HourTime Watch Podcast - Talk About Watches

This week John and I are a couple of haters, going over what we really think about the watch that I already announced as having the ugliest case all year.

We also talk about TAG Heuer’s recent big PR fiasco, who blew the whistle, along with how TAG is dealing with it. We talk a little about chronograph watches, their history and how they work.

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And Zenith’s El Primero movement.

There’s a little about men’s fashion dos and don’ts, and Ariel admits to hosting a support group for men who wear white slip-on shoes.

Those topics and more watch talk love on the sixth exciting installment of HourTime.

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Listen to the HourTime show podcast episode 6 here.

Or, download/stream the .mp3 here: “The Ugliest Watch in the World, the El Primero, and TAG’s mistake”

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