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The aBlogtoWatch website has also been updated with a new sidebar located on article pages. One of the new features on the sidebar is a widget that allows aBlogtoWatch.com visitors to listen to or learn about the latest episodes of the SUPERLATIVE podcast. So, thanks to you who asked for this feature so that the community is able to catch up on the latest conversations about the people and passions that make the watch world go around. What have some of the recent podcast conversations been about?

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Over the last few weeks, the SUPERLATIVE Podcast has been getting more and more popular, and I want to thank both the community and the guests. One of the most interesting recent episodes was an “Hour Time reunion” with co-host John Biggs. Currently, the Editor-in-Chief of the technology blog Gizmodo (among many other things), John Biggs, and I started the world’s first wristwatch-related podcast over a decade ago with the Hour Time Podcast that ran for more than 150 episodes. John and I catch up about how the world has changed and what we have learned since we invented the watch talk podcast “back in the day.”

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Maxime Pleschia-Buchi is better known to some people as SANG BLEU. He is not only an official HUBLOT watches ambassador but also has a collection of very interesting watches produced by the brand. SANG BLEU is a prolific designer who, in other realms, specializes in typography and tattooing. We have a deep SUPERLATIVE podcast conversation about being Swiss in the design world, modern watches, and some of the deeper philosophy about modern luxury design.

One of the most important personalities in both the American wristwatch retail industry and the popularity of Rolex watches is Jeff Hess. He is currently a distributor of several watch brands and runs the famed “Old Northeast Jewelers” watch and jewelry story out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Jeff Hess is always a pleasure to speak with, and I was happy to share some of his and experience with the SUPERLATIVE podcast community.

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Good management is how good watch brands thrive, today. Now a few years into his job, Francois-Xavier Hotier, President of Ulysse Nardin in North America talks with aBlogtoWatch. We discuss his journey to revitalize the Swiss luxury brand in the United States by relationships with the U.S. Navy, surfing for disabled veterans, and saving sharks — all part of a great discussion on how marketing drives behavior.

Finally, we have an exciting conversation about what it is like to run a modern, traditional Swiss watchmaker with the CEO of Zenith Watches, Mr. Julien Tornare. We get a deep look into what it is like running a major watch brand and some of the day-to-day realities that make the job so interesting, as well as challenging.

Enjoy these recent SUPERLATIVE podcasts, and please subscribe where you get your podcasts to keep up to date on the latest in watch enthusiast community conversations.


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