Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod New Moon Watch Watch Releases

As a follow-up model to their Lunokhod watch, Russian Konstantin Chaykin releases the very limited edition Lunokhod New Moon. I guess they call it that because it is their new moon phase watch. The original Lunokhod was a very interesting and inspired watch that I discussed hands on here.

The original Lunokhod featured the same case design but was done in an old-style metal called wootz steel. The Lunokhod New Moon has been offered in 18k gold. I think it is yellow gold, and would the first yellow gold watch I have seen in a long time. It still has a sort of artisinal look to it, but the gold material suits the design nicely. The technical difference is that the seconds dial is now a retrograde dial. While not an improvement or anything over the original. It is an interesting new look and seems to suit the dial design better. And who doesn’t love them some retrograde action.

Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod New Moon Watch Watch Releases Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod New Moon Watch Watch Releases

The dial has been radically changed because it has been skeletonized. This new look makes the Lunokhod much more impressive as an item of haute horlogerie. Obviously more mechanical looking, the dial helps define the concept and brand better. Though it doesn’t look as “dark” as the original (you know, like some ritual artifact).

For the moon phase Konstantin Chaykin now uses a pearl. I think that is a neat concept. The phases are still indicated by a shroud that covers it and retracts. I still can’t help but feel like the watch has a large eye that is staring at me. The uniqueness of the weird design still impresses me. The pearl moon, if done properly, probably looks a bit hypnotic in the mix of elements.

Limited to just 12 pieces this Lunokhod New Moon model is going to be very limited. In gold it is an even higher luxury item than the original that was in that old-style steel. Price for this watch will be 110,00 Euros.

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