be it during a jungle raid in the Philippines or at the Casino in Monaco.
    The MTM Silencer is a dead give-away for anyone who wears it: A Man of Action / International Adventurer.


    I love the tactical applications of this watch, as well as its look.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to win this watch and would love to wear it as soon as possible.


    I love the tactical applicability of this watch, as well as its killer looks.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to win this watch and hope to win and wear it soon!

  • Abdullah1984

    Very good looking and useful watch. I really like I silent mode of it which can be very useful in many events. I hope I win 🙂

  • terpxxx

    As a former Green Beret, I would have loved this watch in the 70’s,  Great looking watch now and would love it as an everyday watch.

  • DonaldEvans

    I like the tactical watches for both reasons,…..because they can take a beating, usually have functions like lots of lume or backlighting that is useful and I also like the look of them.

  • Ng111

    Firstborn nice giveaway and watch. I like tactical watches for actual “tactical use” and because I like how they look.

  • Ng111

    First, nice giveaway and watch. I like tactical watches for actual “tactical use” and because I like how they look.

  • I love the stealth look of a tactical tool watch. Back in the day it would have been nice to have something like this. When you’re in Army LRRP’s this watch would have been the perfect partner for what we did. Plus you just got to love the looks which I do. Thanks ABTR and MTM for this wonderful give away.

  • JamesAinge

    I have always liked to look of Tactical watches. There are some that standout as being truly practical. And the MTM Silencer looks to be both for me.

  • ukwolfeman

    Pruly recreational for me. Just love the look.

  • RobertYork

    I love the looks the Silencer.  For me this would end up being a desk tactical, just as all my divers are desk divers.  Still.  Absolutely cool watch.

  • mozjo33

    I love the dual analog/digital design.  Great case size at 44 mm.  I’m in law enforcement, so I would use this while at work and for recreational purposes.  Overall, I like tactical designs mainly for recreational use.  Nicely done!

  • Time Traveler Rob

    Great looking watch!  The hidden LED is fantastic, providnig the best of both worlds!  While I don’t use tactical watches for “tactical” purposes, I do love them for recreational use.

  • Meffner13

    Personally, i think the watch looks a little too Casio, almost cheapish. Probably just the pics though. It has some great features i really like. I dont own any tactical watches, but any i would in the future would likely be purely for looks.

  • jamesBizzle

    I typically don’t care much for tactical watches but this one is fantastic. I really like the L.E.D. flashlight function as well as the “silent” alarm function. I’m particular drawn to it’s grey sandblasted grey finish as I’m a fan of darker colored watches.If I did own any tactical watches I don’t think I’d use them for any top secret operations so I’d have to say that I’d only have one for looks. haha
    My Valid e-mail:
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • HarryLin

    This watch is awesome! I like it because of how it looks. I’ll wear this and go play some Metal Gear Solid, lol.

  • Jdkennedy

    I love the look of tactical watches, but because I am spending most of my time sitting behind a desk I don’t actually get to use them for “tactical use” much often.

  • larsgrafik

    Love the look, but beeing a desk jockey, I have no valid use for a tactical watch. But on the other hand, I have no valid use for the flyback function of my PAM212 either, but I love it all the same ;-)

  • manyfaceted

    This is an awesome watch!! I have no use for a tactical watch either, but I’d love to win it and give to my mechanic dad, who I think would adore it.

  • rbmbb

    I like the look of Tactical watches but there aren’t may companies out there making quality timepieces. MTM has some of the most attractive designs. I really like this company alot.

  • zeekman78

    I like tactical watches for actual tactical use as well as the resiliency that most watches have in a magnitude of weather condidtions. I have used many other watches over the years and most have failed when used in harsh conditions related to camping, trekking, mountaineering etc. and the MTM has stood the test a number of times. I am excited to see and hopefully be able to use the MTM Silencer soon. The watch seems indestructible and has a very stylish look to it, so you can wear it in the most harsh conditions and or to the office, if your looking for a heavy duty watch that gets knocked around. Thank you.

  • RondeJong

    Tactical watches are nice, excellent toolwatches if you’re not tactical

  • p0sitive1

    I have on my wrist a 1000m dive watch. I’ve never scuba dived in my life. Strangely, I like the idea that my watch would keep tick tick ticking away long after my last breath had been squeezed out of me. So I enjoy the look, and chatting about the engineering feats I carry on my wrist.

  • vcarriereok

    No use of tactical equipment but they usually have a clean look.
    Tacticals items are made to get the job done and that makes them USABLE items. The look is only a byproduct of beeing a utilitatian tool. Which i like.

