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Itay Noy X-Ray Watch Review

Itay Noy X-Ray Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The Itay Noy X-Ray watch collection as a concept continues to impress me – I last reviewed their ID watch here. The idea of this newer piece isn’t overly complex but it is satisfying and poetic. I am not sure of what inspired him, but Israeli Itay Noy (a man and a brand) decided to show you what was under the dial of these watches – in what ironically is an unorthodox manner.

If you know anything about the watch world, you know that skeletonized dials on timepieces are very popular. Such watches show an actual view into the movements. What Itay Noy wanted to do was offer a traditional dial that illustrated what the movement looked like in a monochromatic tone. It is an artful presentation on the skeletonization concept done in a unique way. At the same time. Itay Noy does actually offer skeletonized dial watches in their Netline collection. I offer some additional info and imagery on the Netline and X-Ray collection here.

Itay Noy X-Ray Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Itay Noy X-Ray Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

As an art watch the X-Ray is attractive and unique looking. Depending on your mood and how you look at it, the watch goes from being beautiful to ‘watch nerdy.’ It also makes me happy that Itay Noy chose not to use a traditional round case. Rather, it bulges where case screws are used to keep the sandwiched sections together. While a bit odd at first the case proves nice to look at and wear. The steel case is 41.6mm wide but feels larger thanks to the thin bezel. Detailing and finish on the case is good. One issue however is the crown. On the piece I tested it was rough to turn, and the crown design is a bit sharp making it uncomfortable to wind given the roughness I mentioned. If other pieces offer smoother winding then there is no issue.

The X-Ray watch collection has four dial color variations and two dial designs. This piece is done in black with silvered imagery, while the converse view is always available. There are also two silver and gold style dials as well. The design of the dial has to do with the movement. Inside the X-Ray watch is either a Swiss ETA Unitas 6497-1 or 6498-1 manually wound movement. The difference between these two is just the orientation of the movement itself, which will effect what the x-ray image looks like.

Itay Noy X-Ray Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Itay Noy X-Ray Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

One section of the dial is actually skeletonized, revealing one of the palette synthetic ruby jewels. Also on the dial are attractive hands that are properly sized as well as a sometimes hard to see subsidiary seconds hand that is off-centered. An Itay Noy logo plate is placed at the top of the dial while a similar but smaller plate is at the bottom signifying the number in the limited edition.


Attached to the watch is one of Itay Noy’s rather interesting and attractive hand-made leather straps. Here in black with a cream-colored stitching, it has has a stamped texture on the side of it while using a butterfly deployment clasp. The strap along with Itay Noy signed deployment clasp is nice, but the clasp itself needed to be worn in a bit to lock easily without a firm press.

Itay Noy X-Ray Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Each of the four versions of the X-Ray watch are part of a limited edition of 99 pieces. With an interesting design and unique character, these are certainly of the mos interesting indy watches from 2011 that don’t cost a fortune. They are also a good way to get into the Itay Noy brand if nothing from them so far has moved you. Price is $3,640- $3,900 ($3,640 as shown). You can learn more or buy one from Bareti here.

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  • Ulysses

    I like the general build of the watch but the dial looks a bit silly to me. You know those quartz timepieces that have a faux skeletonised dial? They have a few non-functional gears glued in the face to make it at least look like it could be mechanical. This… is just a black printed label stuck on the front. Considering the beautifully elaborate designs of other Itay Noy pieces, this one doesn’t seem in quite the same league.

  • kris.c

    lol @ $3k+

  • MichaelG

    I really, really like the case and straps on all Itay Noy watches. Unfortunately, the dials aren’t my thing. If this was a real skeleton, with the same case and in a brown strap, I’d be ordering one right now.

    • Maybe some of the Netline watches are up your alley.

  • ilan

    Although I am a week away from receiving the X-ray (results) it is already possible to address my findings without hesitation. Being an Architect the dial design works on me
    as light to a photographer. Design drawings although a ”means” are able to stand for themselves as imprints tracing the rational of concept and the harmony with in function.
    So in my view the imprint motif on the dial engages our imagination – drawing one back to the phase of conception, deliberation and design exploration.
    The hands stand out like table spoons in a bowl – always there to hold on to fimly with our eyes, never ovewhelmed by the contents just under. Well balanced they make a rewarding ensemble to hungry eyes. The motion of the second hand at the 22:00 (4697 movement) position reflects ones heart and quite curiously generates identification with
    the time piece.
    The Jules Vernes bolted sealing of the casing further emphasizes the anatomy of the watch – both front and back. It also creates two circumfernces – inner sphere and outer
    limits – I find that a nice play on borders.
    The duo colored hand made watch strap is most comfortable, well made and the butterfly clasp a treasure in itself.
    Though there may be opinions going in opposing directions as I have read above – I humbly believe this watch identifys it’s owner before he identify with it. Give this watch some time and it will prove worthy of the wait. I highly recommend it for those
    who present themselves as well composed yet bubbly in spirit inside – as the watch dial
    seems to evoke bubbles surfacing in champagne.
    Thank you Ariel – once again (ID HEBREW was my first) – for ”mediating” through writing, image and spirit.

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