Linde Werdelin Hard Green DLC Two-Timer watch

You don’t see a lot of green watches these days. Rolex has their special green color; sometimes used on dials, hands, and bezels, but never on a full case. Come to think of it, I cannot think of too many mainstream green colored watches. So there is certainly room for a few new ones.

Well, our green calls have been answered. Linde Werdelin, maker of niche high-end sports watches is about to release its new Hard Green DLC watches. Two watches will be available in limited numbers for a total of 22 pieces. Eleven Elemental, and eleven two-timer watches will grace the planet’s surface DLC covered goodness. This is actually the first time I have seen DLC undergo and color treatment, as diamond-like carbon coatings are typically dark gray in tone. I recently discussed the Linde Werdelin Hard Black DLC, where I talked about the DLC coating process. So you can visit the link if you are completely new to what DLC coatings are. Basically they are very hard and scratch resistant.

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The dark green tone of the the Hard Green DLC watch is a bit hard to recognize in the picture, but it is there. The striking contrast with the red face makes the watch really special. Linde Werdelin knows how to make a stunning looking face, and the red lacquer on the dial is really something to behold. One of the better touches is making sure that the date disc is the same red tone for seamless integration. Lots of time, less expensive watches will have a fancy colored dial, and then leave the plain white date disc to stick out like a sore thumb; not on this watch.

You can think what you want about the design, but it grows on you. Sometimes the dial looks like a roulette table to me, other times it is retro cool futuristic. The sharp edges and fine cutting of the watch case give it a wealthy feel, which I like a lot. Really, the green color changes the look a lot, in an interesting watch. Most will take the green and red colors and think of Christmas time, I prefer to think of the green as being close to British racing green (and because Linde Werdelin is a Britain based company), with the red color inserted for clarity purposes. This would make the Hard Green DLC a good racing watch, or perfect for any outdoor adventure. That is of course what Linde Werdelin is hoping you’ll do with the watch, and I concur.

You can combine the Hard Green DLC with the Linde Werdelin Land Instrument, in red anodized aluminum. Then you have quite the holiday looker, and quite the useful combination. It is nice to see Linde Werdelin experimenting with new colors, and certainly nice to see DLC done in new tones. This green is really warming up to me, and I am going to predict that you’ll be seeing more green watches this season.

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More about Linde Werdelin watches and products here.

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