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Founded nearly two and a half centuries ago by Abraham-Louis Perrelet, the eponymous brand Perrelet has never wavered in its commitment to innovation and quality. Abraham-Louis Perrelet and his grandson, Louis-Frederic Perrelet, are credited with some of the most important and game-changing innovations in horology, including the automatic, self-winding movement—a complication that is now ubiquitous across horology. Though the intervening centuries have changed the world incalculably since Louis-Frederic Perrelet was serving as the watchmaker-mechanic to several French kings, there’s no doubt that the spirit of innovation imbued by its founders hasn’t wavered. In introducing the LAB Peripheral collection, Perrelet has now added a fourth pillar in the brand’s core collection, one that will allow the brand to explore new technological innovations, while embracing the brand’s contemporary design language.

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The past few years have seen major changes in Perrelet’s approach to watchmaking, with a renewed focus on research and development. Because Perrelet owns several movement and component manufacturers in the Swiss Jura Valley, the brand has been able to develop new in-house calibers for which they can control all facets of manufacture to ensure they’re up to the brand’s exacting standards. From pallets to escapements and balance springs, Perrelet’s new movements are produced entirely within Switzerland’s Jura Valley.


The LAB Peripheral collection is launching with two new models, the Dual Time Big Date Day/Night Indicator and the 3 Hands & Date. Both models offer contemporary styling and the brand’s signature dial-side peripheral rotor. The Dual Time Big Date Day/Night Indicator is a dual-time watch executed in Perrelet’s signature style that is both elegant and sporty, with a complex case design and a dynamic dial architecture. Measuring in at 42mm in diameter with short 42mm lugs, the watch is designed to have plenty of wrist presence and legibility, while wearing comfortably on a wide range of wrist sizes.

Available in either blue, black, or silver, the dial on the Dual Time Big Date Day/Night Indicator provides ample depth and visual interest through the use of a multi-level structure, multiple dial colors and textures, and, of course, by showcasing the peripheral rotor that winds the mainspring the on the new in-house manufacture Caliber P421 movement. Rotating under the hour track and immediately visible to the wearer, the peripheral rotor captures the brand’s design philosophy of “luxury in movement.” The P421 movement also powers the dual-time display positioned at 6 o’clock (with a day/night indicator subtlety integrated on the subdial at 10:30). Balancing out the subdial is a big date complication at 12 o’clock. Each version of the Dual time Big Date Day/Night Indicator comes mounted on a color-matched leather strap with deployant buckle.

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The 3 Hands & Date is housed in the same distinctive, angular 42mm case (42mm lug-to-lug) as the Dual Time Big Date Day/Night Indicator and structural dial design that showcases the peripheral rotor. Though the 3 Hands & Date reduces the number of complications, you lose none of the visual impact. In the 3 Hands & Date, the concentric dial elements are set off by the same combination of textures that provide three-dimensional effects, but the more minimalist dial brings those elements to the fore. Likewise, the luminous hands and markers are instantly readable, providing excellent visibility day or night.

The in-house manufacture Caliber P-411 movement features the same 42-hour power reserve and peripheral rotor as found in the Dual Time Big Date Day/Night Indicator and is visible behind a display caseback. And a good thing too since this is a gorgeous movement that you can view unobscured by the oscillating weight, since it has been moved to the dial side.

The 3 Hands & Date is available in two colorways, silver and black. Both models are available in natural stainless steel or in a gray razor PVD finish. All colorways are finished off with a black leather strap with white contrast stitching and a deployant clasp.

With nearly two and a half centuries of watchmaking expertise and an unparalleled history of horological innovation, few brands can match Perrelet when it comes to heritage and horological know-how. The fact that Perrelet has released a new collection with an innovative in-house movement and dial-side peripheral rotor may not come as a major surprise. The surprising part, however, is the attractive price point at which the new Lab Peripheral collection is offered: 3,880-3,980 CHF for the 3 Hands & Date and 4,980 CHF for the Dual time Big Date Day/Night Indicator. To learn more about Perrelet and the new LAB Peripheral collection, please be sure to visit the brand’s website.

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