Junghans Meister Kalender 027-7202-00 watch

If you need just one reason to love Germans today let it be this watch by German watch maker Junghans. The Meister Kalendar is one of their more retro-looking pieces embodying the spirit of Bauhaus design’s beautiful functionality and the graceful lines of a dress watch. Masterfully composed, the Meister Kalendar hides a few design secrets that make it so lovely to look at. It isn’t terribly expensive either, and this is a brand that you’ll be happy to check out – though it isn’t without its quirks.

Pretty much all good German stuff has quirks right? Well, that probably goes for all things. As an avid driver of German cars and wearer of German underpants (joke! only if…) I find an endearing quality to Germanic design. The Mesiter Kalendar watch isn’t over-designed, which is good. Germans are excellent at minimalist design when they wish to be. Though as a brand Junghans has taken the production of retro-themed timepieces quite seriously. They want this and other Meister collection watches to feel a lot like something out of the past – only in a modern skin.

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