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Introducing The New Dietrich Device 1 (DD-1) Watch

Introducing The New Dietrich Device 1 (DD-1) Watch Watch Releases

Since its debut in 2010, Dietrich has distinguished itself as one of the most visually avant-garde microbrands on the current market, especially considering its more affordable market segment. The brand’s signature organic design language has gained a cult following of its own in the past few years, which the new Dietrich Device 1 (abbreviated to DD-1) looks to capitalize on. This new DD-1 line takes the unique case shape and general layout of the previous OT series and propels the package to the next level, offering higher-quality finishing with a Swiss Made automatic movement (a first for this Dietrich case design though all TC watches have Swiss Made movements in them).

Introducing The New Dietrich Device 1 (DD-1) Watch Watch Releases

The 45 x 46mm PVD stainless steel case of the DD-1 is a familiar sight to fans of the brand, with a softened hexagonal overall form and a uniquely ergonomic set of lugs mounted to the bottom of the case and curved for maximum wearer comfort. While the overall shape descends from the OT line, the execution is sharper and more streamlined for the DD-1, with changes like a bezel-less sapphire crystal (that sits over the entire time) and slimmer lug assembly. The overall effect of these changes, beyond a more premium feel, is to reduce the watch’s visual weight, creating a more elegant profile.

Introducing The New Dietrich Device 1 (DD-1) Watch Watch Releases

Like previous Dietrich designs before it, the dial of the DD-1 creates a look that almost feels more grown than manufactured. The soft, rounded angles and tapering leaf-ended hands offer a plant-like appearance that is complemented by the layered depth of the chapter rings and the complex web of raised brushed surfaces on the main dial. Multiple skeleton openings in this surface offer a glimpse of the working movement below.

Introducing The New Dietrich Device 1 (DD-1) Watch Watch Releases

The movement inside the DD-1 is the reliable and ubiquitous ETA 2824-2, offering a 38- hour power reserve and a smooth 28,800 bph sweep.

Introducing The New Dietrich Device 1 (DD-1) Watch Watch Releases

The DD-1 comes equipped with a single-piece pass-through strap in black nylon with matching PVD buckle. While nearly every component of the DD-1 has been significantly upgraded from previous Dietrich “Organic Time” watch iterations, this strap remains a simple but wearable addition to the overall package. For those who would prefer a more premium option, however, the DD-1’s lug assembly makes strap changing easy.


Introducing The New Dietrich Device 1 (DD-1) Watch Watch Releases

Overall, the Dietrich DD-1 represents a major step forward for the brand in both design and quality, evolving the core Dietrich design language without losing its fundamental spark. This more refined iteration comes with a slightly higher price than previous models at $1,850 USD, available now at the Dietrich website.

Introducing The New Dietrich Device 1 (DD-1) Watch Watch Releases

Introducing The New Dietrich Device 1 (DD-1) Watch Watch Releases

Introducing The New Dietrich Device 1 (DD-1) Watch Watch Releases

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  • f15soloist

    Per the website, it has a solid caseback. And the price is 1850 euros not $

  • Santiago Otero

    Like it?

  • Jared

    honestly I liked the old version better…it was a lot more unique

    this one looks a lot more traditional(boring)

  • Nicholas Barkly

    Love it. Top to bottom.

  • Can I ask you a question Mr Sean Lorentzen? You said this is the first time a Dietrich model was powered by an ETA 2824-2, all previous movements relied on the Miyota power plant.Please correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the Dietrich Time Companion TC-1 Blue SS +Black PVD models back in 2017 were already fitted with the ETA movements.The Dietrich Organic Time TC-3 watches from 2015 were using the Miyota calibre

    • Nicholas Barkly

      Seems to have gotten quite a bit wrong. Agreed.
      Sloppy Journalism.

    • Sean Paul Lorentzen

      Apologies on the confusion here, the article has been updated accordingly!

  • This would look even better with a matching bracelet!

  • LetoAtreides69

    much better attempt, ow at price, not for me

  • Independent_George

    Interesting. Not sure if I like or not. Some elements I like, but overall leaning toward not like.

    Someone should tell camel leather jacket model guy that his watch is upside down.

  • Richard Baptist

    I like it! This is an evolution of the previous design. I also prefer the movement to the previous version. I’d also like to see different varieties including some bronze versions before I think about a purchase.

  • That’s a very fresh and interesting design. I’d love to see how it sits on the wrist. Lovely depth to the dial.

  • Esteban

    Well, it’s an improvement from the previous abomination.

  • Swiss_Cheese

    Excuse me Mr. Dietrich model, I hate to be pedantic but your watch appears to be on upside down…

    Also, I’m sure these aren’t intended as ‘generational’ watches and perhaps I’m too worried about the small things, but I’d hate to think how much it would cost to replace a non-circular printed crystal.

    • Let them make a “reverso” version then.

    • Mikita

      He wears it for us, not for himself!

  • Mikita

    – What time is it, honey?
    – Emm, have no idea, honey!

    • Why, it looks like it is ten after fifty one darling!

  • George Yang

    Wow, I really want one of these. And it’s a pretty “affordable” price. Love it.

  • cyklopz

    This is great!

  • johnwithanh

    As others have said this piece is interesting enough to want to see it in third party photos rather than just brand images. Having said that, thank you for your service tan jacket man.

  • Ulysses31

    I like it. The expansive, edge to edge crystal looks really nice. However, I could do without the dead space around the perimeter. Just make the watch dial big enough to fill it to the edge, or make the overall size a bit smaller.

  • Nicholas Barkly

    You again ?

  • eric veracruz

    Bravo! It exudes simple, smooth flow design. Looks like it’s custom made just for the person whos wearing it. Not a cookie cutter sort of watch. It’s rare or even very expensive to to own a watch like that. I hope they come out with more models in the near future.

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