With the larger size of this case, the ratcheting bezel system really makes a case for itself given how easy it is to quickly adjust the bezel. Adjusting the outer bezel actually moves the inner timing bezels, and the ratcheting system does not require you to awkwardly twist your wrist around with the opposite hand. It is a bit difficult to explain how nice it feels, but take my word for it, SafeDive is lovely.

On the right-side of the case is the vented area where water enters the case for the mechanical depth gauge system. There is a spring membrane system that understands the relative pressure of the water and translates that into the current depth. This system is totally independent of the movement, so the calibre 30120 automatic movement is safe from water intrusion. Even with the extra module for the depth gauge system the IWC Aquatimer Deep Three watch is “only” 16.5mm thick. The 2000 meter water resistant Aquatimer Automatic 2000 is around 20mm thick, I believe.

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Most divers, even recreational ones are going to be diving with a dive computer as their main diving instrument. A mechanical watch is always going to be a back-up at best. Then again, diving is for fun and serious hobbyists like serious gadgets. A luxury watch meant for diving can be anything from a paradox to a great tool. Most high-end dive watches never see water, but the IWC Aquatimer Deep Three demands the depths. Otherwise you’ll never get to see its systems working!

Only underwater can you see the depth gauge complication come alive, so having the IWC Aquatimer Deep Three as a desk diver makes zero sense. While I haven’t been diving with it, I can imagine the experience will be similar to that I recently had with the Oris Big Crown ProPilot Alitmeter up in the air flying and seeing the mechanical altimeter working rapidly in real time. The system might not be life saving like the electronic ones people rely on, but the joy of seeing a mechanical instrument working in the real world simply can’t be beat. The IWC Aquatimer Deep Three ref. IW355701 watch is priced at $19,100.

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