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The Perrelet Turbine watch caused a lot of stir when the images of the watch that will be released in October 2009 were displayed here on first. Then the Turbine Collection video was leaked was really hit home exactly what the Turbine Double Rotor watch was going to look like in action. I think it is clear that this special timepiece collection is going to be a big hit for Perrelet. A few days ago I got to experience pre-production models of the watch myself – and they are sweet!

There will initially be three models of the watch. Two in DLC coated titanium with black faces (one with the red behind the turbine blades, and one all black). Another will be in polished titanium. I got to see all three and here are the wrist shots! The craftsmanship and finish of the cases is impeccable. Surprisingly good even for prototype models. The tapering of the case toward the base goes to the turbine engine look, and the unique crown that is flush with the case is pretty well done. You can pull the crown out a bit, but there is also that little hoop that folds out. The watches are smooth all the way around without and harsh edges as well and the high grade rubber strap comes with a quality titanium butterfly deployment clasp that features perlage polishing on the inside.

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Perrelet Turbine Collection Watch side Perrelet Turbine Collection Watch titanium perrelet-turbine-collection-black-watch

You can get a great feel for exactly what the watches look like here. I wish you could see the turbine spinning in action – it looks so cool. Nothing like wheel spinners 🙂 The finish in the turbine blades is a brushed polish, to give that an authentic aviation look. Like I said in my original review, the spinning turbines (that spin with the automatic rotor to wind the mechanical automatic movement) do not hinder the view of the hands which are nicely conspicuous. The naked titanium model is the easiest to read due to the high contrast of the hands. Each is covered in lume which is nice. The face of the watch as a nice deep feeling to it. You can look down into it and see all the layers. The periphery of the dial is sloped inward, and you can see the easy to view hour makers that make this more than simply a showy watch.

My favorite version is the DLC black version with the two-tone (black and red) dial. The spinning turbine looks the best there and will draw a ton of attention I am sure. Like I said, the polished titanium version is the easiest to read, and has the most industrial look. People will appreciate the finish on the turbine blades and the functionality of the timepiece. “Tool watch” lovers are going to choose this one. Fans of the still popular “phantom” all black watches will gravitate toward the mysterious all-black DLC model. As I hope you know, DLC is an amazing coating and will stay shiny and is damn hard to scratch. The watches will be available starting in about October 2009. Prices are going to be in the $7,000 – $9,000 dollar range. It is a pricey timepiece, but there is a lot of work in the details aside from the novelty of the functionality.

Turn the watch over and see the P-181 automatic movement through the sapphire crystal caseback window and you can tell that Perrelet is a serious watch maker. The decorated rotor is just the start, but the finish on the dial along with the blued screws is almost as nice a view as the face of the watch. At 44mm wide you’d think that watch was really big. You can see that even on two pairs of smaller wrists, the watch looks totally comfortable and not super huge. Just wait until I show you a 60mm wide watch I shot while on my trip. So if you are in love with the Perrelet Turbine Double Rotor watch collection as so many people seem to be, you’ll have to wait at least until the fall, but they are coming.

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