Watches are meant to be worn, especially when they are designed to be worn in exotic or natural locations where a timepiece is a tool as much as a style icon. This was on the minds of aBlogtoWatch’s Ariel Adams and Ed Rhee when taking aBlogtoWatch audience member and giveaway winner Jason N. to Moab, Utah with Luminox Swiss Made watches. This was all part of a special aBlogtoWatch & Luminox giveaway. Luminox watches became popular for their involvement with the Navy SEALs program and have been a choice adventure or active duty watch for legions of active professionals. Luminox watches all feature Swiss Made tritium gas tube illumination that allows you to view the dials clearly in complete darkness without having to charge any traditional luminant with light. Many Luminox watches are also produced using the company’s Carbonox carbon case material, which makes the timepieces extremely light as well as durable, shock-resistant, and, of course, water-resistant.

Jason was able to take home a brand new Luminox watch of his own a new model based on Luminox’s ongoing relationship with television personality and survivalist Bear Grylls but he needed to earn it first. Luminox took him and aBlogtoWatch’s editors deep into the middle of one of America’s most beautiful and enigmatic landscapes. Moab is a high-altitude desert populated with some of the world’s most fascinating natural rock and cliff formations. Hikers and nature lovers from around the world flock to the wide-open expanses of Moab to enjoy its endless trails, climbable rock faces, hidden caves, and many valleys.

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The Moab, Utah region is also home to some of America’s most celebrated stargazing opportunities. At night, in the middle of the sparsely populated desert, the night sky feels like one massive tritium gas tube dial with a show of cosmic light invisible to most city-dwellers. Wearing the right watch when participating in such adventures is crucial for both comfort and reliability. Luminox equips many of its watches with extra navigational features such as a compass ride-on attachment and rotating navigation bezel. Even if you don’t need all the features, the assurance you have while out in the wild while wearing a timepiece like a Luminox often provides the extra confidence trekkers need to keep their focus on adventuring.


Jason shared some of his thoughts on his adventure experience in Utah with Luminox and aBlogtoWatch:

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The desert holds a dear place in my heart. I was born and raised in a California desert valley, learned some valuable lessons from the Anbar Province in Iraq while serving in the military, and can now draw from Moab, Utah for inspiration. It goes without saying that desert adventures require practical and capable tools. Thanks to Luminox and aBlogtoWatch, I was able to put one of the latest offerings from the Luminox Bear Grylls 3730 series, the Luminox Bear Grylls XB.3731 watch, through its paces. During a three-day adventure filled with hiking, sightseeing in Arches National Park, and the most exhilarating civilian Humvee ride I have ever had, the XB.3731 consistently proved its comfort and capability. 



I have discussed it before within the watch space: Most veterans are used to being uncomfortable. And often, the tools and equipment we use are unwieldy and downright awkward. But wearing the Bear Grylls Mountain watch during this experience has shown me that comfort and capability are not mutually exclusive, and Luminox is proving this with the new 3730 Series. On my 7.5-inch wrist, I immediately noticed the form, fit, and functionality of the 43mm wide and 13mm thick CARBONOXcase of the Bear Grylls Mountain watch with its new integrated strap system. The watch has a presence without the bulk and drag often associated with other models in the composite case genre. Its lightweight 70-gram footprint adds very little weight to your wrist and, during our multiple hikes, that made all the difference in comfort and conserving energy. The Bear Grylls Mountain watch XB.3731 was a joy to wear and proves that less is more in situations that require optimal freedom of movement.

Luminox is well known for its use of tritium. We went on a hike during our first evening in Moab, and the ability to see the time in the dark was effortless, and let’s be honest, pretty fun. The Bear Grylls Mountain Series lights up the night with an orange pip in the bezel, an orange tube at 12 o’clock on the dial, and a green hour hand as well as hour markers. An orange tritium tube clearly distinguishes the second hand for quick and effective timing if needed. Tritium provides me with a certain confidence that traditionally applied luminescence does not. Overall, the black dial is well thought out and executed with white numerals that offer maximum contrast and legibility during daylight, especially during dawn and dusk.

In a military context, and contrary to public opinion, bigger is not necessarily tougher. Bigger is clunky, detrimental to motion, and makes one an easier target. The new Bear Grylls Mountain watch proved what a concise and well-built tool is capable of, especially during our adventures in Moab. I grazed the Bear Grylls Mountain watch against large rocks and brush while hiking, I deposited more sweat and dirt on the composite case than I care to admit, and during our three-hour Humvee excursion (shout out to Craig, our driver), I was constantly jostled around the cabin while traversing some of the most challenging terrain Utah has to offer. Through it all, the Bear Grylls Mountain watch ate what was dished out and asked for more. 

Luminox has pulled off something remarkable in the sports watch space with the Bear Grylls 3730 Series XB.3731: supreme capability in a concise package and an affordable price tag. In a day and age when composite offerings are all the rage, Luminox provides just as much fun but with the capability that other brands lack. If you are serious about your fun, do yourself a favor and check out the new 3730 Bear Grylls Mountain Series from Luminox. 

Thank you to Luminox, Ariel, and Ed for an incredible opportunity and for being so welcoming!

With hiking boots and lots of excitement, aBlogtoWatch and Luminox enjoyed the stunning sights and soothing spaces of the great American Mountain West. There is so much of the world to explore outside of the comforts of major cities, and when you’re out there, you want to wear an appropriate timepiece. aBlogtoWatch wants to thank audience member and winner Jason N. for joining us on this aBlogtoWatch giveaway experience. We would also like to thank giveaway sponsor Luminox and encourage all adventure lovers to explore the brand’s latest collection via the Luminox website. Happy adventuring, folks!

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