This is SUPERLATIVE: A podcast about watches, the people behind them, and the worlds that inspire them. This week, our host and aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams is joined by Pietro Tomajer, Co-Founder of The Limited Edition online luxury watch store. Unlike most retailers, The Limited Edition specializes exclusively in independent brands and unique pieces that have far more in common with mechanical art, rather than being created as purpose-built tool watches or mass-produced luxury goods. The pair start their conversation by talking about how the Internet has changed the way that people buy and sell watches before diving into a discussion about the underlying decision to go independent, and the mental hurdle that can sometimes exist when it comes to getting people to buy an expensive watch that virtually no one else will recognize.

The duo then discusses the nuances of working directly with independent watch brands before touching on some of Pietro’s favorite “sweet spot” price points, including some of his top recommendations for more affordable options within the independent watch industry. The conversation then shifts towards how a buyer-focused market has created a lot of competition for consumer attention, and how building trust, not being greedy with profits, and creating a legitimate value for collectors will always be the best way to ultimately operate a business with integrity. Ariel then rounds out the show by asking about the next steps for The Limited Edition and what we can expect next from the company in the future.

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Show Notes:

  • 0:45 — How the Internet has changed the way people buy and sell watches.
  • 8:37 — The decision to go independent.
  • 13:35 — The mental hurdle of having an expensive watch that no one recognizes.
  • 18:58 — Online watch buying and differentiating yourself as a retailer.
  • 23:21 — Working exclusively with independent watch brands.
  • 37:22 — Pietro’s favorite price points within the independent watch industry.
  • 42:10 — Defining the independent watch industry and the brands who are part of it.
  • 46:34 — Creating efficient ways for collectors to sell their old watches.
  • 50:37 — A buyer-focused market and the increased competition for consumer attention.
  • 57:07 — Reasonable profit margins, building trust, and creating value for collectors.
  • 59:42 — Growth and the future plans of The Limited Edition.

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