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When Hublot finds a novel source of inspiration, it tends to take it further than any other major player in the luxury watch scene would dare. In line with its “Art of Fusion” motto that has dictated the manufacture’s unmatched approach to creating and combining materials like has never been done before in watchmaking, a source of inspiration turns into a lot more than aesthetic representation. The Hublot Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle New York is a perfect case in point.

Four years after the debut of the first Hublot timepiece that fused concrete with Swiss watchmaking, the Nyon-based manufacture is back with a yet more affectionate love letter to New York, the city that CEO Ricardo Guadalupe calls “home away from home for Hublot for all of NYC’s risk-taking, innovation, and resilience.” Designed for those who have conquered this man-made jungle, the Hublot Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle New York now boasts a fully concrete composite construction, including its case, bezel, and dial.

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The second iteration of Hublot’s Concrete Jungle debuts its defining material in a reinforced form, framing Swiss watchmaking values in yet more durable concrete. Between 65% and 75% fine cement is mixed with 25-30% epoxy resin – replacing water in standard concrete – along with 5-10% fiberglass – replacing steel to reinforce it. Hublot’s team of engineers made an anti-UV additive now part of the epoxy resin to prevent color change over time. An engineering solution all the more faithful to New York City is how an anti-graffiti treatment is applied on the finished components to prevent the concrete from becoming impregnated with other contaminants like dirt — and, yes, graffiti. The case and dial formed with this enhanced concrete will prove to withstand the test of time, underlining the importance of meticulous artisanship in creating enduring pieces.

A statement from afar, breathtaking from up close; a deeper look reveals a watch dial like no other. The Hublot Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle New York stays true to its name and features a groundbreaking feat in watchmaking: a dial crafted from solid concrete. Normally, dials on Hublot watches are like fine jewelry, with hand-applied, polished indices and, in some instances, with hand-set diamonds covering every last square-millimeter. By contrast, the Concrete Jungle takes its namesake theme to another level with a concrete dial that replaces applied indices for open spaces and that applies the Hublot name and other texts over the bubbly and uneven surface of this outstanding dial. Even the hands over the main dial and subdials are tailor-made to perfectly match their concrete surroundings in texture and color.

The extraordinary case and 50-meter water-resistance rating of the Hublot Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle New York safeguards the HUB1143 caliber. This self-winding chronograph caliber is matched to black ceramic pushers and crown for a smooth and comfortable operation. Complementing these black components is an all-black textile strap with black stitching, all done to best highlight the contrasting watch head in concrete.

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Limited to 50 pieces, the Hublot Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle New York is priced at $18,800 and it will be available on Hublot.com for US domestic purchases effective today. You can learn more at the brand’s official website.

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