  • patgilmartin

    i can say i like how they look, but also often prefer a tactical style watch for night fishing due to the black out to prevent distraction from reflection and also the usually brighter lume.

  • GabrielBB

    I like tactical watches for how they look. I really enjoy very much when I have the possibility to use their functions.

  • userengel

    I do a ton of hiking so anything ‘tactical’ is a big plus for me!

  • BarcaFan

    Very nice looking watch. I like tactical style watches for their look. I don’t really have a need for their real use.

  • Rafia_Mazher

    I like tactical watches..because of their simplicity yet complex nature…I Love them for their stunning looks & stylish designs…I love them more over because I love attention..Thanks for the contest…liked both pages….Best of luck to me <3

  • Stinos

    I really like the look of tactical watches. Usually simple, stylish and very “clean”.
    Though to be honest, the flashlight and silent alarm functions are really usable. So this is one I want for looks, and for the “tactical” use.

  • nb543

    i like tactical watches for their look and durability.

  • Alex S.

    Tactical watches are great, but for me they are just for looks. I think it’s the same with diving watches, a lot of them get sold, but not a lot go underwater. 🙂

  • Coralreef

    In my opinion, Tactical watchesare ideal for everyday use, although I usually prefer the more fancy kind, thereis always something very exciting in the tactical kind.The rough looks and feel, arevery unique and some would even say very eyecatching.Anyway, thanks for this greatgiveaway! And keep up.

  • lebah

    very real in appearance, showing undeniable power, awesome!

  • Jammeseri

    I like the look of a tactile watch so I can feel more active while at my desk all day. The digital / analog option is great so it can still look like a “real” watch without me having to worry about mixing up the hands… 🙂

  • MarkFenimore

    While the average watch wearer wouldn’t typically encounter any real “tactical” situations like someone in the military might, it sure doesn’t hurt knowing that your watch would fit right in in such a predicament! I love the flat-black look, and the LEDs really caught my eye when I saw a previous review of an MTM watch by Ariel. The features on the watch could easily come in handy in everyday situations – not just tactical measures. Great design for a digital-analog watch, I would gladly wear this with pride!

  • nachorandell

    A Tactical watch is the best kind. They are durable, functional, look good, and extremely functional. I love the LEDs in the face, as they add a flashlight functionality all their own. The vibrating alarm is a great addition, and the ‘Digi-Log’ face is nice too. I would love to win this giveaway.

  • dogdoc89

    I like tactical watches  as an aspirational item because like enjoy how they look.

  • Bigbandito

    I enjoy “tactical” watches for their simplicity and ruggedness.

  • paoloigama

    While I don’t think that tactical situations are common in most person’s lives, I do appreciate the inherent design ethos that goes into tactical watches, namely: durability, bright lume, readability, and tough looks. The other bells and whistles in this watch are nice touches too. I can think of lots of uses for those bright LED lights. All in all, lots of uses for a tactical watch for daily situations.

  • shameless1965

    I love tactical watches I take part ain a lot of out door activities, such as running and walking the great feel in the British Isles. I like my watch to have functions and be tough.
    To have a quality time piece on my wrist would be great.

  • gregstawicki

    I love tactical watches because I know that I can strap one on my wrist and head out into the woods for a wild weekend and not worry about it at all.  I love that idea that it’s rugged and tough.

  • FTB_M

    I don’t find tactical watches particularly useful to my lifestyle at the moment, but in some situations I might find a purpose or adapt to the situation using one.
    But mostly it’s the idea of owning a watch that acts as a theoretical tool, all the while giving that empowering feeling.
    Sounds about right from my point of view…

  • Halostatue

    Wow…this is a gorgeous watch. 
    I use these kinds of watches (and would use this one) primarily tactically. I’m a private investigator professionally, and an outdoorsman (hunter, camper, fisherman, scuba diver) for my recreation. So, watches for me need to be highly functional, tough and dependable.
    Vibration alarms, etc. are features I’m ALWAYS hunting for in my watches. Covert/stealth operations require as much “camouflage” as possible and my gear/equipment is often required to be silent. This thing fits the ticket.
    And good-looking is a PLUS!

  • leshall

    I so need an alarm watch. I just ask my wife! Beautiful time piece.


    Hi, Do I put my e-mail in the post? I’m an active duty US Navy sailor currently serving on deployment overseas. I’m a part of our VBSS (VISUALIZE, BOARD, SEARCH, and SEIZURE) team that conducts anti piracy raids, and counter drug operations around the world. I could definitely use a tactical watch that could stand up to the kind of abuse that we put our gear through. Salt spray, climbing rope ladders on high seas, breaching, and general mayhem (controlled mayhem). Also, I tend to lose track of time…so this watch would be great

  • hyperaesthetic

    Tactical means to me being able to keep track of time in two or three different time zones as I travel and communicate frequently with my international collaborators in Europe and Asia. So, this watch will fit nicely in my accoutrements.

