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MTM Falcon Watch Review

MTM Falcon Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The point of this watch is either an idea you’ll immediately love or dismiss. For tactical and utility purposes, this MTM Falcon watch has a dial which turns into a light. It started with the MTM Hawk collection and evolved here in the Falcon range. These are special proprietary designs and movements which offer the wearer a serious light on the wrist. Whether you are flagging down squad mates or trying to see your keys in the dark, this is a useful piece of tech that just misses being nerdy.

MTM as a brand makes a series of “tactical timepieces.” Actual or weekend warriors can get a kick out of these durably built quartz watches. The Falcon is among their more elegantly designed watches, and is reviewed here in its “Black on Black” style. As a “phantom” black on black watch, the dial is remarkably easy to read. Don’t worry, MTM offers this model in other styles with more traditional dials that are easier to see. Still, I quite like the look of the piece. Why is it legible? It is because of the many textures and shades of black used. The dial, numerals, and hands are all different shades of black with different textures. The dial is actually carbon fiber, while the matte finished hands and hour numerals contrast rather well making it easy to see.


MTM Falcon Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

MTM Falcon Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Want to see the dial even better? Then unscrew the second crown located at 2 o’clock to activate the LED light system. Right on the dial are three LEDs that can emit a blue or white light. According to MTM there are five different light modes. There is basically “on” for 20 seconds or another mode being on until the battery runs out – each for both colors. The fifth mode is a strobe effect for the white light. The lights are really impressive in terms of their brightness given that they are coming from a watch dial. The blue light is less powerful and basically designed to let you see the dial easily in the dark. The white light is designed to provide modest area illumination as well as to be visible from afar. You aren’t going to light up a room with it, but it is enough to shine light on objects in front of you, read documents, and see the ground. With a full charge, MTM claims a few hours of use.

Pressing that upper pusher cycles through the light modes. The fact that it locks is helpful so that you don’t accidentally turn it on and waste the battery. Inside the watch is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. To be honest, I am not sure if there is one battery, or two in the watch (one for time keeping and one for the lights). MTM rates the battery life at 10 years, which is common for lithium ion batteries that only need to power a quartz timing mechanism. My presumption is that there are two batteries in the piece. What I do know is that the Falcon watch has been designed with easy recharging in mind. Supplied with the kit is an induction charging stand for the Falcon. Using an A/C adapter you can charge the watch simply by setting it on the base for a few hours. Without using the light, the battery probably lasts a very long time. Given “a few hours of battery life,” it is a good idea to either bring the charger with you, or charge it up if you are going to be away from the charger for more than a couple of weeks and think you’ll be using the light a lot. MTM specially developed this system, and it is about as convenient to use as is thinkable given the fact that you need to recharge it. LEDs might suck less power than traditional bulbs, but are still thirsty little lights when they are this bright.

MTM Falcon Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

MTM Falcon Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

MTM Falcon Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The watch dial’s legibility is barely compromised by the lights, and it is easy to look past them when they are not turned on. While I feel that the hands should have been longer on the dial, the case is rather easy to read and presents as masculine, no nonsense design feel. This version of the Falcon has a titanium case that is 44mm wide. The entire case is coated in a black DLC coating. DLC stands for “diamond like carbon,” and is very scratch resistant. However, even though the case and bracelet are titanium, this is not an overly light watch given the size and weight of the internal components. Though I wouldn’t call it heavy either. Those looking for a more out-of-the-way watch might want to replace the metal bracelet with some type of rubber strap on the Falcon.

MTM designed the Falcon to be a large masculine watch. A piece like this has 44mm of width looking its largest. This is because of the very wide lug structure and actual cushion shape of the case. The case thankfully has a diver’s style rotating bezel as well as a water resistance of 100 meters. I think it would have been cool to get the water resistance up to 200-300 meters, as well as make the light function work under water – that would have been cool. The crystal is anti-reflective (AR) coated sapphire.

MTM Falcon Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

MTM Falcon Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

MTM is an American company based out of here in Los Angeles. You get that nice “USA” label on the back of the case in addition to their dagger logo. I think they should supply a dagger like that with the watches. You do however get a nice Pelican case carrrying box. Those cases are damn useful actually. Inside the MTM Falcon as I said is a custom made movement for MTM. It is quartz, and I believe Japanese. The Titanium Black on Black Falcon is among the more expensive pieces in the collection at a price of $950. The Falcon pieces however start at about $550 in steel. This piece might be worth the additional expense because the combo of titanium and DLC coating offer reduced weight without the easy scratching you usually get with naked titanium. You can get this and other MTM timepieces via their website here.

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  • MarkCarson

    Perhaps this is an unfair gripe, but the lead-in background image on their website shows a guy (pilot?) in a cockpit with what appears to be F16 fighters in the background. Another of the rotating set of images shows an F-22 in the background and what we are to assume are pilots in the foreground. All well and good for “tactical” watches. But the website ( is titled “MTM SPECIAL OPS”. The case backs have daggers, etc.So exactly how are those plane drivers special operators (snake eaters)? There are special operations pilots and aircraft, but not those.Maybe these are great watches, but their marketing makes me think these are the tactical watch equivalents of desk diver watches. “Be a special operator, or just look like one”. Or is that line about fashion models?Why do companies take innovative watches and market them like kid toys to wannabes?OK, enough ranting. I do like some of the features. I think a hybrid watch would be interesting. Automatic movement but still have the induction charged battery for the light features.

