Last week, Glashütte Original announced a bold expansion of their Sixties line up with the new Sixties Iconic. Set apart by a selection of five 1960s-inspired dial colors, the Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic line harnesses a mix of old-school tools and modern techniques to offer an interesting perspective on the continued trendiness of vintage design aesthetics. Taking a successful and classically proportioned design like that of the Sixties and integrating bright colors and uncommon textures takes the line in an different direction, promoting a more casual and laid back sensibility.

Aside from the dials, the Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic is a direct extension of the steel Sixties models, retaining the 39mm case sizing and three-hand functionality provided by the calibre 39-52 in-house automatic movement. Thickness, including sapphire crystals front and back, is 9.4mm and the Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic comes on a Louisiana Alligator leather strap in a variety of colors depending on the model.

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Glashutte-Original-Sixties-Iconic-7 Glashutte-Original-Sixties-Iconic-3

The dials span three bold colors – Aqua, Golden, and Red; and two darker tones – Brown and Grey, which boast detailed filigree patterning pressed into the surface of the dial. The dials have a sort of sunburst aesthetic which GO calls a “dégradé effect.” To build these beautiful dials, GO starts with a galvanized dial that is treated to layer after layer of delicate lacquer.

Glashutte-Original-Sixties-Iconic-5 Glashutte-Original-Sixties-Iconic-1

The extreme fade of color, creating a bright center that fades to a near black on the edges, comes from time being allowed between the layering of the lacquer. As a final step, additional color is added by hand with a specialized spray gun, making each dial slightly different. From the stunning turquoise of the Aqua dial to the electric yellows and reds of the Red dial, and finally the warm pure sixties-ness of the Golden dial, these watches offer a hugely compelling mix of ’60s simplicity with a varied approach to color and style.

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