  • acme2077

    I like the tactical look, I’m sure very few of them are ever used tactically. Just like dive watches are rarely used when actually diving.

  • Sotirios

    I like the tactic look, but by now means do I use it with it’s namesakes intention

  • cnew

    I like the way they look and the quality. They are very sturdy and reliable.

  • frankiek

    A very eye appealing watch, nicely crafted and the gray works well. The functionality is a plus with multi time zones if needed, alarm and LEDs that can be used as a flashlight that take this bad boy to another level. I would definitely wear this watch with pride.  I really like this watch!

  • Sunnymay

    I think brushed steel is the way to go.  Like all the techy parts to this cool watch to wear for casual times.  Because it’s called The Silencer, does create situations where peole stop talking?

  • punet

    It’s a really nice looking tactical watch.  Of course I am not going to useit in tactical operations.  It’s just for inspiration like my other pilotand diver watches.

  • rkazebee

    I love the look of that watch!

  • dnsmayhem

    I really like “tactical watches”. One, I tend to like the subdued look more than shiny/flashy. Two, being former military, it’s just something I am accustomed to. 
    This one I like even more because I’m a sucker for ana-dig watches. Plus, being gray rather than black or olive is a nice difference, and looks quite sharp.

  • karsonb

    i love watches period.
    i have a problem and have too many. :)i doesn’t (and does) help that i work with them for my job. i have seen several watches and researched many. tactical watches are great for tactile uses.
    perfect example (and one of my favorites) Tissot T-Touch

    • karsonb

      it doesn’t*

  • alpost1

    L               Like the way they look, very masuline and I am a military want to be.

  • MLR13000

    I really love the look of this watch. However, I am not interested in winning it for myself, I have a son in Afghanistan and if I win it,  I will send it to him for gift. Knowing the missions he is on, he will certainly use it for tactical reasons.

  • Kazz Janda

    Love the style, especially the contrast with the black and neon green. Id love to own it, but if I were to win I wouldn’t keep it for myself, i would give it to my younger brother before I move to London so he has something to remember me by. I love tactical watches for the style, but there versatility and features are a great plus.

  • LejfK

    Cool looking watch I would enjoy for “aspirational” reasons

  • taylor883

    I like tactical watches for actual “tactical use” or just as an aspirational item because like enjoy how they look. As a heavy vehicle operator a watch like this would allow me to properly and tactically manage my boss.

  • AndreasKimoulis

    I like tactical watches just as an aspirational item because like enjoy how they look

  • Steven Hong

    Yowsah…. very cool looking watch with all the functions a covert ops watch geek could possibly covet..!!!

  • jbrue22

    On bracelet: aspirational because of their simplistic design
    On strap or band (during strenuous activities): functional, I could use this riding mountain bikes on the local trails

  • nyrB

    I do love the look of  tactical watches & enjoy the cool look when on ones wrist. This watch is cleverly designed with so many useful functions I imagin that it’s at home in the Operational  field & on an evening out plus it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  • JauneOrange

    I love the look and because I don’t have any tactical watches in my collection, it will blend perfectly into it. So I would like it for aspirationnal reason.

  • JFV

    I don`t have any ‘tactical use’ in my day to day life 🙂 but i don`t have anything like this in my collection

  • runge_kutta

    I like tactical watches for their actual use.

  • Jatlifefyre

    If tactical includes hiking, then yes. Otherwise it’s for the functionality

  • loueichjr

    Tactical watches look awesome and are functional. They are the best of both worlds.

  • 818

    Very nice watch, also practical since i work a lot during nightime.

  • cbonifas

    I use them just as an aspirational item because I enjoy how they look.  To ensure this is the case, I promptly remove all batteries from watches as soon as they are received.

  • falon

    Sleek watch.
    Function over form. Always.

  • WynDavies

    Love this site!  I have made a couple of watch choices after doing research here.  I really like the dark look of tactical watches and although I am not in a profession that needs a tactical watch, I do like the features since I do a lot of work at night.  I like tactical watches also because they are not flashy but very useful.

  • Dreadnought

    I like tactical watches for actual “tactical use” now that I’m out to pasture, so it’ll be an aspirational item because I enjoy how they look; and who knows, if we’re out and the situation arises, it’ll become tactical quickly.

