Linde Werdelin The Rock aluminum

Computer technology, unlike wrist watch technology, has no choice but to be upgraded continuously. So here is the upgraded Land Instrument from Linde Werdelin. What is it you may ask (for those uninitiated)? In a nutshell, it is a sensor-based device that gives you lots of important information using data collected from an internal compass, barometer, altimeter, inclination meter, and separate (but wirelessly connected thermometer). It also has an optional wireless heart rate monitor that straps around your chest. Using all this information in conjunction with the native ability to process it and store it – gives you an instrument, the Land Instrument II to be exact (now called “The Rock”). Along with that, there are basic functions including alarms, stopwatches, the time, and lots of logging capabilities. The Rock now also features that ability to connect with a GPS device. For a good idea of the functions of a Linde Werdelin Land Instrument, read my review here.

Technical Specifications For the Land Instrument II – The Rock:

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Functions: Temperature including frostbite warning alarm
3-axis compass with inclination sensor
Altimeter and isotherm for 0°C (32°F) freezing-level
LW Ski guide incorporated
Power-save mode
Trend indicator (arrow) for all parameters
Material: Solid anodized aluminum
Anti-scratch mineral crystal
Display: 35mm x 35mm / 128 x 128 pixel
Full graphical LCD with EL backlight
Sensors: External wireless temperature sensor
Internal sensors for altimeter, barometer, inclination, compass
Heart rate sensor sold separately
Technology: 32Mb on board flash memory
High performance 8Mhz 16bit MPU
2.4GHz wireless sensor network
4 button user interface
Wireless upgradeable software and log transfer to computer
Battery: Memory less Li-ion
165 mAh
Water resistance: 30 meters (98 feet)
Dimensions: Width 50 x 53mm, height 22mm
Weight: 44gr ±2gr
Accessories: Charger with USB 2.0 and 2.4GHz wireless interface
Other: GPS ready

Linde Werdelin The Rock Land Instrument II DLC green

The Rock will be available in:

– L2.6 — Black
– L2.2 — Natural aluminum
– L2.2P — Polished aluminum
– L2.BY — Black DLC and Yellow display
– L2.G — Green DLC
– L2.1 — Bright green
– L2.6.R4 — Black DLC with Rose gold pushers
– L2.BL.4 — Blue DLC with yellow gold pushers

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Asking yourself what the Land Instrument II changes over the Land Instrument? It is more than just the better looking presentation, but rather that everything has been beefed up. The Instrument has more memory, more logging functions, a longer battery life, has wirelessly upgradeable software, is GPS device ready. It is also important to note that each of the sensors (and their corresponding algorithmic software) have been tweaked resulting in more accuracy and effectiveness all around.As a plus, the Land Instrument II now also features a ski area restaurant guide – no joke.

Like the original Land Instrument, the Rock works independently or with a Linde Werdelin watch. The device actually clips on top of Linde Werdelin watches, or can be clipped on a variety of mounts. From the list above you can tell that The Rock will be available in a variety of colors. With aluminum, DLC coated version and in gold, the line of Instruments is really growing up. Although you’d need to charge it regularly the Land Instrument would make an awesome watch as well. To do that, you can get an option wrist mount (different than the watches you can clip it on). The device is due for official announcement at Baselworld soon. Prices start at 990 Euros with the gold models being a few times that.

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