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Jean-Claude Biver speaks like a proud father discussing his baby Hublot. He remarks on how the brand has acquired more space, and is only getting more in the future. Biver isn’t on everyone’s “I love this guy” list, but he is a really good  watch company head, and he gets how to run a European luxury watch company. If LVMH is smart, they just leave him to do what he wants to do. Oh, and in the video, is it just me or does Biver look and sound genuinely annoyed at the questions and/or the interviewer?

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I’ve said both good things and bad things in the past about Hublot. While I really most of their watches, they are on a long easy ride on the derivative train. Everything basically looks a like with color changes. “Hey, let’s make this watch black and now… green! We will call it something that reminds people of other things they like! Like apples, or The Big Apple! Cause its the Big Bang – Genius!” And Swiss marketing legends are born… Still the Big Bang is a cool watch, and for all the crap that I can give to Hublot about beating that design until it eventually becomes the very definition of cliche, it is still nice. Hey, you never know, 50 years from now the Big Bang could reach Rolex Submariner design status. It could happen!

In the video Biver gives us a few hints about the future of Hublot. Namely “manufacture.” We know that Hublot is gonna get its own movements to go inside of its watches already with price points as though they already do have their own movements. So in maybe 3-5 years we will start to see something new from Hublot. All that bangin’ Big Bang success has been able to fund some serious expansion and deserved ambition by Mr. Biver. He also talks about some of the peripheral things that they haven collaborated on. Like the Hublot bicycle or skis. I have a feeling that these products are only branded Hublot, without and of their design, which is probably good. Why then, is it fair for him to talk about them like they are Hublot products. What the hell Biver, you talk about them however you like, I still like the watches!

Biver also mentions the upcoming Hublot watch making school. How I hope Biver is gonna be one of the professors. I can see myself in class, so happy to be there. Enthusiastically raising my hand to ask what I think is a good question. Only to have Professor Biver give me an perturbed gaze with a response like, “what are you? A moron? This is a school not a social club. No questions!” Haha, that thought cracks me up. But seriously, keep up the expansion and show us that bigger bang real soon.

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