    • I love love love, complaining about watch marketing moronity. And this is not a place I would start given so many of the terrible offenders (that’s right, I am looking at you Europe).

  • Kris C


    • John Spear

      As much as I like there being more watches made in the US, I always thought faux tactical watch brands like MTM that have embarrassing names like special ops or Seal Team are as gaudy as Hummer H2s. It’s more of a marketing gimmick.

  • DangerussArt

    I’d enjoy playing eith it for a weekend, and probably have a favorable impression like you. I’m very doubtful it would get much wear after that. It would be a novelty for me and little else. Some of MTM’s designs really appeal to me though. They know their market and make no excuses about being a weekend warrior or even a movie prop brand.

    • Yea, that is a good point. They don’t appeal to everyone but for who they do the pieces fit the bill.

  • orangedoxa

    Great for the club.  Oontz Oontz Oontz!

  • lonniedude7

    I bought MTM Patriot from Watch.Com and not impressed to say the least.   Anyone looking for serious tactical watch need look for something other then MTM Brand.  Like the goofy guy’s on youtube, they’re all suckered into these watches because of the packaging and coolness of style.  Oh sure ..they look impressive but lets get real, you really think MTM displaying the hr hand in the shape of a knife is being worn somewhere in Afghanistan…?  Mine came in the air-water tight sealed box ready to convert into travel case for small handgun….that was the coolest part.  Then straight out of the box, my 24 hr hand from timing feature would not zero out when reset button was depressed.  Honestly….check out REACTOR Watches.  Got my 600.00 returned and now getting a Reactor with excellent assurance from their track record in customer care.

  • GunnyFitz

    Good review. 
    Upon my return from my combat tour in Iraq with the Marine Corps I purchased a Titanium Silver Vulture which I don’t think Ive taken off since, except for when i sent it back to them for a new battery, even then I felt naked without it on. Needless to say, my love for this watch is awesome and Im actually about to pull the trigger on this exact model you reviewed here! 

    MTM has so many great items that you have to do a process of elimination to figure out which one you like the most (IMHO of course) The lighting system described in the review is TRULY something that can save your ass in the dark! Whether getting out of bed to take a leak, to signal someone nearby – or far (BRIGHT!) and when you drop something down the side of your recliner and can’t find a flashlight. LOL. 
    One may think a light on a watch isn’t really useful but i can’t even imagine  how many times its saved me! The blue light def helps read the watch in dark but so do the luminous numbers and hands too. They did an awesome job on these watches for sure! 

    I just started to become a small time watch collector and just bought myself a Limited Edition Reactor Poseidon watch which is really cool and BIG! However, its stainless steel and when i put it on for the first time it literally felt like a boat anchor! THAT right there gave me a whole new aspect of how great a Titanium watch truly is folks! That Reactor will be the last SS one I buy for sure – hence reason Im looking at this Ti Falcon with the cool Black on Black face. Though Im Retired (and Disabled) from the Marines I still love the tacticool watch look and the Silver Vulture even has a dressy look to it as well. The other ones Im looking at right now are the Tissot T-Touch II in Ti, several Invicta Ti models, and I recently made contact with the owner of Lum-Tech who is discounting any watch I like. These don’t have as many features as the MTMs but the Lume feature they have is outstanding and they are both dressy and tactical at same time too. Im not sure which one to get yet though, but if anyone has thought about getting one I have to tell ya that the owner is absolutely AWESOME and answers all company emails himself! Super down to earth guy and I can’t say enough about how great their customer service is folks! 

    So on the MTM breed. If you ever had eyes on something that is a work of art, tactical and dressy, and wants a sweet light feature that WILL DEFINITELY be useful to you, then Id seriously spend the money on one of their pieces! Look at the ENTIRE line and decide whats best for you. I have not had ANY issues with mine with exception of a new battery – which is normal at year 3 or so. They get two thumbs up and a snap from me on their ingenuity and are well worth every cent, though pricey. Keep up the great review on this forum site guys – it comes in VERY VERY helpful when thinking of getting yourself a new time piece! THANK YOU!!

  • GunnyFitz

    John Spear

    Despite having some of these aspects their items are truly great and work awesome in the time you need em most (meaning the light feature) I don’t think they are “faux” in any sense, and being a former grunt I somewhat agree with your comment on the “Spec Ops” branding – being that the owners were NOT former Seals or hardcore infantry in any branch. However, if you never served yourself then it shouldn’t be a real concern. Kinda like the guy you meet in a bar who was “Special Forces, a SEAL, Marine Recon, or any other operator type” I just roll my eyes and say whatever. 

    Give the watch a try if you are skeptical. If you don’t like it then hit me up and Ill take it off your hands ok? Semper Fidelis!

  • GunnyFitz

    Same comment I just gave John Spear. It really shouldn’t matter to you what they use as marketing tactics should it? Curious if either of you two own one of their watches or were in the Spec Ops community? (That is not antagonistic either – so please don’t go off on me)

  • GunnyFitz Our pleasure. Thank you for reading.

  • GunnyFitz

    lonniedude7 You want a Reactor? I have two of them for sale, still brand new with tags on them in box! One is even a LE model too. Cmon Lonnie – make my day! 🙂

  • Forever Great

    I love this brand. I’m an automatic guy, but I wear their Patriot model on duty and just abuse the shit outta this watch no problems, perfect time is kept and the case it came in was pretty neat to boot. I used to have a Chase Durer it was great for the field as well, I gotta see if they still make watches.