The dials themselves are of a very high quality. The rhodium-plated Arabic numeral appliques are well finished, while the prints on the dial itself are sharp with no perceptible bleeding, even under our macro lenses. The baton-shaped rhodium-coated hands are filled with luminescent material to provide some legibility to dimly-lit environments, and once again, the shape of them reminds me of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches.

It won’t be fair to talk about an Hermès watch without mentioning the strap. And as you would expect, the alligator straps that these watches come with are brilliant. They all come with matching color straps, so the black dial variant comes with a classy black alligator strap, the opaline silver dial model has a soft and supple Barenia leather strap, and the anthracite and blue models come with matching gray and dark blue alligator leather straps respectively. Also of note are the Bund-style straps which, while not my cup of tea, are very well done. The straps are finely crafted and feel really nice on the skin. I mean, honestly, what else were you expecting from one of the top names in the world when it comes to leather goods?

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Inside, the mechanical Cape Cod TGM watches are powered by the Hermès H1912. It is a self-winding movement that’s actually made by Vaucher, of which Hermès owns 25% of. The remaining 75% is owned by Parmigiani. It is a thin movement that measures about 4mm, which explains why these Cape Cod watches are so thin. It beats at 4Hz and has a power reserve of 50 hours, which is pretty standard fare. The movement is visible through a sapphire display case back and it is quite nicely decorated too with the distinctive Hermès “H” logo across the bridges and rotor.

The quartz Cape Cod TGM watches share the same case as their mechanical counterparts. Stainless steel, 33 x 33mm, and the iconic Cape Cod design, it is all there. The difference lies in the dial. For the quartz models, in place of the stamped checkboard pattern in the middle, they have dials with a sunburst radial finish. Also, the date window has been moved from 6 to 3 o’clock. I very much prefer the former.

There are three new quartz models. The first is the Cape Cod TGM Bicolore. These have an opaline silver dial and are distinguished by their bi-color calfskin leather straps. Unlike the mechanical Cape Cod watch with the opaline silver dial, the Arabic numerals here are rhodium transferred. As a result, they appear gray and thus have more contrast against the dial, making these quartz models more legible. There are two straps options: Malta Blue with Hermès Red or Malta Blue with Étoupe. Both are equally nice and it’s just a matter of which strap you prefer.

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Next, we have the Cape Cod TGM Cadran laque, which basically means lacquered dial. Two options are available here, one with a blood red dial and another in brown. Both have a metallic radial finish. But what is most unique about them is that they both come with Hermès’ iconic Double Tour strap.

Finally, we have the Cape Cod TGM Bracelet de Force watches. These have opaline silver dials and are mounted on what are commonly known as bund straps – essentially straps that have an added band below. There are a couple of strap options here; black or green alligator, black, or natural Barenia leather. If you ask me, the natural Barenia leather strap looks the most harmonious.

Like so many of the brand’s other creations, these new Cape Cod TGM watches have a strong design language that is unmistakably Hermès and I have always admired such a trait in a watch. I would heartily recommend these watches to fans of the brand. But even if you are not, I urge you to check them out at an Hermès boutique near you, because they are really attractive watches. And they are well-made for their price too. The mechanical Hermès Cape Cod TGM watches are priced at $6,200, although the opaline silver version with the natural Barenia strap is slightly less expensive at $5,950. The quartz Hermès Cape Cod watches, on the other hand, are priced between $3,175 and $4,000 depending on your choice of strap and dial.

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