  • goedhuis

    I certainly like the look of this watch, and while I don’t have any combat-oriented requirements, I certainly aspire to be more tactical in my life –  maybe this watch will do the trick!
    …does that count? : )

  • craqus

    I like them for the look, but I really like this one for it’s unique features.

  • hapihayun

    I like tactical watches for their durability and functionality.

  • like

  • flatwave

    I like tactical watches, though I’d never probably use them to the max of their potential.

  • Sean007

    I like the look of tactical watches.  Also for the gym.

  • jazzydrum

    I like how these “tactical watches” tend to look and that they are more often than not really durable sports watches.

  • jtambor

    like the looks but no real use for me or my profession…

  • trooperoutlaw

    I like the look of the “tactical watches” and would love to use it at work (police officer).

  • RandallCurtis

    I’d love the new MTM. Thanks for the opportunity! It would definitely dress up work & casual time!

  • Uye

    I like the look of the watch and I’m sure it could be helpful if the power goes out during this hurricane.

  • TheGecko

    Wish I could use the watch for tactical use…. but then again.. 😉
    Would look great with my daily business suit or casual during the week-end! Crossing fingers!! 
    Thanks for the opportunity! 😀

  • jojowasher

    nice watch!! I love the knurled crown and matching buttons on the sides.

  • Mister_w

    The only tactical things I get up to is deciding on tactical IT solutions… which hardly needs a watch as interesting as the MTM Silencer. But a man can dream of a life more exciting than sitting at a desk writing system specifications and wondering whose turn it is to get the coffees.

  • It’s just for the looks. I don’t do anything even remotely tactical in front of my PC.

  • gregoryalanaustin

    Really like tactical, diver and pilot’s watches for their clean design, readability and durability. Was involved in search and rescue for years and came to appreciate these attributes over most other types of watches.
    Today I am CMO of a consulting firm, so daily wear demands aren’t too stringent. But I spend my free time hiking in the back country and rely on a robust and well designed watch. I like Marathon, Sinn, Damasko, Ball and Traser and think the MTM line is a good companion to these.
    Thanks to Ablogtoread, btw, I decided to pick up a Steinhart 47mm all black chrono Lilly’s watch. Get lots of comments on it – so thanks!

    • gregoryalanaustin

      I mistyped: pilot’s watch. Darn auto-fill.

  • Kerby23

    All watches I like are for their looks.  A tactical watch will see tactical activity on me almost as much as my diver watches see water.

  • ChunChanners

    Like the looks and clean design.

  • imachucas

    I love the looks, i own the previus version of these model, mine is al titanium

  • jermaine781

    This watch looks awesome!!! I need this in my collection.

  • AlexanderGenvarev

    I Like it, I need it, I want to win!

  • Colemansm1

    Count me in.  Few things I do require a tactical watch, but I love the look.

  • Bucky Katt

    I just like the look. I really don’t *need* a watch that can also be used as a flashlight, but it’s a pretty cool feature . . .

  • chargerpoke

    It looks great…..count me in.  I wouldn’t use it tactically but I like looking at it.  Thanks

  • tce001

    Love the look, could use the alarm features, too.

  • lesnichei

    I’m NOT very tactical.  I like the look of rugged watches…so I just like their appearance.

  • FayEz

    Watch with tactical style really makes it a daily wear watch which can be a ‘topic starter’ for friends to talk about. This watch is definitely a must have and hopefully it will be in my collection for me to enjoy! Looking at it is an enjoyment and having the practicality is a bonus! Love it!

  • chitty bang

    I like the fact that some of these watches will be put to use for what they were designed. Very rarely does that happen though.

  • OslerMarine

    I’m in the healthcare industry which is a great environment for a rugged tactical style watch as there is always an abundance of bodily fluids and physical labor involved. In addition to the toughness of the watch, I like the styling and the availability of digital and analog display with alarm. This is useful especially when taking vital signs or timing drug administration.

  • BillyC

    I like the watch both for their functionality and looks. MTM Silencer is a great watch….

  • Joerivg

    As a diver, I always enjoy rugged watches who can take a beating … Putting the gear in the car, assembling gear, loads of opportunities for watches to get banged and scratched … I like rugged watches for the looks but also for their toughness …. Not going to ruin a nice dress watch by some fancy hobbies 😉

  • markoa

    Mostly just for looks.

  • atcosimon

    great watch great build wont find anything like mtm

  • dangermouse

    tough rugged looks  perfect for tradesmen

  • oiraolostaelen

    I personally like tactical watches for their looks and their specifications regardless of whether i use the additional functions. They look rugged enough for outdoor and active use, beautiful crafted for everyday casual use, yet elegant enough to be use for formal functions. Basically, I think it would not look out of place wherever i use it. In a nutshell, these reasons draw me to tactical watches.

