SpidoLite SA_rosegold_version

This new rose gold version of the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite… is DYNA-AMITE! And this DLC version of the super skeletonized case watch is OUTTA-SIGHT! Really, they are pretty cool, and I think took an interesting design to a much more luxurious place. The Original SpidoLite SA watch I reviewed here was more a stealth wealth watch. Interesting, but not showy enough for some people’s tastes. The new Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Family watches are a brag worthy line of limited edition watches of the likes I’ve never seen before. No other company than Linde Werdelin that I know of is so able to take a watch, make simple but effective changes to it, and make it look like something else altogether.

SpidoLite SA_all black titanium DLC

For basic details about the watches like size, about the vintage automatic mechanical movements, and such info please check out some of my other articles about the watch. I want to focus on what is new. One area of improvement both of these watches exhibit is better contrast between the hands and the dial. The original gray on gray look sometimes made the hands a bit hard to see clearly. Here the dials are darker, and the hands are either in the lovely polished gold, or in pristine  metallic blue. Both new versions have health amounts of DLC (diamond like carbon coating) that really makes for a super hard finish. The black version is in titanium with the DLC coating and the blued hands, while the rose gold version has a DLC face – both has nice reptile straps. I look forward to checking these out. Each is limited to just 88 piece and will be 9,800 euros for the titanium and DLC version, and 15,800 euros for the rose gold version, which is actually a pretty good value for a gold watch. Available soon.

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