Glycine Airman 17 watch app for iPhone

Is this Apple-horology? Glycine is the first luxury watch brand to make an iPhone app, but this execution of the concept is perfect. For those interested in the novelty, or who cannot afford the fine timepiece, they can get the next best thing, which is this clever app for the popular iPhone. The app is available in the Apple App store (not sure about the price or if it free). The best part is that it from Glycine themselves.

The application is pretty cool. You can see the front and rear of the watch with a click of the button. The specific watch is the Glycine Airman 17.  On the rear of the watch you’ll see the rotor for the automatic movement that will actually move with the watch (using the built in accelerometer in the iPhone). Functions include everything on the real watch, and a slider is used to set the other timezone (as the main time is likely synced with the phone’s clock). You can also use the app as a clock when the iPhone is in it’s dock. Just a really cool app giving you a taste of the real thing. The Airman has been a very popular pilot watch from Swiss Glycine for over 50 years, with only simple changes since then. It is a real classic. Glycine is likely hoping that you’ll become so enamored with the watch you’ll want to buy the real thing. I really like this idea of “wrist watch sampling.” If you have an iPhone, check it out.

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