Shinola Runwell Chronograph 41mm Watch

Shinola Runwell Chronograph 41mm Watch

Shinola Runwell Chronograph 41mm Watch Watch Releases

Shinola is very likely a brand that needs no introduction to readers of this site. They seem to be one of the few bright spots of good news hailing from my old stomping grounds of Detroit. They've released a variety of well-designed leather goods, bicycles, and three-hander watches. On the watch front, they're upping the ante by adding a new size to one of their more popular models, the Runwell Chronograph.

It's not surprising to hear that the new model is simply called the Runwell Chrono 41mm. As with their other models, this is a quartz-driven piece. This model uses their Argonite 5021 movement, which is assembled from 84 components provided to them by Ronda. This movement is housed in a fully polished 41mm stainless steel case. The overall feel of this case is one of compactness. You don't have a lot of extra steel to the edges of the dial - just the bezel, and then its onto the side of the case.

Shinola Runwell Chronograph 41mm Watch Watch Releases

And, for this model, that's where things really shine.  Prior to this model being introduced, if you wanted a Runwell, you were jumping into the deep waters of a big watch, as it came in at 47mm.  Now, for many, that's not a bad thing.  For others like myself, though, you get over 46mm, and it just feels plain too large.  At 41mm, though, you're getting a Goldilocks case size - juuuuust right.

For its compactness, though, it does carry a beefier feel - a good thing for a men's watch like this. The steel surrounding the bezel isn't slim, and the height of the case rising up from the curved lugs (think of them as heavier-duty wire lugs) is not insubstantial - likely due to the chronograph complication being added. Under the domed sapphire crystal, you've got a less-common green and white dial (Michigan State colors, anyone?), with orange accents making their appearance (if you prefer, there are three other color combos in the 41mm chrono range).

Shinola Runwell Chronograph 41mm Watch Watch Releases

In terms of functionality, this watch still hews closely to the aesthetic we've seen from prior Shinola models. You've got the basic time and date readouts, of course, plus the additional stopwatch feature. This is a little less "robust" than other models you might be thinking of, as you only have a 30-minute sub dial to track the time. Frankly, I think for most of us, that's an adequate amount to be timing something via your wrist. Any longer, and odds are that you'll forget that the chrono is running, and not end up with the data you wanted in the first place.

The Runwell Chrono also comes on a rather nice stainless steel bracelet. This changes the look of the watch a good deal, as we're more accustomed to seeing Shinola pieces on leather straps. It looks like they've given the end link a slight curve, which helps to reduce the gap from the edge of the case to where the bracelet starts up, along with leaving the lug attachment flexible (whereas a fixed endlink would not). The 5-link bracelet is polished (just like the watch case), and has a signed deployant clasp that creates a smooth outer surface under your wrist.

Shinola Runwell Chronograph 41mm Watch Watch Releases

The overall look of the piece is cohesive, though it is a bit jarring at first with the 6 o'clock numeral being missing (that's where the date display shows up). The handset is one that appears on other models - while a touch narrower than I'd prefer, they're well proportioned to both one another and the size of the watch. While the styling itself isn't anything earth-shattering, it's one that you won't find glaring issues with, and it's following the same lineage set out by the rest of their collection. At an asking price of $900, this looks to be another excellent US-assembled entry from the folks over at Shinola.

Tech Specs from Shinola

  • Case: Stainless steel, with double curve sapphire crystal; 41mm
  • Dial: Super-LumiNova hands and indices.
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds, date indicator, stopwatch function with one sundial.
  • Movement: Shinola Detroit Built Argonite 5021 quartz movement, hand assembled from 84 swiss-made components.
  • Watch Strap: Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Price: $900.00
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  • basnobua

    OK, that is one problem sorted. Now about that movement…

  • bluzer

    Love those lugs. It’s like having wire lugs without the hassle of getting special straps. I’ve never seen these before, kudos for coming up with that idea.
    The hands are way short for the dial. If they were proportionaly enlarged, they wouldn’t be too narrow as pointed out in the review.
    Unfortunately won’t be going on my list with the quartz movement. I’m not anti-quartz, but not for this style of watch.

