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December 2021 saw the return of the famed Art Basel trade show and cultural event to the shores of Miami Beach, Florida. The longstanding art show is one of the world’s most celebrated and populated draw of celebrities, creatives, wealth, and pop culture personalities. Art Basel actually began in Basel, Switzerland, occupying the same convention center halls as the historic Baselworld watch and jewelry shows. Art Basel Miami has blossomed into a cityscape of simultaneous events whose underlying allure is to compete with each other for audience attention. Thus, the Art Basel show itself is a hunt for treasure across a week of concurrent activities.

Speaking of hunting for treasure, eBay debuted a major presence at Art Basel Miami with a pop-up “Luxury Lounge” at the Istituto Marangoni. Live music and celebrities decorated the handsome space, which hosted a comfortable escape from the crowds, as well as gifts galore to VIP guests. Participation at important real-world events represents a still-new focus from the major Internet commercial platform that involves connecting directly with the markets and people it serves. eBay sellers and buyers both benefit as a result.

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eBay is already a major fixture of luxury commerce and will now start to take a more active role in physical events and the luxury lifestyle experience. Art Basel Miami served as an ideal platform for eBay to present one of its “Hard To Find Stores.” These pop-up shops include rare items that are currently being sold on its platform. The items are decidedly “hard to find” in terms of consumer popularity — a demonstration of eBay’s value both as a sales platform and also as an in-touch curator of high-demand products and brands.

For watch lovers, the eBay Art Basel Miami included rare watches as well as luxury timepieces fitted with straps painted on-scene by artists Peter Henry and Jason Perez. The watches with custom straps were later sold via auction on the eBay platform. These and other specially decorated items from Art Basel Miami donated proceeds to the Miami Fashion Foundation, which provides student scholarships.

eBay is a leader in online-facilitated luxury watch sales and has probably the world’s largest selection of timepiece products on its global platform. eBay has found that luxury watch shoppers who rely on the eBay platform typically purchase not only timepieces but many other high-end goods on eBay annually. With its large inventory of high-end timepieces, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and art, eBay is arguably the most important luxury sales platform in the world. eBay is now more real than ever with a growing presence at the places that matters to its users. Check out an aBlogtoWatch video of eBay onsite at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show here.

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eBay protects buyers who purchase watches priced at $2,000 and over (in participating markets such as the United States) by checking each piece by hand through its Authenticity Guarantee Service, via a specialized third-party verification service. Watches priced at $10,000 and over on eBay are eligible to use the added protection of an escrow service. To follow the latest watch deals news from eBay Watches on Instagram here… but there might be one more reason to follow.

eBay has heralded in the holidays with a “Hard To Find Luxury Shop,” which showcases collectibles ranging from high-end handbags to rare watches and made its final stop in Miami this weekend, December 10th and 11th. The locations of the events were hidden because the items they stock are hard to find. However, unique timepieces can still be found on its platform every day, such as those found in the luxury watches gift guide here.

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