  • xandmoe

    I like the functionality and looks of tactical watches.  Moreover, it’s their durability I appreciate.  While I would be wearing the MTM as a casual watch today, I certainly would have appreciated a watch like this when I served in a US tank unit many years ago.

  • MarkNatm

    I like tactical watches because I enjoy how they look. It just emphasizes that watches have many uses. Thanks Ariel and MTM for another great giveaway.

  • morek

    This tactical watch is great looking.  I would wear it with a suit and also when I am trecking or active.  It is useful and great style.

  • SteveA2

    The MTM Silencer is an outstanding example of an everyday tactical watch that is both rugged and handsome in appearance and useful to the person who enjoys outside sports and activities such as climbing, hiking and cycling.

  • GStuck

    I like the way tactical watches look, but the attraction is also in the robustness of their construction and reliable performance.  In terms of actual tactical use, well I’ll leave that to the professionals.  Thanks again for the giveaway.

  • mauritz45

    nice looking watch. ruggedness and good looks attract me to tactical style watches

  • Thierry

    No use of a tactical watches anymore, but I still love the look and feel of that kind of equipment. It seems it can take a lot of abuses, and last forever.
    ps : Sorry about the double post if any : it seems my first post has been deleted as I’ve raised a problem to diskus, or livefyre, can’t remember. So they deleted my account, as well as my post.

  • psatt99

    I like the looks

  • CianConway

    More for the looks for me to be honest!

  • Marathonman0307

    I like this watch, because of the combination of analog and digital display.

  • Thor0510

    Like the looks most of all

  • bigtexMRN

    To me I like the looks more than function, therefore purely aspirational

  • RandyTorres

    Please send watch ASAP!

  • Anes

    This watch is a good example how a tactical watch can be designed as every day carry watch.  This one is really nice allrounder although dress watch.  I like it a lot

  • johnp33

    Looks like a well built watch.

  • NightOwl2112

    Love the military “gear”!

  • Marathonman0307

    I like this watch because they are great for tactical use. MTM watchs use a great the combination of analog and digital display, with a compass setting on the bezel you can do just about anything.

  • billjones270

    Tactical – and they look good!

  • EthanWong

    I like this watch for how it looks.

  • chaxcha77

    Tactical watch for tactical use!!!!!!! FTW!!!

  • PeterBrunke

    Really nice watch.  The flashlight and stealth vibration function make it really tactical.  I fly planes and the flashlight will be great to look at maps.  The led display will be great for night viewing and the vibration function will be great because alarms can’t be heard over loud engines! Great for the tactical watch for the tactical use that I would use it for!

  • ukayrak

    Very nice watch…

  • temfyg

    For the look, but the fuctions always creep into everyday lives.

  • jblanco

    I actually like both: tactical use and the looks.

  • johnp33

    I like tactical watches more for the look than the function. However in this case I would use the led light quite often.

  • LeslieE1987

    I like the silencer for its tactical uses as well as the look, since I have been looking for a watch that could be used for both work and personal events.

  • gregbruce

    I like tactical watches more for the look and unique additions to them. They just look more ‘solid’ and clean.

  • japormsinc

    tactical watch for urban tactical uses… sandblasted look made me think it was titanium

  • cmatieshin

    I enjoy technical watches for their look. All the functions are neat but I wouldn’t use them much.

  • TheSneakyP

    I like tactical watches because they look robust and will survive in outdoor sports like mountainbiking. They are far more aesthetically pleasing than a digi sports watch.

  • big_hongry

    Generally I like them for their look.  However, their chrono and alarm functions when available tend to be useful.

  • SeanE

    Am I too late?? Just discovered this blog and love that watch!

  • alucard64

    Nice design change on the page, very refreshing.  I like the military watches too, they go well with almost every outfit and the best part is that they have other unusual functions added like the leds on this one.

  • stanteate

    Like the Analog/Digital combination. Like military watches, usually they are easy to read and use, the simpler is better rule. Particularly like the count up/down functions as well as silent alarm. I do use alarm functions and countdown function with some regularity.

  • LeonB

    Technologically cool but still prefer traditional tool watches explorer,speed master,submariner,have to include the g shock just for the engineering that went into development simple reliable etc.(thought digital)

  • taylor883

    ai am tactically franchised into the proper way to use my watch of tacticalicity and this MTM Watch does it all the way I like it

  • Tactical watchesare ideal for everyday use, although I usually prefer the more fancy kind, thereis always something very exciting in thetactical kind.

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