  • Ulysses31

    A handsome watch.  I don’t think I like the orange highlights very much, nor am I keen on the off-centre sub-dials, but it is interesting that they are now hand-assembling the movement.  I’m not sure how impressive it is to assemble a kit of standard parts but it is a step towards manufacturing everything themselves which I hope they are aiming for.  A blue dial option would be nice.

  • Tekky

    Wow, so close and yet… no it wasn’t even so close.  I wanted to like it.  Really wanted to.  I do like the bracelet and the crystal.  And the finish.  And the logo.  Sounds like a lot to like, but…

    My daily driver is a CW C5 Mark II.  (Actually it’s version 1 of the Mk II; they’ve changed the dial since I got mine three years ago; I like mine better.)  A nice automatic with better-sized hands, beautiful applied markers with SuperLuminova on, chrome accents around the date window and great finish, at quite a bit less than this watch.

    For $900, I expect the proportions to be better.  For $900 and 13mm or so thick, I expect an automatic, not a quartz, movement.  For any decent coin, I expect applied 3D, not painted, markers.  It just doesn’t measure up.

  • TekkyAgree, for almost a grand, I’d expect an automatic too. I thought the CW C5 automatic was a 3 hander, not a chronograph. If so, then not a direct comparison watch. Then again, the quartz chronograph CW C5’s are way less expensive (notice I did not say ‘cheaper’) and to my eye, nicer looking than this Shinola. About all I can say is that I like this Shinola more than the recently reviewed Shinola Wright Brothers 3 hander.

  • Tekky

    MarkCarson Tekky Mark, you are correct that it’s a 3-hander.  I don’t like chronos. In my 20-or-so watch collection, I have only one, and that’s a rather impossible-to-use yatching movement.   I had meant to include that my 3-hander cost about $250 less than the Shinola despite having those advantages.

  • Shawnnny

    $900 for a quartz?

  • Frauss

    Nice watches, just the name is what kills me. I can’t hear Shinola without hearing Sh*t and…

  • spiceballs

    For me – an improvement, but  – – –

  • Aevum

    Shawnnny Depends on the movement and the finish, and theres still people stupid enough to buy Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches that carry a bog standard 20 buck Rhonda inside, But you tell me it carries a Eta Thermoline and 900 bucks is a steal.

  • Aevum

    Heres a question for them, They have no in house movements but they buy movements from other manufacturers, refinish and rebuild them in house to be able to call them made in the USA, 

    Why not get a Seagull ST19, Refinish and adjust it in house, Magrette in NZ already does it for their  ST1901 chronograph (also reviewed on this site i believe), and they manage to sell it to the public for $495 (which i suppose at a profit) 

    If they can provide a quality handwind chronograph for 500 bucks, im sure Shinola can provide one for 900,

  • Charlies_Hand

    Shawnnny My wife wants Cartier Tank style watch.  All quartz for $$2,800 used to $6,000 new. Trying hard to talk her out of it.

  • Shawnnny

    Do you need me to handle the situation for you?

  • Julio Valenzuela

    I have mixed feelings about my blue Runwell Chrono with steel bracelet. On the one hand It has sentimental value sinc e my wife and kids go it for me this past Christmans. On the other hand Shinola watches are all hype and advertising. I have mixed feeling about Shinola as a company and the true value of their watches. A $900 Quartz? As nice as the bracelet it does have any way to do any micro adjustments. Built in Detroit ? Now we are splitting hairs. I see very little value in this watch. I even saw the exact same watch at Nordstrom rack for $400!! Sure it’s a very attractive watch and their “feel good” story is nice, there is very little value in Shinola watches. Had my wife and kids not been so excited about getting it for me, I wouldn’t wear it.