One of our favorite things to do on aBlogtoWatch is take inexpensive watches very seriously. For this reason, it delights me to review this sub-$200 timepiece from Casio’s larger Edifice family, which we see here as the Edifice Slim references EFRS108D-2BV (aquamarine/turquoise dial) and the EFRS108D-2AV (blue dial). If we mostly cover higher-end, enthusiast-focused watches, why then an occasional focus on a “cheap watch?” The best answer is because it allows us to best understand price competitiveness. We like to know what brands can manage to offer for very low prices, so we can assess what to be impressed with at higher prices. Just as much as the high-end side of the timepiece market evolves quickly, so does the low-end market in order to keep pace. Not only can “cheaper” watches be legitimately fun and styling, but they also keep high-end brands and products on their toes, making it clear what consumers should expect in timepieces that command more substantial price points. Let’s check out these two debut models in the Casio Edifice Slim EFRS108D collection.

The Casio Edifice Slim EFRS108D watches were debuted as an update to the similarly positioned Casio Edifice Slim EFB108D collection. These watches have the same Casio quartz movement and hands but slightly different dials and cases. Not only does the Edifice Slim model have more interesting dial color options (the two shades of blue), but the case is more attractive (which bracelet is better is a matter of taste). The resulting watch has a Royal Oak-style octagonal bezel as well as some styling bezel screws that are on a lower construction layer. The pretty case shape, mixed with a very thin wearing experience and trendy colors (not to mention very affordable pricing) make these particular Casio Edifice watches uniquely compelling among most other Edifice collection models.

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The Edifice Slim EFRS108D watch cases are steel with matching steel bracelets. The case is water resistant to 100 meters and has a flat sapphire crystal over the dial. This face is mentioned on the dial since it is relatively uncommon to find scratch-resistant AR-coated sapphire crystals (versus mineral glass) on watches at this price point. The case is a modest 40mm wide and just 7.8mm thick. It has a nearly 45mm long lug-to-lug distance and weighs 110 grams (case and bracelet).

For the price, Casio gives you a lot of watch, including the aforementioned sporty features, fold-over locking bracelet deployant, and very good dial legibility. Casio claims that the battery offers three years of life, and the hands and hour markers are painted with luminant material for darkness viewing. Between these two debut models, the hit piece is going to be the Edifice Slim EFRS108D-2BV with its “Tiffany blue” turquoise dial color. This trendy color lends itself well to being worn by men or women and fits in with larger timepiece fashion trends. The other shade of blue has a more metallic finish to it but is a bit soft in color (depending on the light). There is really no limit to the colors the Casio could pair with the Edifice EFRS108D profile, so we will see what the future holds for this actually affordable timepiece. As a gift or as a rather stylish “beater watch,” the Casio Edifice Slim EFRS108D-2AV and EFRS108D-2BV watch is a solid bet. Retail price for each is $170 USD. Learn more at the Casio website.

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