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As the dial text states, the crystal is sapphire and the bezels are ceramic. Yes, either polished or matte-finished, each of these colorful bezels is produced in scratch resistant ceramic. While white and black ceramic bezels aren’t that uncommon anymore, what about green or blue? Yea, much less common. It is difficult to not like the design of the dial. The hour markers are larger and applied, coated with luminant. The hands are a great size and super legible, and the dial itself has just the right mixture of decorative and utilitarian elements. A sloped flange ring with minute indicators upgrades the overall look as well. No naked bare sidewalls here. Love it or not, the crystal has a magnifier lens over the date indicator window.

Water resistant to 200 meters with a rotating bezel and the right amount of lume, the Kentex Marineman is probably sporty enough for most people’s needs. While it may not be appropriate for professional diving needs, that really shouldn’t be a hindrance to most buyers. One of the things that helped me immediately enjoy these watches is the case finishing. Not only is there a pleasant mix of polished and brushed surfaces, but the finishing quality is very high. If you’ve ever seen the difference between cheaply and finely polished cases, then you know what I am referring to.

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Attached to the case is a three-link steel bracelet with just enough detail to make it interesting. I like that they gave polished edges to the otherwise brushed links. The large screw located in the lugs is probably merely decorative, but looks cool and modernizes the overall design. The Marineman watches are all automatics, and contain Japanese Miyota automatic movements. I am not sure which specific movement though. Don’t miss the nicely engraved seahorse on the rear of the watch.

When you want a timepiece that is proudly produced in Japan, this is a sure-fire way to get satisfaction. Pieces from Seiko and Citizen offer a great experience that is rich with brand DNA. Kentex offers less brand character, but a lot more refinement in the pursuit of classic, utilitarian design with just enough flair to keep you from being bored. I really like Kentex’s stuff and hope to see the Marineman and more of their watches more widely available. While prices for the different Marineman watches vary, they have a very reasonable average price of about $600.

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