For 2011 Israeli watch maker Itay Noy offers new pieces including the X-Ray and Netline collection. Of the watches use a new case that offers the same Itay Noy type of smooth look and feel with a new shape that includes bulging case screws. The cases are on the larger side at 44.6mm wide but are wearable on the wrist. They both play with the concept of skeletonization and feature Swiss ETA Unitas 6497 manually wound movements done in various styles.

Spending time with the watches I used my macro lens to capture some of their finer details. The X-Ray is a clever concept that has a dial mimicking an x-ray machine. What you see is a monochromatic outline of exactly what is underneath in the movement. Being an actual representation of what is under the dial is so unique. The X-Ray comes in a few dial styles, but the black and silver is my favorite.

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The X-Ray is really about appreciating technical drawings and schematics. The watch world is full of them, although consumers rarely see them. This watch sheds a little bit of light into the world of watch movement technical drawings. The dial has the hands, subsidiary seconds dial, and one opening showing a movement ruby and palette. The four dial options either come with a hand-made brown or black leather strap. Itay Noy X-Ray watches are priced from $3,640 – $3,900 – each are part of a limited edition of just 99 pieces.

The Netline collection is a bit different and explores various types of open dials. Some are skeletonized to see the movement, and others are open just a bit to see movement bridges. The Netline collection has six different models, with the the most open dialed version showing a brass-toned engraved movement through much of the dial. While I like the Netline collection, I don’t feel that the six pieces are a cohesive collection Four of the pieces feel like a collection while two are sort of doing their own thing. Just pointing it out, not a big deal though.

One thing I like about the Netline and X-Ray models are the properly sized hands that allow the otherwise busy dial to be easy (more or less) to read. These unique timepieces are interesting additions to Itay Noy’s collection and reflect a different type of aesthetic composure as compared to some of his other models. Also limited to 99 pieces each, the Netline models are prices from $2,860 – $3,640 (you can get them online at here).

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The highly skeletonized Netline models are interesting, and fun for anyone who likes seeing how a mechanical movement works. That is why Unitas 6497(8) movements are still so popular. Designed a long time ago, these former pocket watch movements are simple, reliable, and easy to play with. You can cut them up and see all the cool little pieces working.

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